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Posted By: Smokypaj

New Member - 04/29/09 11:47 PM

Hey all,

Just wanted to say hello. I've recently joined the grease burning Pajero club. I was introduced to them through Maurie (Cityyeti). I took his for a little test drive and fell in love. I searched for about a month tossing up whether to import or buy an already imported Pajero. The dollar was down compared the the yen, etc. Just so happens that Maurie finds me an ad for Doug's (bae146) Pajero. So I ended up stealing Doug's sweet Pajero from him. Unfortunately I haven't driven it much in the last two months as I've been away. I'm back for a while now and ready to drive and add some gear to it.

So the first thing I'm looking to change is the hubs to manual hubs. I regularly go on long distance roadtrips and the manual hubs would be nice for the summer drives.

Also, I've noticed it starts up a little rough when its cold. I was thinking that the spark plugs would probably be the cause of this. I was going to change them but for the life of me, I cannot find them. Any help with this? I'm stumped.


Posted By: CityYeti

Re: New Member - 04/30/09 12:19 AM

Yeah, those spark plugs are a bugger to find. The easiest way is to find the distributer cap and follow the spark plug wires.
Welcome to Pajero world buddy... can I borrow you're clutch?
Posted By: redbull

Re: New Member - 04/30/09 12:22 AM

Since you haven't driven the truck for a few months, it's probably time to change out the winter air in your tires for summer air. Helps with flotation while mud bogging too.

Welcome to the site! Doug's unit had some sweet mods already done, and basically new front end too, I believe. Good buy!
Posted By: PHIL_

Re: New Member - 04/30/09 12:23 AM

Welcome Geoff! Maurie is baiting you - you're looking for the GLOWplugs now, not spark plugs, eh? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

I told Maurie to tell you not to import yourself, but to get Doug's instead. Glad you took our advice - yours is a sweet truck. Also, Maurie's is my old one, so I guess I'm indirectly partially to blame for your intro into diesel Paj's. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

We'll have to get all the trucks together soon, now that you're back in "town".

Posted By: spence121

Re: New Member - 04/30/09 02:43 AM

Welcome to the site. These guys are great here and will help you out with all that you need...Except where to find spark plugs, or information on where to buy tires that use summer air only <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />...You will find those manual hubs from Super Winch and a lot of parts are the same as the Montero. Enjoy your ride! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: redbull

Re: New Member - 04/30/09 05:16 AM

Hehe, by reading his intro post, I thought he was baiting us about the spark plugs!

Group buy on OEM muffler bearings?
Posted By: Smokypaj

Re: New Member - 04/30/09 04:57 PM

Thanks guys.

I guess it makes sense with the winter and summer air. winter diesel/summer diesel, winter tires/summer tires. There is no way around it, I'll really have to keep up with this summer and winter maintenance.

On a serious side though - I've got to take the rig to get inspected. My insurance company, Meloche, fumbled and whined and made noise that my VIN isn't really a VIN because its a few letters and numbers short and have asked for an inspection. I've got a buddy who's recommended a shop, Brown's All Car (Import) Specialists, just off McLeod trail. Hopefully I can squeeze by without having daytime running lights etc. Its fine mechanically, so that's not really an issue. Hopefully all goes well.
Posted By: redbull

Re: New Member - 04/30/09 06:09 PM

Hopefully I can squeeze by without having daytime running lights etc. Its fine mechanically, so that's not really an issue. Hopefully all goes well.

Don't take the risk! DRLs are just one jumper wire away. I did a writeup some time ago with photos and a diagram. I just ran a switched wire from under the dash (lighter socket) to the headlight relay.
Posted By: torquemonster

Re: New Member - 05/01/09 12:00 AM

he won't be needing an OOP though, regular safety inspections aren't worth the paper they are written on. I doub't they'd even check for DRL's. not saying they won't forsure of course.

I still would like to know how my Pajero passed an OOP with no DRLs, and illegal headlights haha.
Posted By: CityYeti

Re: New Member - 05/02/09 08:04 PM

Don't know about the DTRLs but the headlights are DOT approved seal beams. Doug put in bulbs that were so bright you can see through walls. Especially with the fog lights on.
Posted By: bae146

Re: New Member - 05/03/09 06:44 AM

The headlight in the paj I sold were the original japanese ones, they are not sealed beams but a h4 housing, they should be changed (national or modern IPF h4 headlights, 50.00 each) The fogs I think were 100/ 130 watt fog / pencil retina burners. Watch those they throw a lot of heat.... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: CityYeti

Re: New Member - 05/07/09 04:27 PM

My mistake, meant to say H4. Typing in a hurry.
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