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Hankook or Nitto?

Posted By: Jx4x4

Hankook or Nitto? - 06/02/20 04:14 AM

Hi! I'm looking to buy good tires for occasional offroading. Anyone here who has tried Nitto terra grapplers and Hankook tires? I'm undecided about which one to get. I have seen both tires on sale at amazon and 4wheelonline. However, I'd like to get your feedback on these tires. Is it true that the Nitto only has 16 for its smallest rim size? Hankook is cheaper but I'm unsure if it's good for light offroading.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Hankook or Nitto? - 06/05/20 08:46 PM

Welcome to The Wire!!

Best overall tire for "light offroading" is still BFG All-Terrain. Toyo tires are a close second in my area.
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: Hankook or Nitto? - 06/14/20 02:34 AM

My experience with Hankook has not been positive. Soft rubber and rapid wear with street use....
Posted By: Goldenbet

Re: Hankook or Nitto? - 06/14/20 05:38 PM

I use Hankook
Posted By: Jx4x4

Re: Hankook or Nitto? - 06/30/20 04:13 AM

Thanks for all your responses! I'm taking notes of your feedback. I have also read somewhere that Toyo is a nice choice for offroad use. Now my list keeps getting longer.

@goldenbet how's your experience with Hankook?
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: Hankook or Nitto? - 07/12/20 02:16 AM

Toyo makes a good tire. I have heard people love them in strict off-road situations. The same people don’t care for them on road due to excess noise.
Posted By: Davisjaime

Re: Hankook or Nitto? - 08/16/20 08:55 AM

If you need off-road driving then Toyo is a great option, I used to use a set of Toyo Open Country M / T tires as well.
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