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check this out-our sportage owners meeting

Posted By: hadtomer

check this out-our sportage owners meeting - 09/18/12 05:30 PM

hey guys- as usual-when summertime comes to an end we,sportage owners in israel have our yearly sportage owners meeting. this year we ventured to a desert trail called "mitslaot" cause of a special rock formation in the area.
many sportage owners showed up-in very different cars-from totally standard cars to ones like the red soft top and blue beast on 31s-with twin diff locks.

mine is the brown one- check me out at 8:30 minutes.

it was great. enjoy:

Posted By: Everet

Re: check this out-our sportage owners meeting - 09/19/12 03:48 AM

Thanks for sharing.
Looks like a great time was had by all.

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