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Blown 2.5L. motor. I need help.

Posted By: Anonymous

Blown 2.5L. motor. I need help. - 02/19/07 10:35 AM

Today I spent my third day in my (new to me)"95"Jeep Wrangler driving in the dunes.I know it's only a 4 cyl. motor ,but the dunes here in Oregon keep calling me to JUMP them, and I did.......until the engine started making a horrible knocking sound and lost all strength to jump or drive anymore. My question is do I replace the motor with a rebuilt 2.5L. or can I put a 4.0L.in its place without having to replace other parts? Any advice will help, Thanx
Posted By: LRJ4x4

Re: Blown 2.5L. motor. I need help. - 02/19/07 05:33 PM

Try the jeep section of the board, just go to main index and look for Jeep Tech <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

Did you say jump <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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Posted By: BigJim

Re: Blown 2.5L. motor. I need help. - 02/20/07 02:53 AM

BEFORE you go nuts with this get under it and look at the oil pan!!! You just might have pushed the front axel into the oil pan and the crank is beating on it!
I bought a 89 real cheap once that had that going on...
Big JIm <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/pfft.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: josephelk

Re: Blown 2.5L. motor. I need help. - 02/20/07 05:09 AM

If you decide to go with the 4.0 you will need to replace not only the engine but the transmission, wiring harness, and the list goes on. I think you might be able to reuse your gas tank and fuel pump because you started out with a fuel injected engine. I did a 4.0 swap in my 89YJ that had the 4.2 carbureted engine and it wasn't that difficult. I just found myself a $600.00 wrecked XJ and pretty much used everything from it (except for the fuel tank and sending unit that I found at a local junk yard). If you do decide to do the swap you will be really happy with extra HP gain with the 4.0. I think youíre still an OBDI with the 1995 or earlier? Iím sure someone will correct me if itís not. Try this website for some info also. http://www.cjoffroad.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6408&SearchTerms=The,big,secret,is,out,-,wiring,OBDI

Good luck
Posted By: cjensen

Re: Blown 2.5L. motor. I need help. - 02/21/07 04:59 PM

To OP:

Have u tried trouble shooting and diagnosing what the heck the problem is? Have you checked compression? Did u run it out of fluids (i.e. oil, anti, etc..)? What is the matter with the original?

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Re: Blown 2.5L. motor. I need help. - 02/21/07 05:07 PM

hey there....

didnt i give you a card at the top of spinreel?

have fun!

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