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Headlights always on HI

Posted By: Lou

Headlights always on HI - 07/16/12 04:51 PM

THis has just happened...have not searched for anything yet....
WHen on "daylight running lights", it used to run on the low beams. Suddenly, it runs on the HI....with the little blue lamp showing on the IP. IF I move the HI-LO lever to the other position, the light relay just starts buzzing switching between continually between HI and LO..
If I pull the hand brake, then all turns OFF.
If I use the IP headlight switch to turn the headlights ON, exactly the same happens.

ANyone has known this before ?
(will report any findings when I try...)

Update: just tried turning the headlights ON this morning: the buzz has disappeared and now I can have right headlight ON either on HI or LO as desired, but left headlight is always very dim...

When I turn the key ON (hand brake released) , both headlights are reddish light when the hand lever in in the HI position and little blue lights shows, and buzz comes with both headlights VERY VERY DIM with lever at LOW BEAM position.

I think I have a ground problem on the left side....

EDIt: the problem evolves just by itself: now, all I have is reddish light bulbs on both sides, with a buzz on low...
Posted By: Lou

Re: Headlights always on HI - 07/20/12 09:15 PM

SOlved. Ran a new ground from battrery negative to the left hand headlight ground wire. All back to normal....and anything else connected to this ground bus has a new life...indeed the instrument panel had some hickups coincident with the light problem...all normal now.
Posted By: Peabody

Re: Headlights always on HI - 07/21/12 06:33 AM

Good to hear your problem is solved. Seems that wiring is a big Achilles heel of the Sportage. And being that most everything is switched to ground, the ground circuit is often the blame. On my Sporty, the horn works on a rare occasion and sounds like a 90-year old goat bleating when it does, 3 of 4 power windows move at the speed of a tortoise and my windshield wipers only have one speed (slow - the same on all settings). And I'm pretty sure that all of those issues result from poor grounds. So if you have any electrical problem, the first step is likely to check the ground wires. Again, it's good to hear you found the bug! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Lou

Re: Headlights always on HI - 10/07/12 04:43 PM

Problem came back , even worse than before, on both sides. So pulled off the headlight units ...and after lots of conviction to extricate the sockets from the lamps, found that the ground problem was really within the lamp/socket itself. I'm working to clean contacts on both units...will come back with results.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Lou

Re: Headlights always on HI - 10/07/12 10:03 PM

Upon further analysis, the ground lugs inside both sockets connecting to the 3 prong lamp were rusted out beyond practical use and will be replaced. IN addition, and to my disbelief, the ground connection going from the lamp ground pin to both (HI and LO) filaments within the lamp itself was cut on one of the bulbs...both filaments were OK (could be fed in series at low glow) but not connected to ground any more.

SO finally, it appears that the ground wiring itself was correct, and inserting a ground pin into the socket as I did in the first place just applied some force on the ground contact inside the socket providing "some" better contact...for a little while.
Posted By: Lou

Re: Headlights always on HI - 10/11/12 12:46 AM

New bulb, new sockets....and there was light!
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