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Which ACT clutch?

Posted By: promodmerc

Which ACT clutch? - 08/31/14 01:17 PM

I could have sworn there was a thread here regarding which ACT clutch & pressure plate is best but after a lengthy search I didn't find it.
Posted By: DRX350

Re: Which ACT clutch? - 08/31/14 09:53 PM

Must have been erased. I did a search and came up with nothing as well...

But, on the innertubes (net) I found this;

ACT clutch kit for sporty
Posted By: Everet

Re: Which ACT clutch? - 09/02/14 11:01 AM

Hey Guys,
I ordered a clutch from SOUTHBEND CLUTCH and the pressure plate gave a much heavier pedal than stock and had it come with a kevlar clutch. Well, I think the kevlar doesn't like the slippage I have to do cause of my 32" tires so I am going back to a organic Exedy disc.

Hope this helps.
Posted By: promodmerc

Re: Which ACT clutch? - 09/02/14 07:29 PM

How much does the tranny/transfer case weigh? A friend of mine knows someone that might be able to help with replacing it but needs to know an idea of the weight.

I believe the ACT clutch I'm looking at is organic. A 235/75/15 or 30x9.50x15 is the largest tire I will be running.
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