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Rear coil springs

Posted By: bombardj1

Rear coil springs - 11/07/14 06:56 AM

I noticed when checking my fuel tank for the back splash of gas. That I have a broken coil spring. I think I can get stock ones for a little bit over $30 at rockauto made by Moog part numbers 81381. Besides the dealer does anyone know where I can get the rubber seats ?
Posted By: Peabody

Re: Rear coil springs - 11/07/14 06:40 PM

Other than the dealer or a salvage yard, I don't know where else to get them. But they aren't fancy items. You can fabricate one from any basic form of rubberized sheet, such as indoor/outdoor v-groove matting, preferably the type with fabric mesh in the base. You can get the matting at HD or Lowes. I'd double the thickness on the matting by meshing the v-grooves together. You could glue them together with contact cement to keep them solid. Just a thought...
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