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1 GEN parts Raider or Montero

Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

1 GEN parts Raider or Montero - 06/17/19 09:37 PM

I'm currently looking for a 1 GEN Raider or Montero in a 200 mile radius from Hutchinson KS. Doesn't have to run.

Thought it would be helpful to have a complete spare chassis.

If you happen to need some extra cash and have one setting around that you can part with, PLEASE PM me.

Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: 1 GEN parts Raider or Montero - 07/02/19 07:53 PM

Well, I guess I can't get a response for 200 miles.

How about 400 miles from Hutchinson Kansas?

Honest everyone, if the price was right and the vehicle decent, I would go even further. I thought about making the trip to Washington state after the '89 with the blown motor for $1,000 because it was in excellent condition otherwise. I just couldn't talk my wife into a 48 hr round trip over a weekend to pick it up in the time frame the seller had available.

Posted By: rxinhed

Re: 1 GEN parts Raider or Montero - 07/02/19 09:36 PM

Check on FB groups, Adventure Driven Design, and Expedition Portal?
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