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Wheel'n in Seattle

Posted By: 69442

Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/09/10 04:11 PM

We apparently just lost a awesome local wheel'n spot in Gold Bar Washington called Reiter Pit. This place has been a magnet for all the Wheel'n nuts that love trails, hill climbs and mud for as long as I can remember.

As I understand it the Tree Huggers have persuaded the county to shut down most of the lower trails and open areas. I've also been told that a lot of the upper tech trails are now closed as well!

Does anybody on the forum have any idea what's going on here? Also, any suggestions on other places to go besides Walker valley and Belfair??
Posted By: Jim_Paget

Re: Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/09/10 09:41 PM

Well, you have some of the facts right. It was the state DNR that shut Rieter down, not the county. Some of the land we considered Reiter was DNR, some was State Parks, and some was private land that was being used without permission.

Reiter was never an authorized ORV area. We all used it, and DNR even patrolled it, to an extent.

While the environmentalists had some to do with the closure, much of the pressure was for the Department of Ecology and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

We as an off-road community, but legitimate and not, bear much of the blame for the closure. Reiter, because it is relatively close to the Seatle Metropolitan Area was the source of a lot of dumping, meth labs, and off trail wheeling, in addition to at least one murder.

The plan for Reiter is for it to re-open, although the timing is up in the air and dependent on funding and participation by volunteers. There is a work party at Reiter on January 17th, in which you are welcome to participate.

To answer your original question, there are limited areas to wheel, particularly in the winter. Evans Creek is closed for the winter as in the Naches complex. Tahuya (Belfair) and Walker are open as is the Elbe ORV.
Posted By: 69442

Re: Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/09/10 10:49 PM

I figured the story may have changed and most of the facts skewed considering the source in which I heard it, this is why I made the post.

I guess I'm not surprised about the crack heads but had no idea there was a murder out there!

I have experienced the unneeded trash and a occasional veh carcass here and there! Can't do much about the veh carcasses but we always bring a large hefty with us to make sure knowbody in our crowd leaves anything behind. We also clean up from the idiots before us.

Thanks for the wheel'n referrals but I was already aware of those. Look'n for something like Reiter and close, probably doesn't exist!

What exactly is the work party doing on the 17th, need more details (time & what to bring) to pass around to my buddies?
Posted By: Jim_Paget

Re: Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/10/10 12:38 AM

I am not sure of all the details as I am working that weekend, but you can check at nw-wheelers.com. There is a thread there.

Here is the link:


If you haven't been to Walker lately, check it out. There are a couple of obstacles, one in the new "learning area" and the rock face on Expressway that routinely defeat all but the best vehicles. Like all wheeling areas, they change daily. One guy from out club has made the crack in the learning area but was defeated by the rock face. Yet I have ridden with him when he made the rock face and a fully tricked out TJ on 40s didn't make it. (He runs a Toy truck with dual cases, beadlocked 35s, etc.)

What are you running?
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/10/10 02:49 AM

Cascade Crawlers might be the other group you can check with as well. There's a handful of you guys right here that are on the I5 corridor if ya just chime in.

Posted By: Seattlegti

Re: Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/11/10 07:55 PM

Elbe Hills ORV park just outside Ashford WA (go up Stoner Rd to gravel and keep going) has some good winter wheeling trails.
The West entrance to Little Naches through FS70 off hwy 410 (Greenwater)is alot of fun. It does close to snowpark during the winter but I highly reccomend running it in the spring when the mud is deep and the trail is sloppy.

Still some good spots along the I-90 corridor but public forum isn't the place to post them.
Posted By: 69442

Re: Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/12/10 12:36 AM

Still some good spots along the I-90 corridor but public forum isn't the place to post them.

Good info from all <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" /> Please PM me on any spots you think should be kept quiet along i-90 <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Seattlegti

Re: Wheel'n in Seattle - 01/13/10 08:44 PM

PM sent.
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