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Faded Plastic on 4x4's

Posted By: bighoss4x4

Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/19/08 07:48 PM

Does anyone have a suggestion for reconditioning the faded fender flares on Jeep's and the side plastic on the Avalanche?? I want something permanent... not something I have to re-apply everytime it rain's. Thanks!
Posted By: TRDSR5

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/19/08 08:06 PM

Posted By: Mad_Scientist

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/19/08 08:27 PM

Posted By: DavidG

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/19/08 09:49 PM


Take a look at Forever Black...

Can't say I ever used it though.
Posted By: reepersteve

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/19/08 11:19 PM

My trim is not black, but a dark grey. Looks close enough to black, I wonder if that stuff will work on mine?
For the longest time I used Mothers, in the red bottle. Works pretty good, but does go away after a while.
Posted By: LRJ4x4

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/19/08 11:56 PM

someone once said a wire brush on a drill removes the top layer and gets you back down to the "black" . Use at your own risk <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/evil.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: 87Toy4x4

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/20/08 01:52 AM

i used a paint designed especially for plastic on some parts on my toyota. it was called Krylon Fusion. It supposed to never chip, peel or flake w/ zero prep work. I prepped anyway and the stuff has been holding up for the past 3 years.
Posted By: 52degrees

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/20/08 04:18 AM

Bottom line, this is the only product GM will allow GM dealerships to use to recondition the plastic on Avalanches. It comes in a much longer lasting paint-on treatment as well, but I've never seen the rag treatment last les than a full year. I'm in the central valley of California. Sunlight is absolutely brutal on Avalanche bodywork. Armordillo works really well. I've personally treated many trucks with this product.

BTW, the problem is with a release agent used by the plastic manufacturer. Paint will look far worse than the faded plastic. But only until it all falls off <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: ForcedAir_Montero

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/20/08 05:07 PM

I've had great luck with this product-
bumper reconditioner
While Clay may think that the central valley is hard due to the sun <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/nana.gif" alt="" /> I'm at nearly 6000ft, 300+ days of sun a year. Plus none of that nice filtering pollution! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
I've used this stuff on my VWs and my Montero. It usually lasts me a easily a year or two.
Posted By: bighoss4x4

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/20/08 06:50 PM

Hey Folks.. Thanks for the good information! I have already used most of these products however and none seem to last. I have heard of Armodillo and several folks have told me it is a great product, but I really want to do this myself and not have a bodyshop do this for me.
Since my post, I googled this and found a company called Urethane Supply and they apparently have a product called Bumper & Cladding Coat that comes in almost 50 different matching colors. They guarantee it to work, and say it is quick and easy, and for under $20 bucks a aerosol can, I am gonna give it a try... I will let ya know how it turns out!
Posted By: rodeoredd

Re: Faded Plastic on 4x4's - 03/20/08 11:09 PM

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