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My 92 Montero For Sale

Posted By: pcc

My 92 Montero For Sale - 08/25/17 07:25 PM

Decided to try and sell this truck. I purchased it new in Anchorage Alaska. It spent the first five years of its life there and the rest in North Carolina where it is now.

No rust and has been immaculately cared for since new. I have all the service and maintenance records and can tell you the age and miles of each part. Recently did timing belt service with valve seals and upgraded valve lash adjusters. All drive train fluids recent with RedLine. Tires and brakes have lots of miles left. Stock except for dual oil filter system and Magnacor wires. Paint is good with small chips on hood and fading spots on roof. I even have used oil analysis reports.

There is a recent story with this engine - too long for this post but can explain by phone. Engine basically needs a new driver side head, but I would do both. Engine now uses small amounts of coolant when sitting over night, no over heat and runs well once the initial missing in #4 has cleared. Once hot no coolant loss. I'm sure it's a head crack in #4 between the valve seats that seals when hot. I am driving this truck now on a daily basis.

Everything works, including moon roof. A/C recently serviced and works well. The truck has been a street vehicle and only been in four high/low lock 3-4 times. I have used the all wheel drive feature from time to time. Current miles are 189,094

I would like to see it fixed but I don't have the time or really a good place to do both heads. I also just bought a new car and don't want four vehicles.

The price is $600 FIRM, even if you just want it for parts, which would make me sad. I have more pictures that I can send.

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Posted By: rxinhed

Re: My 92 Montero For Sale - 09/07/17 02:38 PM

Sold to Kevan Bates.
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