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Remove grill 97 Sportage

Posted By: lochabay

Remove grill 97 Sportage - 07/08/13 12:38 PM

I need to change the condenser fan on my 97 Kia Sportage. The grill seems to be held in by two fittings at the top and two at the bottom. I can't get to the bottom fittings and there seems to be no way to get any leverage on the grill without breaking it. How do I get this thing off?
Posted By: DRX350

Re: Remove grill 97 Sportage - 07/09/13 07:44 AM

When I installed my tranny cooler, i had to remove the grill, I broke every single clip. I bought new ones from an auto parts store...
Posted By: Dryver

Re: Remove grill 97 Sportage - 07/09/13 07:52 PM

On my 2001, I had to remove the cheap flimsy flexible plastic cover from over the top of the grill, then reach in behind the grill and squeeze the backs of the clips to get them to release. I believe there was also a screw in the center of the grill in addition to the clips.
Posted By: hambodian

Re: Remove grill 97 Sportage - 07/10/13 12:52 AM

release two top ones and remove the philips head screw in the middle. Carefully open and use long screwdriver to unlatch bottom clips. That's how I remember doing mine on a 96 which should be similar to your 97
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