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Generation 5 Strength?

Posted By: Lloyd Swartz

Generation 5 Strength? - 01/27/13 05:56 AM

My wife is looking at an SUV down the road a few months, and really we are looking at the RUbicon or 4 Runner. I am curious about durability. I had a hellish experience on the Dusy with a Gen 3 4 Runner in our group that dissintegrated tottally in a few miles of trail. I believe the Gen 5 maybe stronger, but then I thought that about the Newer xterras <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/ignore.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Greg_Canada

Re: Generation 5 Strength? - 01/28/13 06:38 AM

What happened to the 3rd gen?

I dont think the 5th will be a whole lot stronger, but the drivetrain, axles, etc is all beefed up. The trail edition is a sweet rig.
Posted By: Lloyd Swartz

Re: Generation 5 Strength? - 03/12/13 04:42 AM

Before we arrived at Thompson hill, driveshaft, rear diff, rear suspension, front suspension, front end essentially came off. It was a shocking horror. And if you know the Dusy, with all its trees towing it out was a nightmare that destroyed every budy panel....

Sure like the Trail as a vehicle better then the Jeep, but if the drivetrain wont make it....
Posted By: Greg_Canada

Re: Generation 5 Strength? - 03/12/13 05:13 PM

If any vehicle is not maintained, it can fall apart. Many people wheel their 3rd gens hard and the main failures are CV shafts with oversized tires and a front locker.
Posted By: Adam F

Re: Generation 5 Strength? - 03/20/13 07:05 PM

I'm willing to bet there was significant neglect on the vehicle that caused the failure. Thats definetly not a normal occurance.

The newer 4Runners do have slightly larger axles.
Posted By: briando

Re: Generation 5 Strength? - 03/24/13 02:44 PM

so the next question i'd ask before movin on is did the owner neglect their Toyota or did someone else?

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