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Timing belt time

Posted By: Wanker

Timing belt time - 03/27/11 01:34 PM

1991 lwb mitsu diesel

I need timing belt parts, are there any reasonably priced suppliers in North America or should I go overseas?

Or a particular supplier you have had success with in either place?

Thanks W.
Posted By: Bolt_On

Re: Timing belt time - 03/27/11 04:29 PM

I got a kit from Rock Auto. They shipped from the UK. It had both belts and both tensioners. The belts were the right size and pitch but the wrong profile. When I wrapped the belt around the pulley it didn't fit tight, but stood off. I got part numbers from the archives here and ordered the right parts from NAPA.
Posted By: spence121

Re: Timing belt time - 03/27/11 05:25 PM

You can save some money on the belts by purchasing them from Napa. Sorry not sure where you are in N. America but here in Calgary they stock them. They are Dayco belts and are good quality. If I remember correctly there is a parts list for the 4D56 on this forum and the N.America equvilent parts are listed.
Posted By: spence121

Re: Timing belt time - 03/27/11 05:27 PM

Timing belt Napa 250091

Balance shaft belt Napa 250092

Tensioner Napa T41050

Tensioner Napa T41049
Posted By: redbull

Re: Timing belt time - 03/29/11 08:44 PM

I posted some links in your other thread too.
Posted By: Wanker

Re: Timing belt time - 04/01/11 04:29 PM

Thanks guys !
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