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Clutch and flywheel?

Posted By: blue97sr5

Clutch and flywheel? - 02/01/11 10:09 AM

So it's about time for me to put a clutch in my truck after 212XXX Miles, and I was wondering which clutches/flywheels to avoid and/or to look in to??? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also the truck is a 97 toy taco sr5 4x4. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Clutch and flywheel? - 02/02/11 04:31 AM

If your truck spends most the time on the pavement or light wheeling, stick with OEM. The flywheel is probably fine; just get it resurfaced, get a new TO and pilot bearing and you should be golden.

I haven't looked at my own Taco yet, but if the starter needs to come off, I'd have the contacts and plunger replaced while it's apart. I'm considering this with my Runner at 226K. Rebuilt the alternator last month, so....

For an older starter, but you get the idea:

Posted By: blue97sr5

Re: Clutch and flywheel? - 02/02/11 10:49 AM

I don't go off road that much any more. Are you talking about getting a clutch from the dealer?
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Clutch and flywheel? - 02/03/11 03:00 AM

That, or NAPA's I've never had any trouble with for a commuter rig. I stick with OEM for any bearings tho'. My 87xcab has an old Centerforce clutch pack; only have 31x10.50s under it with 4.56 gears; nothing monstrous.
Posted By: Mark in AZ

Re: Clutch and flywheel? - 02/08/11 01:42 PM

I haven't used Marlin Crawler, but know some that have without issues:
Posted By: Greg_Canada

Re: Clutch and flywheel? - 02/10/11 10:27 PM

Marlin crawler are great.
If you're superchaged, go with a stage 2 clutchmasters from Luis @ paradiseracing.com
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