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cheap parts or fixer

Posted By: djacidjac

cheap parts or fixer - 02/03/18 06:18 PM

Hi all, I'm getting rid of my 2002 Sportage, manual, 4-door. (blue) It has a bad head or head gasket. I got a new car, no time to mess with this anymore. high miles but good shape, just bad motor. bunch of new parts including Warn manual hubs. I never 'wheeled it, just a commuter. tires are good, still inspected (PA) . Peddle.com offered me 295 for it. Anybody interested? It's in West Chester PA right now at a garage near where it broke down.

here's the craigslist:


If it goes to a junk yard, I'm keeping the hitch (and wiring) and maybe the hubs for resale, but if it goes to a person for the right price it will all go as-is.
Posted By: KristianJ

Re: cheap parts or fixer - 07/30/20 08:45 AM

Man, too bad I missed this.
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