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Sportage suspension lift kit

Posted By: 530sportage

Sportage suspension lift kit - 02/05/17 10:26 PM

I came across this video on youtube. It shows a lifted sportage that has a full axle drop kit and seems to provide a good amount of lift. Does anyone know anything about it or if it was a one off custome built lift. Ive attached a link to the video
Posted By: Guidobobby74

Re: Sportage suspension lift kit - 02/06/17 02:47 AM

for as long as the sportage has been around.. how come no one has put together a complete lift kit? options for all sizes.... i know you can get a kit w/blocks and hardware... and then you have to gather up all the other shituff to complete it.... new to sportage... just wondering.... i pick mine up tomorrow smile 2000 4dr 4x4...
Posted By: Dave Scott

Re: Sportage suspension lift kit - 02/07/17 05:10 AM

People have, hi-low off road in Indonesia. Wichipat tanpisut on Facebook makes and sells it, but because we have so many other solutions, his kit is not widely known. The sportage is not a chevy, ford, dodge, toyota, or jeep, and therefore, the majority of the aftermarket won't touch it, it's not profitable enough. Also, its a bastard child, born of parts from here and there. If you know where to look, you can find a lot of interesting details. Read here, go to micro monsters Facebook page, read, ask, etc, and search the web. One day, I will have my company again and begin to consolidate a lot of the parts and info, but for now, this is what we have.

Ps, he also makes those flares and has a turbo in it.
Posted By: Guidobobby74

Re: Sportage suspension lift kit - 02/08/17 01:11 AM

makes sense..... didnt realize it was the bastard child of the family.... but let the build begin... smile
Posted By: zombiekia

Re: Sportage suspension lift kit - 02/19/17 12:24 AM

I found it easier just build my own lift kit- 2 inch body lift and 7 inch suspension lift,I will try to upload photos of my build. Regards Zombie
Posted By: 4runnernomore

Re: Sportage suspension lift kit - 02/19/17 11:03 AM

7 inch😱
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