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Newbie with a few questions

Posted By: deepredtaco

Newbie with a few questions - 05/18/07 01:18 AM

Hey, new to the forum -- I've got myself a '95 Taco 4x4 2.7L and love it! I've done some cosmetic things to it, but nothing else. It basically gets me where I need to go, and does some light off-road to get me to places for my right-now hobby of photography!

First, such a great site!! All the info is really really helpful to someone who is trying to keep it cheap and do it all without pricey dealer intervention!

A few questions for you all -

1) I'm replacing my exhaust manifold that has developed a nasty crack, and already have a nice aftermarket one (got it for a steal from a parts dealer friend) and was wondering if you have any advice before I go at it?

2) Recently I lost my antenna to a rather nasty carwash -- the owner was completely cool with it, so I'd rather save him a few $$ and do it myself if possible. It kinda broke it down in the silver surround part, if that makes sense. Do I have to get into the fender area for this, or what?

Any responses will be greatly appreciated! Such a great site!
Posted By: nuclear3579

Re: Newbie with a few questions - 05/18/07 01:53 AM

Exhaust manifold : Let the star bolts soak overnight...You'll be glad in the morning. Be careful if you have an 02 sensor in the rear area, it can give way a little but you don't want to overbend it. Get new gaskets for everything..don't reuse the 02 sensor gasket if you have it. have fun and have a 6pack ready for afterwards. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
personally, I bought a new stock manifold, so I have no experience with aftermarket parts.
Oh, and clean the surface area of the header really well before assembly.
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Newbie with a few questions - 05/18/07 04:38 AM

Welcome on! For the antenna, this is actually a mod, but it'll get you where you need to go:


Also, for $10 and your time, you can get the FSM for your truck at www.techinfo.toyota.com, to include TSB's and all that stuff. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: deepredtaco

wow, thanks. - 05/18/07 03:06 PM

Fantastic! I was stumped on how to do the antenna -- now that I know all that it should be a piece of cake!

The manifold that I have isn't anything special, just a bolt-on aftermarket that supposedly 'strengthened the weak areas prone to cracking'. I got a good deal, so why not.

I may look into getting the FSM - I really am only sorta 'borrowing' the truck for the summer. It was mine, but then I got married, got a job, needed a better transit car with better mileage -- so my parents bought the Taco back for my little brother. Our schedules are crazy so we needed two cars, thus I have my Taco again. It's fun though, I'm doing all these things and mom is paying for it, I just do the labor!
Posted By: deepredtaco

Still antenna problem - 05/26/07 01:22 AM

Problem - I went out and followed the instructions you guys gave me -- I unscrewed the chrome bezel part, and it came up with the black surround (the piece that flows to a molded piece with the truck...) Anyway, that came out fine, but the antenna is broken off down in what I would assume be the base that is connected to the wiring from the radio. Any advice on how to solve this??
Posted By: Mark in AZ

Re: Still antenna problem - 05/29/07 07:08 PM

You'll likely have to follow every step shown in the procedure posted to replace the whole antenna.
Posted By: ACES_HI

Re: Newbie with a few questions - 05/30/07 12:32 PM

You can probably get at the antenna base if you unscrew the plastic fender liner.
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