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fuel filter issue...

Posted By: Dave Scott

fuel filter issue... - 03/09/12 02:57 AM

ok, it's been a really, really long time since i have visited this forum...

i bought another sportage in 2008, i sold the little beast about 6 months ago (for those that remember it, R.I.P.... and yes, i'm terribly sad about that but it was unavoidable)...

so, anyway, i bought an '02 model in '08. i tried to change the fuel filter today. now, i have changed the fuel filter on older models and could have swore the connectors were different... i think i broke the clasps on the connectors... so, do i need to replace the whole fuel line? i thought about cutting the line and just using hose clamps, but the hoses seem too short, anyone done it? normally, i'm resourceful enough that i don't have to ask too many questions, but i'm a little wary when it comes to the possibility of a gasoline fire.

any help is appreciated, thanks.
Posted By: 2002_Sporty

Re: fuel filter issue... - 03/09/12 12:14 PM

I had the same issue when I attempted to take the fuel filter hose off the filter. The part that connects the fuel line to the filter is a snap fitting. I did not know this at the time and purchased two different kinds of fuel filter hose diconnect tools. The little disconnect tools did not work and in my frustration my buddy used pliers to pull the hose off the filter. the snap fitting still fits on the filter as intended but has a tendency to pull apart when ice builds up around the fitting. (Dangerous Fire Hazard)
I called the dealership and asked them if it was ok to cut the hose and make an extension with a new fitting, but they warned me against the proceedure and wanted me to buy all new fuel lines from the tank forward.
I do not have the money to perform this replacement at the time. So I used the pliers to squish the fitting back into shape so it will fit back on the filter. I have had only two incidents after this quick fix where the hose seperated from the filter. I smelled a strong odor of fuel both times and pulled over imediatly and turned off the engine.
I reached in under the hood and fit the connector back onto the filter snuggly. (I do not recommend anything that may pose bodily harm or risk of fire.)
After looking at the fuel line leading to the filter I have also confirmed that this line is way too short to reach the filter from the factory. There are fuel line replacement parts online and I have also seen extensions for rerouting fuel line on project vehicles.
I have also thought of upgrading to a better fuel filter that is reusable or with a window and using the extension method to better access the line itself. But budget restraints and weather have me waiting for the opportunity. Let us know what you have choosen to do if you go forward with your fix. Thanks.
Posted By: Everet

Re: fuel filter issue... - 03/09/12 09:57 PM

Glad to hear your still with us. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
As far as splicing, I am considering it and I will be using fuel injection rated hose and fittings. As long as you are using quality stuff, I see no issues. I really like the idea of using an aftermarket filter.

Anyway, I'll be pm'ing you.

Everet <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: DennisThompson

Re: fuel filter issue... - 03/16/12 03:55 PM

Good to see you here. I know what it feels like to miss your Sporty, I just sold mine a few months ago. I was able to get it through the Poison Spider trail in Moab (see pics in the talk forum). My boy will be looking for a two door Sporty if he can ever sale his Exposition, if that happens we'll have fun building another one. Hope you fix your fuel issues and send pics of your new Sporty.

Posted By: Lynnn

Re: fuel filter issue... - 03/19/12 03:10 AM

I'm new to the forum. I have a fuel filter in my garage and have taken the battery out twice to replace it but have not been successful. Thinking of taking it to the shop up the street that says they will do it for 40 bucks. Sounded like robbery at first bust doesn't seem quite so bad now.

My 2000 sporty acts like it is running out of gas at 1/4 tank consistently. Runs great the rest of the time. Thought the filter to be a good place to start. Ideas?
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