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Front end help desperately needed.

Posted By: SuprXr

Front end help desperately needed. - 02/26/18 01:24 AM

Currently, my 02 4x4 is lifted 4" with Rubicon coils in rear and spacers up front. Took it out on some trails here in central Florida this weekend (mostly sandy mud and sugar sand with constant humps and dips). The front suspension wasn't cutting it. It was constantly bottoming out hard with any speed over idle. The suspension desperately needs an upgrade. I would love to put Daves Rocksport gear coil lift on the front with the dual shock set up, but the website does not seem to exist anymore. Is there any current contact info? Does anyone have any leads on parts? What are the measurements and specs of the coils and shocks he used? I am really hoping someone is still active on here with some knowledge. This seems like the only forum that takes wheeling sportages seriously and it sucks that it seems to have died.
Posted By: 4runnernomore

Re: Front end help desperately needed. - 02/26/18 06:24 AM

Hi SuprXr,

Sounds like you are topping out on your upper AArm balljoints in the front. Quite common on the 4 inch lift.
To fix it you have to either lower the front or look at having your AArm mounting brackets lowered or have new AArms made to take into account your lift. I have chased this option for quite a long time now and haven't not been able to get anyone to take it on. I don't think Daves lift would have differed in this regard but I could be wrong. Another guy here in Australia had new lowered AArm mounting brackets fitted after having his ball joint pull out off-roading. ( he used to push it very hard, twin locked) I have lost contact with him after he moved to Queensland and the guy that did the work has shut up shop and no longer trading. From all count made a massive difference on and off-road. Only issue they still had was they couldn't quite get the camber and toe right so was having some front tyre wear issue.

My setup is slightly different to yours as I have 50 mmextended forks and 40 mm lift coils, no spacers. Mine used to top out something terrible. Until I had my custom bullbar fitted. Presuming the weight of the bullbar and a little bit of Spring sag has fixed the issue to make it pleasant to drive on road now. I would still like to have a better option but this will do for now.

Dave used to use aero start coils I think they were for his lift. He wrapped up his business quite a while ago as life got in the way. He has poked his head in a couple of times last year and did mention he may start his business up again. You could try sending him a PM and wait for home to reply. If you have a search through the top sticky some info from his lift may be mentioned there. Post up how you get on. Cheers Chris
Posted By: SuprXr

Re: Front end help desperately needed. - 02/26/18 06:47 PM

Topping out isn't really a problem. I'm bottoming out due to the suspension being so soft. After coming off one bump I nose dive into the next, slamming the front end into the dirt. Luckily my skid plate is there, although it needs rebuilt now.
I would love to have longer stiffer springs and extended forks. But current contact info is hard to find
Posted By: 4runnernomore

Re: Front end help desperately needed. - 03/01/18 05:23 AM

I run Dobinson springs in my Sporty and they were are quite firm.

I have 40mm lift springs in the front of mine with 50mm extended forks. I am sure they could custom make you a longer set based off their 40mm specs if you contacted their head office in Queensland, Australia.

There is a seller in Miami according to their website. www.dobinsonsprings.com/home/distributor-map

For the extended forks Michael was my contact and the Picorp email address should be active if you wanted to source them.


Cheers, Chris
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