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Ranch trip 6-26 - - FREE Parts

Posted By: rxinhed

Ranch trip 6-26 - - FREE Parts - 06/19/21 05:18 AM

I am returning to the Ranch next weekend. I have several FREE parts for pick up:

1. From 2002 Sport: 6G72 with 192K miles, autotrans and AWD t-case, left front fender from '02 Sport, side doors, left rear side glass

2. From 1980 D50, KM-132 trans, front windshield, front bumper, radiator, sliding rear window, fuel tank, hood, fenders

3. From 1989 Montero: autotrans and t-case, doors

4. Miscellany from other Montero and Mighty Max part outs

No shipping will be offered. Local pick up in Nor Cal, 96035 only.
Posted By: polar

Re: Ranch trip 6-26 - - FREE Parts - 06/27/21 07:42 PM

Hey Russell, I'll be back out in Tahoe starting August. Where are you located exactly?
I'm also looking to replace my rusted out 89 v6......you got any vehicle that's close to running?

Also where the classifieds? I don't seem to see them anymore
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Ranch trip 6-26 - - FREE Parts - 02/16/22 06:35 PM

Montero Ranch V2 is closed.
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