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Gen1 MAS experiment

Posted By: haztoys

Gen1 MAS experiment - 04/07/15 01:35 PM

Any Gen1's down the hill do a MAS swap to tell me what you think for a HP mod to a V6 3.0 ... I dont have a real 89 MAS on my 89 ... So my test is off ... Seems to really help low end ..


Captain Gear Box

Hazardous Toys inc
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: Gen1 Mass experiment - 04/07/15 03:07 PM

What are you swapping? there's only a couple gen 1 V6's left down here.
Posted By: haztoys

Re: Gen1 Mass experiment - 04/07/15 03:44 PM

Mass airflow sensor ... I would like to find a 89 V6 with a OEM MAS to try ...
Posted By: IncorpoRatedX

Re: Gen1 Mass experiment - 04/09/15 10:59 PM

you'll probably have better luck with a 90-94 turbo eclipse maf.
Posted By: JohnnyBfromPeoria

Re: Gen1 Mass experiment - 04/10/15 04:58 AM

Jorge has a stock '89 SWB 3.0. What would he use if you tried his?

John B.
Posted By: haztoys

Re: Gen1 Mass experiment - 04/12/15 11:51 PM

I findly got around to modding a 'round MAS' ... Have had info in my head and on paper on how they really work for some time now... Just no time to RnD the mod .. Did some rework on the circuit board to up the fuel ... Get lots more air into the motor around the MAS ... But the MAS seems to keep fueling and not going looney over the bypass of the air .. One problem with GEN1 EFI as HP goes is the MAS plugs up the intake track ... I'm at a point where the TB is now the problem ... Have a 'almost' bolt on TB that ups the TB square MM by 30 plus over stock thats nexted ... Anyone have a 89 upper intake ...?

Captain Gear Box

Hazardous Toys inc
Posted By: lordtrunks

Re: Gen1 Mass experiment - 04/20/15 01:53 AM

The 3.5 tb bolts onto the 3.0 upper intake machining to the intake hole needs to be done to match, I've wondered the effects of using the whole sohc upper intake and tb.
I've not done the homework on this but maybe if there is a lower intake that is ment for a multi length upper intake runners we could use the 3.5 dohc upper intake with it.

I have a whole 12v 3.0 sitting in the garage I'll have to find the maf for it but if you need a intake i can pull it i would like it back when your done with it if possible. I also have a 3.5 tb and the dohc multi length upper intake
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