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a strange fan problem-need some advice

Posted By: hadtomer

a strange fan problem-need some advice - 06/02/12 06:26 AM

Hey guys. on the last few weeks the sporty has been making an unpleasent noise on start up. after 2 minutes the noise is gone. after alot of searching the source of the noise was found- the fan is touching the bottom of the fan cover (i think you guys call it the radiator shroud) - its not touching the rad itself-but the black plastic cover around the fan. also- when the problem settles down and all is well- when i go offroad and go into situations when the rear suspensionflexes- the noise comes back. i can understand a busted motor mount (they are fine-checked them)-cause i guess the problem is that the engine has indeed moved about an inch for some reason-but why does this happen only on cold start and when the rear suspension is flexing? ideas? i dont want to break the fan......eventually.
Posted By: Everet

Re: a strange fan problem-need some advice - 06/03/12 04:27 AM

Is the clutch loose/coming apart?
Check your radiator mounts too. I run electrics so can't go out an look.
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Posted By: hadtomer

Re: a strange fan problem-need some advice - 06/03/12 05:35 AM

if you mean my fan clutch - its fine. if you mean my cars clutch - its an auto.
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