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Posted By: 1986trooper2

Revving/Stalling - 07/17/10 08:28 AM

My 1986 Isuzu Trooper 2 (gas)is troubling me.

This is a 4-cylinder, carbureted vehicle unmarked by sophisticated technology. It has served me loyally for nearly 300,000 miles. The persistent problem is a combination of revving and stalling.

The vehicle starts well.

It revs 1500 to 2000 RPMs when idling after the first start of the day.

After subsequent starts, the vehicle stalls when it should idle.

It runs OK, as long as it is in motion.

The oil/gas/electric idiot lights are always on. The car stalls when the battery is disconnected.

I have not located vacuum leaks or loose wires.
I have replaced the fuel filter.
I have replaced the EGR valve.

Any thoughts?
Posted By: mlclark

Re: Revving/Stalling - 07/18/10 06:51 AM

15000-20000, darn. I did not think you could get a 2.3 to spin that fast. ;-)

I would suggest the following:

New plugs
New wires
New cap/rotor
Replace every vacuum hose

The basic tuneup stuff makes these engines happy. After that, you can start getting a bit more specific with something like a compression test.

Good Luck,
Posted By: jezeric

Re: Revving/Stalling - 07/19/10 03:38 AM

Some of that sounds electrical in nature to me, and particularly the stalling when off the battery. Have you had your alternator checked lately?

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