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Help finding aftermarket Rodeo parts; suggestions?

Posted By: Richard

Help finding aftermarket Rodeo parts; suggestions? - 02/18/17 08:31 PM

Hello All,

I have a 5-speed ’01 Rodeo with 156,000mi on it. Yeah, it is just getting broken in. It runs like new. I raised it shortly after purchasing with (if I remember correctly) a set of Valley Spring Works springs. I should have done the torsion bars while I was at it, but kept putting it off, and you know what happens then; nothing. The past year, I have been looking off and on at finding a pair of heavier torsion bars, but have not had much luck.

This need has now become a bit more pressing along with finding some type of limited-slip differential. Reason being, I am inheriting my parents ’01 Rodeo. I would like to put a set of springs, torsion bars, and LSD on it right from the get-go. You might wonder why fool around with finding parts for a 17yr old vehicle? It is virtually new. It sat in the garage, and has hardly been driven. It has about 19,500mi on it. Yeah; that’s right, less than 20,000mi.

I cannot live with the mushy factory ride, so if I can find the parts I need, I will go to work on improving the new ‘01 Isuzu. If anyone can suggest where I might still be able to find the parts I am looking for, I would love to hear suggestions. My luck finding them online has not been very good. Thanks again for any suggestions you can send my way.

Apex, NC
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Help finding aftermarket Rodeo parts; suggestions? - 02/19/17 09:00 PM

Start here: Cal Mini
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: Help finding aftermarket Rodeo parts; suggestions? - 02/21/17 03:18 AM

Rich: there are certain aspects of older vehicles that have an iconic value aside from the fact that many are superior to newer vehicles. Yes, there are many innovations that make newer engines "better". But, there are gearing a frame and suspension points that timeless in quality. And, there is the unique "wow" factor when you hit the trail with old iron.

Post up about your progress. It may be of benefit or inspiration to others....
Posted By: Richard

Re: Help finding aftermarket Rodeo parts; suggestions? - 02/25/17 12:19 AM

Thanks for the feedback fellas. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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