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Cylinder 2 Misfire

Posted By: Lynnn

Cylinder 2 Misfire - 06/06/12 04:45 AM

I have 2000 Sporty that I have owned about 8 months. It has 90K miles. It has a bad misfire problem when cold and is low on power. Took it to Auto Zone to get the codes read and got a P0302 (cyl 2 misfire). I am suspect of the coil packs - I've changed the plugs, wires, and the valve cover gasket (there was oil around the plugs). I decided to switch positions with the coils reset the codes and try again. New test same code. To me that clears the coil packs from suspicion but I don't know where else to look. Fuel injector problem? Any suggestions??
Posted By: homerdog

Re: Cylinder 2 Misfire - 06/07/12 06:25 PM

Check the wires going to the coils and make sure the connectors are not corroded or falling apart.
Posted By: Lynnn

Re: Cylinder 2 Misfire - 06/09/12 04:25 PM

I have been suspect of that cable so I replaced it. It made no difference. I think a key to my problem is that the sporty misses big time when cold - complete with flashing CEL but when it gets warmed up it runs pretty well. Could coils act that way? They seem like the next logical thing to check.

From the KIA web site here are the things to check for a P0302.

Any thoughts on which might be improved by a warmed up engine?

Vacuum leak in air intake system
CKPS circuit malfunction
Ignition circuit malfunction
Faulty ignition coil or plug wire (I've replaced all but the coils)
Spark plug malfunction (spark plugs replaced)
Low compression due to blown head gasket, leaking valve or piston ring
Low/high fuel pressure due to faulty pressure regulator, restricted fuel lines, plugged fuel filter or faulty fuel pump (fuel filter replaced)
Fuel injector circuit malfunction
Faulty fuel injector

Any other ideas or suggestions?
Posted By: homerdog

Re: Cylinder 2 Misfire - 06/11/12 01:42 PM

Could be the head gasket is leaking cooling fluid into one of the cylinders. Is the coolant level normal?
Posted By: Lynnn

Re: Cylinder 2 Misfire - 06/13/12 05:59 AM

Thanks for the ideas. The coolant level is full up. I think I'll check the CKPS per the Kia tech instructions and do a compression check.

Other suggestions?
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