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some weekend fun with kick ass kia

Posted By: hadtomer

some weekend fun with kick ass kia - 12/25/11 10:29 AM

After a very long hiatus from offroading- in which i took care of some problems with the rig (and installed my front bumper)- it was time to go for some serious offroading. had a nice 2 day trip to the southern desert- and did a 70 mile trip.

this is a dry riverbed called "ashosh". the problem is that in the middle of the river there is a steep part that has claimed the lives of many jeeps - here it is- and here we are trying to figure out how to drive up this monster



and here is the kia:



this is VARDIT- another steep incline - and here we try to climb (hard - we are hung over)



and here is the kia:



aint no way i could have done this without diff lock.
Posted By: DennisThompson

Re: some weekend fun with kick ass kia - 12/26/11 11:24 PM

Great pics, looks like lots of fun and some beautiful country.

Posted By: hadtomer

Re: some weekend fun with kick ass kia - 12/27/11 03:08 PM

here she is - from 1:15 minutes

Posted By: Sportege_Panicmech

Re: some weekend fun with kick ass kia - 01/16/12 09:30 AM

thumbs up bro! (= <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: jfrey123

Re: some weekend fun with kick ass kia - 02/22/12 08:23 PM

Looks like a ton of fun!
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