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Taco Part Number thread

Posted By: Toy4x

Taco Part Number thread - 02/08/06 01:14 AM

Similiar to what is found in the "Early Toy Trucks" forum.
This is an information thread, replies should follow suit. Questions for part numbers not listed are for other threads.

If you post, please be Specific to which model/options your list/parts apply to.
2-7-06 -For Reference only

1999 Tacoma SR5 ExCab, 3.4 V6, 4x4 Automatic:

85212-YZZ03 -Wiper Blade assy, RH & LH
85214-YZZD4 -Wiper Insert

19037-62010 -Cord Set - Spark Plug wires
90919-01192 -Spark Plug

08922-02011 -Oil Filter - Short
90915-YZZD3 -Oil Filter - Long
17801-07020 -Element - Air Filter

99364-20870-78 -Belt - A/C
25-040343 (NAPA) -Belt - A/C
90080-91090-83 -Belt - Alternator
25-040413 (NAPA) -Belt - Alternator
90080-91126-83 -Belt - Power Steering
25-040420 (NAPA) -Belt - Power Steering
13568-69095 -Timing Belt
88440-04040 -Pulley Assy, Idler - AC
00016-S5229 -Power Steering Pump - Reman

00272-1LLAC-01 -Antifreeze Gal- Red
16100-69398-83 -Water Pump Assy
90916-03075 -Thermostat
16325-62010 -Gasket - water pump inlet - Tstat
8249 (NAPA) -Radiator Hose- Upper & Lower (cut on "A" for lwr application)

85315-04050 -Jar, Washer Fluid (reservoir -non level sensor)
47220-04020 -Reservoir assy - Brake Master cyl (non ABS)

90080-11282 -Bolt / Stud - Fr Axle Hub

43330-39367 -Ball Joint assy, Lower RH
43340-39287 -Ball Joint assy, Lower LH
43310-39016 -Ball Joint assy, Upper - RH & LH

HB2380-40 (NAPA) -Bearing- Ctr Support DriveShaft (ExCab)

Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 02/19/06 07:11 AM

Great initiative; you guys have needed a parts thread. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Mark in AZ

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 04/03/06 06:17 AM

2001 4WD Tacoma 3.4L V6 Auto

Old Oil Filter 08922-02011
Current Oil Filter 90915-YZZG1 (US MADE)
Current Oil Filter 90915-YZZD1 (THAILAND MADE)
Fuel Filter 23300-62010

Dome Light Bulb 90981-14011

(These numbers are good for 2000 4Runner 3.4L also)
A/C Belt 99364-20870-78 (about $24)
A/C Belt 91840-08708 Denso
Universal(?) part number 4PK870

(This number is good for 2000 4Runner 3.4L also)
Pwr.Steering 99364-21070-83 (about $8)
Pwr.Steering 90080-91126-83 (Tacoma)
Universal(?) part number 4PK1070

(4Runner 3.4L)
Alternator 90080-91090-83
Universal(?) part number 4PK1050
(Don't know if this works for Tacoma)

Supercharger/Alternator 00602-17620-026
(00602 prefix makes it a TRD part)
Universal(?) part number 4PK1575
(If the 4PKxxxx is not a universal size description for belts, someone let me know and I'll remove those notes. Thanks.)

E-Locker Dash mounted Switch 84725-35010

Low Profile Differential Drain Plug 90341-18021
Drain Plug Gasket (Aluminum) 90430-18008
(If the ring around your diff drain is scraped off from the rocks, this drain plug uses a 10mm hex wrench instead of a 24mm socket. It is like the one used on the IFS front diff.)

Raybestos Ceramic Front Brake Pads PGD799QS

NAPA Radiator Hoses 8249
(They show one p/n for top & bottom. I trimmed an inch off the length to use it on the bottom)
Posted By: Toy4x

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 04/05/06 12:16 AM

TS-7671M (Napa) - Brake Pads, Front Disc

90520-27023 - Snap Ring, Front Axle Shaft
90560-27005 - Spacer, Splined Washer- front axle shaft
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 05/02/06 12:52 PM

Dump question? on 2006 Tacoma V6 is that a short or long oil filter? why do they offer short and long? I'm coming up on my 1st 1k oil change... I'm going to Fram TG series... and Castoil gtx 5-30
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 05/18/06 03:22 AM

I'll add to this as I go thru my rig (3rd Gen Runners also have 2.7L and 3.4L engines):

1999 Runner 2.7L 5-speed

Block Heater C0140-00134 $38.95 (note my location)
Oil Filter 90915-YZZG1 $ 6.00
Fuel Filter 23300-79446 $38.47
Air Filter 17801-35020-83 $22.53
Plug wire set 90919-22387 $80.00
MAF Sensor 22250-750220 $291+ core return (NAPA)
Note: P/N is for sensor plus the air intake section its mounted on. The 5-pin sensor itself is p/n 22204-75010 if you take the cover off, you'll see it.

02 sensor,front, Denso 234-4162 (NAPA and sparkplugs.com), incl gasket
02 Sensor, rear, Denso 234-4154 (NAPA and sparkplugs.com), incl gasket
Coil ignitor, cyl 1&4 90919-02217 (Toyota); IC306 (NAPA)

For the 2.7L fuel injectors (Qty x 4):
O-ring 90301-19006
Spacer 90561-10018
Insulator 23291-73010 ($12 ea)
Grommet 90480-13005
O-ring 90301-07001

Posted By: Toy4x

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 10/25/06 02:01 AM

99 V6 Auto 4x:

90311-92006 Seal, rear main (crankshaft)
00295-00103 F.I.P.G. - Oil Pan / Camshaft Hsg - (Black)

00295-01281 F.I.P.G. - Trans axle case (usually Red)
90311-47011 Seal, Front Axle to Hsg - Drivers
90311-47010 Seal, Front Axle to Hsg - Passenger
90179-18020 Nut, Front Differential Pinion Flange
90311-38049 Seal, Front Diff Pinion Shaft
41231-22010 Spacer (crush sleve), Front Diff

43422-60060 Gasket, Locking Hub -front axle
90170-08036 Nut, Locking Hub to stud
90316-69001 Seal, Front Wheel Hub

90080-43036 Gasket, exhaust manifold pipes to collector
90080-43033 Gasket, Exhaust Pipe flanges (cat)
90105-10388 Bolt, Cat Flanges

90467-12040 Clip, radiator Grill to body
90119-08974 Bolt w/ Washer, Battery hold down brkt
90179-08220 Nut w/ Flange, Battery hold down brkt

6682759 Contact, Starter solenoid
6682761 Contact, Starter solenoid
191502 Contact, Starter solenoid

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 08/25/09 06:02 PM

3.4L TRD Supercharger part:
One-way Idle Air Control (IAC) Check Valve: PTR26-35042 (~$5.99)

Commonly overlooked part when installing TRD supercharger on 3.4L Tacos/4Runners. Part number supersedes the old TRD number.
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Taco Part Number thread - 08/20/12 07:29 AM

2004 Taco 3.4L

Seals for oil cooler:

Gasket 15785-35010
Washer,Seal 90210-22001
O-ring 90301-67004
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