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Favorite Junkyard Thread

Posted By: code33

Favorite Junkyard Thread - 11/01/04 06:50 PM

Since the part(s) that you are looking for may not always be found in classified sections on boards, the junkyard may be the next place to search. Some of you may solely frequent one or have a number positive establishments.

Share good places to locate parts by replying to this.

Suggested format:

Name of company
Contact info
URL (if applicable)

Brief description of the type of parts the particular junkyard specialized in.
Posted By: off-roader

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread (Mitsu Yards) - 11/02/04 09:40 PM

Mitsubishi/Saturn Recycling
Rancho Cordova, CA

Mitsu parts at various yard's
Various Locations around the USA
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread (Mitsu Yards) - 11/30/04 02:03 AM

hers 2 good places in eastern PA for people to get parts

harry's u pull it.
self serve salvage yard. there main yard is about 100 acres. they have any type of car you can think of from metros to jaguars. they have 3 different yards in eastern pa.
Hazelton PA

ez pull auto parts. there another self serve yard in eastern PA. there about 50 acres total with there regular price part.
there phone # is 570-386-2171
New Ringgold PA
call them for directions they don't have a web site that i know of. they are a 20 minute drive from where rt61 and rt78 meet on a PA map.

they both don't keep a inventory of what in the self serve yards since they are so big and stuffs always changing. so you'll have to go there and look for your self
Posted By: NCBBA2358

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread (Jeep Yards) - 03/01/05 03:47 PM

BeJeep in North Aiken County, SC has nothing but Jeeps! Rare to find the CJs and even Wranglers, cherokees, etc in a Junk yard. They only have about 5 acres or so of land for this, but the owner can track down just about any Jeep part out there.
Sorry, don't know of any other "general" Junk Yards....
Posted By: wyleone

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 05/26/05 04:28 AM

There is a new U-pullit in Theodore, AL
I started scrounging around, they are very organized, and are adding vehicles as we speak. There are presently some XJs, a fullsized Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, some Broncos and a highly molested CJ7.
Barry's U- Pullit
Hwy 90 and intersate 10
Theodore, AL
open 7 days till 5:30pm
Posted By: mflint1513

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 07/12/05 05:36 PM

There's a guy that has about 200+ Jeeps in a boneyard around Cleveland, OH. Prices are pretty reasonable. Here's his email:


His name is Dave Lesick
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 01/30/06 04:18 PM

Toyota Foolish
Used Toyota truck, 4runner, celice parts
Barnardsville, NC (Western NC, near Asheville)
Phone (828) 626-3227
E-mail: sunlight714@yahoo.com

Lots of body and mechanical parts from the 1st & 2nd gen trucks and runners.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 03/09/06 05:50 AM

1. Pick-n-Pull locations in Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, in Nor Cal
2. Pick-a-Part locations in Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario, Victorville in SoCal and Fresno in Central Valley
3. Ecology Auto Wrecking in Rialto, CA (SoCal)

These sites often have Montero/Raider/Mighty Max/D50 trucks. Hadn't looked for the Starion/Conquest or ilk, but who knows.
Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 06/17/06 10:22 AM

x2 for toyotafoolish. Bruce is straight up. Will ship to Alaska. I'm a repeat customer.

PullnSave, Spokane WA off I90 and Argonne, across from Spaldings Auto

Spaldings also ships to Alaska; I use Lynden Freight to expedite a pickup for me as freight collect. No problems.

Mapquest map

www.car-part.com I also send our readers to in order to price out parts, or find parts in their area.

Some old phone numbers from Bob Shaw:

These are phone numbers for recyclers for Raiders and Mitsubishis. M&S is in Calif and Lou Fusz in south east.
M&S Rec. Mitsu 800 695 4700
Dodge 800 638 1076
Lou Fusz Mitsu 800 528 2525
Dodge 800 325 9584
Posted By: amerkinsquid

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 08/22/06 05:16 PM

Name of company: Oceana Salvage
Location Virginia Beach, Va. Near Oceana Naval Air Station

Pick-N-Pull in Virginia Beach, Va.
Posted By: jezeric

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 08/23/06 01:39 AM

I'll vouch for Oceana also. When my in-laws lived there, I got a used head for my '86 Troop there because it was almost $75 less than I could get it locally, and they were very reasonable about prices and selection.

Posted By: sjsjeep

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 01/01/07 02:37 AM

Auto Parts & Recycling Center
11602 East 33rd Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80010-1425
http://pullnsave.com/ Colorado pull n save
Posted By: canuck

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 01/28/07 11:10 PM

In the Toronto area try Standard Auto Wrecker. They run a u-pull yard open 7 days. Several times a year they run a "all you can carry" for $60. This place is huge. Almost need to pack a lunch if you plan to wander around. I also heard they started up a second yard in Buffalo area.
Posted By: dougcl

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 03/09/07 09:59 PM

Toy Man in Portland OR. (503) 775-3345. Specializes in Toyota pickups, has some old stuff.
Posted By: nedfunnell

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 04/25/07 12:34 AM

Good place in East Texas - not very many cars but LOTS of scrap metal in various forms. Scrap goes for $0.15/lb.

Jennings Scrap and Salvage
2800 W. Marshall, Longview TX
(903) 753-6472

Another one I've been to:
Surplus, militaria, construction equipment, etc- 23 acres of it. Packrat's dream. They have everything you could ever want, except vehicles.

Joseph Fazzio, Inc (AKA Fazzio's)
Glassboro, NJ
Posted By: supercharged02

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 08/05/07 02:13 AM

Posted By: ghostraider

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 01/31/08 05:13 PM

Mitsubishi/Saturn Recycling
Rancho Cordova, CA

be wary of m&s....if there is a problem...they will leave you out in the cold and hose you.....

in san jose california there are two awesome pick n pull yards....$2 admission to a huge yard of vehicles.....there is usually some mitsubishi on the lot....
Posted By: BKerr

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 10/14/08 02:57 PM

This is my salvage yard. I specialize in European and High-end Asian cars, but I do have a selection of Jeeps and other 4x4s. If I do not have something, I am tied to 5000+ yards across the nation so I can find most anything a person needs. We try to be nice to online customers and give wholesale pricing when possible.

I belong to several 4x4 clubs in the area, so if you are around and want a place to wheel... let me know.

HWY 79 Auto Sales & Salvage, Inc.
1831 Falls of Rough Rd
Caneyville, KY 42721

Posted By: kewlynx

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 10/16/08 01:36 AM

We're connected too. www.car-part.com
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 04/29/10 04:28 AM

No activity on this 'stickied' thread for 1.5 + years, move on??
Posted By: tech30528

Re: Favorite Junkyard Thread - 02/01/11 08:19 PM

Fantastic! Thanks for that post. I just pulled my '85 in to the shop to pull the trans to replace what I thought was an input shaft bearing. Pulled the drain plug and had a piece of a bearing cage and two pieces of a gear tooth. Bummer. Called this guy, he's got what I need less than 3 hours away. Last time I looked for one of these I spent half the day looking and came up empty. This time, one call and I was done. You guys rock. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

Yeah, came back and looked and there is no reference to what I am responding to. Thought I quoted, guess I just responded. But I'm refering to Toyota Foolish in Barnardsville NC. As someone else stated, Bruce is a straight up guy, and I will be doing more business with him in the future.
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