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PLEASE HELP 1990 4 Runner V6

Posted By: devldogs55

PLEASE HELP 1990 4 Runner V6 - 07/20/07 06:09 AM

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Posted July 19, 2007 11:53 PM
Well, my big dillema is that I'm moving out next week, and I can't get my truck to start. I knew this was going to happen. I just changed my spark plugs and then it would start for 2-3 seconds, then die. I changed them one at a time, the firing order is correct. I just replaced the old plugs into the engine, and still the same thing... but now it's backfiring when I try to give it some throttle when it's dying.

I took the air filter lid and some hoses off to get to the 3 driver's side plugs, but put everything back. The plug wires seem to be in good condition, but it still sounds like it's missing and then dies.

PLEASE! help me. I need this truck to run before the weekend is up or I'm #$(*ed.

1990 Toyota 4 Runner SR5 V6 3.0L 4x4

Thanks in advance guys.

Semper Fi
Posted By: ldivinag

Re: PLEASE HELP 1990 4 Runner V6 - 07/20/07 06:59 AM


this sounds familiar... lol....
Posted By: Adam F

Re: PLEASE HELP 1990 4 Runner V6 - 07/20/07 03:23 PM

Sounds like you still have a hose disconnected, causing a vacuum leak. Check the large mass of hoses on the passenger side.
Posted By: nuclear3579

Re: PLEASE HELP 1990 4 Runner V6 - 07/22/07 02:24 PM

I had a problem like this on my pickup. When I replaced my plugs, I didn' replace the wires. The wires were old and when I started moving them around to change the plugs, I must have snapped or broken one of the plug wires inside the rubber coating. So although I couldn't see a break in any of the wires, the plugs weren't getting any juice.

As soon as I put new wires on, it was perfect. Just because the wires aren't showing visible cracks doesn't mean they're fine...how old are yours?
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