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how aluminum coils prevent oxidation

Posted By: alubyron

how aluminum coils prevent oxidation - 03/11/20 07:22 AM

The aluminum coils stocked by the company will have surface oxidation and white spots after being left for a long time. After cleaning, they will become black spots, which will affect the use. Is there a better and convenient storage method?

Under normal circumstances, aluminum itself is resistant to oxidation. The above phenomenon indicates that the warehouse is very humid, and other acidic materials have damaged the dense alumina protective film. However, aluminum coils are not convenient for painting.

Remind you to prevent the oxidation of aluminum coils:

(1) It is effective to wrap with plastic film, and it is better to put desiccant such as silicon inside.

(2) The humidity of the wooden shaft and box board of the packing box is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the packaging color aluminum coilaluminum coil is not more than 45 ° C.

(3) When transporting from a low temperature area to a high temperature and high humidity area, do not immediately open the sealed packaging.

(4) Where there is rain or snow on the roof of workshops and warehouses, colored aluminum coils should not be placed.
Posted By: KristianJ

Re: how aluminum coils prevent oxidation - 07/22/20 09:51 AM

This was a very helpful info. Thanks for sharing!
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