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T100- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Last update- 3/10

Posted By: ErikB

T100- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Last update- 3/10 - 07/23/03 01:44 AM

This is a new work-in-progress, we need more additions from everyone- Actual info or links to past threads, etc.
The FAQ can only be as good as what we put into it. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Chassis- Frame, suspension, steering, brakes, axles, wheels, tires

Body- Interior, Exterior, bodylifts

Drivetrain- Engine, clutch, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, hubs


Parts & Accessories- Parts sources, Service Manuals, stereos, bumpers, On-board-air

Post Suggestions, Additions, & Corrections here.
(separate thread to keep the main FAQ here as tidy as possible)

Misc. T100 info provided by H2O_MAN:

Historic factory production figures for the T100:
1992 - 1,422
1993 - 21,862
1994 - 14,973
1995 - 37,268
1996 - 37,753
1997 - 28,253
The T100 was built by Hino Motors, Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan.

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Chassis- - 07/23/03 01:44 AM

Chassis- Frame, suspension, steering, brakes, axles, wheels, hubs, tires

Torsion Bars- Can be cranked higher and/or aftermarket bars are available. 1.5" is about the max you can get from a t-bar lift. It may also give you a rougher ride and less wheel travel.

LIFT KITS- onlt 4" kits are available from Trailmaster, ProComp, & Superlift. Should fit 33x12.5" tires. TM & PC lift kits are identical to '86-95 Toy truck/4runner kits except for the rear cross bar, which can be ordered separately (good source for a used kit is people doing solid axle swaps).

STRAIGHT AXLE SWAP (SAS)- There are very few out there, none on this board so far, but a couple in the planning stages. A Chevy Dana44 axle is probably the best candidate for an axle. A Toyota FJ80 axle might be a bit narrow. Most of the axle swap is identical to doing it on a smaller Toyota (TONS of info out there for doing that), the only difference being that the frame rails are wider which pretty much forces you to put the shackles under the frame. One option might be to put the shackles in the front.

SUSPENSION/AXLE- Cracked passenger spring perch/axle
(remedy-quality weld the crack...too$$$ for new housing)

AXLE- Gear ratios
Axle code found on door jamb
A10A = 4.10
A11A = 4.30
4.10's usually came in manual transmission 4x4 trucks, 4.30's in auto transmission 4x4 trucks.

SUSPENSION- squeak from rear springs
(remedy-replace spring bushings with polyurethane make...see #2, also ??? who makes these?)

SUSPENSION- terrible handling/bounce up front
(remedy-replace the door-opener shocks with Bilsteins or other comparable shocks)

STEERING- 4wd center link failure

STEERING- Center Link / Relay Rod [b]RECALL[/b]

STEERING- The boot where the steering goes through the firewall will rot away.
(remedy-replace boot; typical cost $25-$45)

STEERING- Moog Part numbers:
-Part............... Part#... Year.. Qty
-Pitman Arm......... K9422... 93-98. 1
-Idler Arm.......... K942.... 93-98. 1
-Inner Tie Rod End.. ES3192.. 93-95. 2
-Adjusting Sleeve... ES2369S. 93-95. 2
-Outer Tie Rod End.. ES2376.. 93-95. 2

TIRES-Spare unaccessible as the lock rusted-or tire stolen
(Remedy- buy the Toyota Spare lock and key-cut the cable...otherwise you get in serious problem in bad weather and rusted lock)

BRAKES- Bad vibration in steering while stopping
(remedy- notorious- warped rotors. replace/cut rotors and REPLACE front pads. Rear brakes hardly wear out on Toys.

HUBS- All T100's came with ADD, not automatic hubs. No extra kit is necessary to bolt on some manual hubs. Hubs from '86-95 Toy trucks & 4runners will bolt right on, as will aftermarket Warn, etc. OEM Aisin hubs are arguably the best (strongest, smallest, won't come loose) and can be found used for about $50/pair.
ORC and 4x4Wire both have good articles showing how to rebuild the Aisin hubs.
Posted By: ErikB

Body- - 07/23/03 01:45 AM

Body- Interior, Exterior, bodylifts

BODY LIFTS- Inexpensive and fairly easy to install EXCEPT for problems you may have with the shifters. Solutions to the shifter problems are cutting/welding/bending them, or lifting the drivetrain. BL's may clear 33" tires depending on whether or not you want to remove your front mud flaps and your wheel/tire combo. Narrower wheels (& tires) with less backspacing will give better tire clerance at the rear of the front fender wells.

BODY- Chrome grill peels
(remedy- replace grill. Passenger side started first, chrome bubbled...maybe

BODY- sagging body mounts
Replace with prothane kit (#?) or Energy Susp. kit 8-4105.

HOOD VIBRATION- Hood can flex/vibrate at speed.
Cause: Failure of Factory-Adhesive at sections under hood (subframe).
Solution: Use PolyUrethane Construction adhesive (all-weather) and re-caulk/seal the existing joints/adhesive points. Let cure overnight (engine compartment should be cool prior to gluing between hood and subframe areas).
Recommend wearing protect gloves, clothes and protect engine area from any drippage of adhesive

HOOD SQUEAKS- try adjusting the rubber bumpers up and/or lubricating the hood latch mechanism.

(remedy- check lines...can crack/leak near intake/air filter)

INTERIOR- VENTILATION- Inadequate air flow from a/c fan
(remedy-replace reostat or upgrade blower...anyone do this yet?)

INTERIOR- Cup holder
(remedy-don't use it or pull it out and enjoy the gap! Soda-pop will drip over radio or spill into vents, causing cracking/seizure later...of vents)

INTERIOR- SEAT BELTS don't retract.
- remedy- up to 100K miles, you can get warranty replacement. After, you get scraped knuckles on how to replace them...after 20Kmiles, they will retract slowly...again.
- Can also try the Seat Belt Retractor Minute Mod

INTERIOR/CLUTCH- Clutch pedal bracket cracking/failure.
(remedy-get dealer to replace asap..bracket and backing plate. Hopefully you catch this before the firewall has cracked)
Link to a clutch bracket failure/replacement thread
Posted By: ErikB

Drivetrain- - 07/23/03 01:45 AM

Drivetrain- Engine, clutch, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts

HUBS- All T100's came with ADD, not automatic hubs. No extra kit is necessary to bolt on some manual hubs. Hubs from '86-95 Toy trucks & 4runners will bolt right on, as will aftermarket Warn, etc. OEM Aisin hubs are arguably the best (strongest, smallest, won't come loose) and can be found used for about $50/pair.
ORC and 4x4Wire both have good articles showing how to rebuild the Aisin hubs.

Switching from ADD to manual (freewheeling) hubs:

CLUTCH-. Too short clutch hose, will leak
(remedy- replace hose from stealership...warranty)

See "Body" section of FAQ.

MANUAL TRANSMISSION- hard to shift or get into first gear.
- See Clutch pedal bracket problem in "Body" section of FAQ.

- Do-it-yourself procedure: http://www.4x4wire.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB78&Number=232123#Post232123


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Electrical- - 07/23/03 01:45 AM


ELECTRICAL- Spark plug/coil lines wear after 80K
(remedy- during hard starts, culprit could be old wire...good idea to replace sets)

ELECTRICAL- Starting problems
(remedy-get rebuild brush kit $15-25. Search forum...or pay $110 for new starter)
Others argue that these plug wires should last the life of the vehicle unless physically damaged.

ELECTRICAL- 3rb brake light bulbs ALL out
(remedy- replace all the bulbs. Can cause other bulbs to fail--resistance problem--80K+ miles, good idea to to preventative maintenance and replace all your bulbs)

ELECTRICAL- Whimpy Horn (meep..excuse me...meep)
(remedy- Get a set of HighWay horns or Hella Horns (pricey) or Marine horns)
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Parts & Accessories- - 07/23/03 01:46 AM

Parts & Accessories- Parts sources, Factory Service Manuals, stereos, bumpers, On-board-air

Toyota Materials Distribution Center- 1-800-622-2033
-Toyota TIS (Technical Information System)- techinfo.toyota.com Downloadable manuals in PDF format for a fee
-'96 T100 FSM in .pdf format: http://www.ncttora.com/fsm/


Gettel Toyota- Carroll McMillen 941-739-5511 ext 4322, FAX 941-756-4339 (mention the T100 forum!)
Conticelli Toyota
Jay Marks Toyota


Warn front receiver- "Kind of convoluted in how they have their catalog set up. Just for clarification, you'll need both the 29400 (grill guard) and the 29397 (receiver mount; attaches to the 29400) to do it."

Smittybilt nerf bars for T100 ext. cab 4x4 part number TN58-S2B

ON-BOARD-AIR (OBA)- Links to threads: #1, #2.
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