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Need some help.....Project info needed

Posted By: Subtlestang

Need some help.....Project info needed - 08/09/20 05:04 PM

Folks, I am in need of some photos of the frame and front suspension attachment points, as well as some general dimensions of the width between frame rails north of the firewall to the front crossmember. Needs to be a First Gen, pre 2004. Reason is I' working on building a rat rod from a 90 Geo Tracker body ( just cause I had it), 225 Chrysler slant 6, and A833 4 speed trans. Since I've got to lengthen the engine bay by 14" or so, now will be a great time to replace the McPhereson strut front with a independent unit. Using Sportage stuff will alleviate some problems (same 5x5.5 bolt pattern, front disk, etc....

Just looking for a bit of tech help.

Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Need some help.....Project info needed - 08/14/20 02:32 AM

Sounds like a mess
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