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Anyone interested in a 2-door?

Posted By: Dryver

Anyone interested in a 2-door? - 04/12/13 01:14 PM

Just putting this out there to see if anyone might be interested in a 2001 2-door.

- 112K or so miles
- dealer-installed limited slip (20K or so miles ago)
- 3" UpYourKia lift up front
- Rav4 shocks and TJ 104AA springs in the rear
- Front drivetrain replaced at 90K-ish
Front driveshaft, half shafts, front springs
- Warn manual locking hubs
- 31x10R15 tires with decent AT tires with decent tread
- Electric Fan (on all the time as my SPAL died) I did hook it up to relays and a switch that lets you turn it off or run it in reverse.
- new oil pan a few years ago

She's pretty darn rusty, but I've owned her since new and she just won't die. Brake line just let loose and I haven't put a new one on yet.

I'm located between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio.
Posted By: lilkia

Re: Anyone interested in a 2-door? - 06/10/13 03:38 AM

How much?
Posted By: Dryver

Re: Anyone interested in a 2-door? - 06/18/13 02:07 AM

PM sent
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