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Selling my Max Project

Posted By: NathanC

Selling my Max Project - 05/25/11 11:55 PM

88 MacroCab on 98 Montero Sport chassis.
Set of 5 35" BFG MT in excellent condition. Front wheel wells clearanced to fit.
Has a dual transfer case set up behind a V5MT1 to accept an NP231 or D300.
Sport diffs (non-locking) have 4.22 ratio.
3.0, condition unknown, no wiring harness.
My other parts Max is available to go with it too, if you want it.
I could include a complete 3.5 DOHC with electrical, but I would not be easily persuaded to do so.

Here are pics from when I was actively working on the truck. The doors aren't shown, but they are on the truck.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

$2000obo, located in Northern IL, Southern WI. The rolling chassis is not immediately available for veiwing. I have another vehicle I need to move before getting to this one.
Posted By: NathanC

Re: Selling my Max Project - 05/31/11 03:24 AM

The parts truck will be going to the crusher this Saturday.
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: Selling my Max Project - 05/31/11 07:29 AM

Finish it dude!
Posted By: NathanC

Re: Selling my Max Project - 06/06/11 01:19 AM

The parts Max is gone.
[Linked Image]

Blue Max in original post is still for sale sans parts truck.
Posted By: NathanC

Re: Selling my Max Project - 08/06/11 10:22 PM

Now that things are starting to slow down after the birth of my son, I plan to get this truck hauled to my place so I can actively try to sell it. I will button up the transfer case doubler, and sort through my spare parts.
If the truck doesn't sell as a whole project, I will separate the wheels and drivetrain components and part out the more valuable items.

I would also consider negotiating trades involving a Cummins 4bt or Mercedes 300d.
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