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SR brake info

Posted By: haztoys

SR brake info - 12/14/14 09:35 PM

I know you have to have hub and rotor cliper and mount on a SR big brakes on a gen1 ..I have it all ...But one hub and rotor ...

Is the hub and rotor 'only' on a SR ......Or..

Posted By: IncorpoRatedX

Re: SR brake info - 12/15/14 04:50 PM

I was under the impression that it was a caliper upgrade and the rotor diameter is the same.

I hope so, just ordered calipers and brackets saturday
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: SR brake info - 12/17/14 04:15 AM

All the gen 2s with 3.5 have the same brakes for sure. Possibly the 3.0 powered trucks as well.
Posted By: haztoys

Re: SR brake info - 12/19/14 07:15 PM

Now I'm speaking of the 'wheel hub' off set.. I know that the right w-hub has a "cut" on it so you can tell its the right one ..The one hub I got off the SR has the 'cut' on it ... Do to old age I forgot what I snaged the other hub from ... I guess I need to dig the parts out of the stash and look at them ...I dont want to spit a brake pad ...
Posted By: Oso

Re: SR brake info - 12/20/14 11:53 PM

gen 1 rotors are thinner. if you go to gen 2 calipers on a gen 1 you need the rotors too. justice posted awhile back about this as a safety issue .
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