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Limited slip axle code?

Posted By: promodmerc

Limited slip axle code? - 05/08/12 06:58 PM

What is the code for the limited slip rear diff? I want to start scouring the salvage yards for a limited slip.
Posted By: promodmerc

Re: Limited slip axle code? - 05/10/12 10:51 PM

After some deeper searching it appears KIA does not differentiate between an open diff or limited slip diff <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/angry.gif" alt="" />

I'm so use to Ford doing this I figured every car mfg did.
Posted By: homerdog

Re: Limited slip axle code? - 05/18/12 03:43 PM

It's in the serial number somewhere, I have no idea where though. I ran mine once and limited slip showed up as one of the options.
Posted By: Xander

Re: Limited slip axle code? - 05/20/12 11:38 PM

Masterjeep.com sells them new for about 530$
Posted By: DennisThompson

Re: Limited slip axle code? - 05/25/12 02:32 PM

Most salvage yards have the cars off the ground some with tires removed, with everything in neutral turn one of the brake drums (tires if still on), if the other side turns the same direction it has limited slip, if it turns the opposite direction it's open or a wore out minted slip.

Posted By: jfrey123

Re: Limited slip axle code? - 05/29/12 12:35 AM

Not sure if it would apply to your guy's Sportages, but the Sorentos have a label above the pumpkin on the rear that indicated if it is "LSD" or not, also gives the ratio (either 3.333 or 4.666 on our Kia 10 bolts)

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