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suzi the psychic

Posted By: rascott

suzi the psychic - 03/26/10 06:59 AM

thought i would introduce my fishing vehicle-
suzi the psychic
[Linked Image]
picture credit goes to rxinhed

about 5 years ago i decided to have a dedicated fishing vehicle and bought a $600 wonder car.
i was thinking of a sammy, but found an '89 sidekick that had been bashed around and abused, but still ran well enough for me to get it home.
she has gotten me into some real nice places, and (so far)always brought me back home.
i have been running the fishing season(say april-october)in cental california, then servicing and modifying off season.
i think some of the projects could be of interest and will post up some descriptions and pics.
we'll see how this goes......

oh yea- she is just my fishing rig- this is done on the cheap. there is beauty in function. i like some stickers.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/27/10 01:52 AM

so anyway
i had to put a new head on and adjust everything else. the p.o. aparently did nothing but drive it. asked me where the clutch fluid went. seemed to be suprised the 4x4 worked.
soon i realized the stock tires were too small, and that it would be nice to have more ground clearance, so i got 235x75x15 tires(on 7"rims) and some pucks to jack up the suspension.
[Linked Image]
used longer shocks for the rear- from spec. part of the shock catalog- think they fit a mustang.
in the front are the stock struts with the strut mount flipped and spaced 1/2". gives decent droop.
chucked the sway bar.
[Linked Image]
i did a minor body lift and decided on 31x10.5 tires, after the end of the second season.
[Linked Image]
body lift was by rearanging the doughnuts and adding some old conveyor belt material. only @ 1 1/8" , but it helped.
of course i still had to cut/bend/hammer the front wells to reduce rubbing.
Posted By: TayJ

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/27/10 04:16 AM

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />

Awesome! Do you have any more pictures? Action fishing shots?!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/28/10 03:37 PM

i often run solo, so it's hard to get anything that looks "action".
also i hook and release, and don't have them out of the water very long. i did try some quick shots once- not much action(or very big fish).
[Linked Image]
i stopped taking the camera into the stream.

pics often don't look like how it felt- i think this was on a piece of the rubicon.
[Linked Image]
i was trying to get to rubicon springs. looked good on the map.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/28/10 04:23 PM

aaaaany how,
i was pleased with the lifting. suzi was much more capable.
i realized i was usually running alone, and i carry the kitchen sink with me(just in case), so i chucked the passenger seat for some stowage room.
note: my trips are usually 5 day(or so) in the "bush"- i try to avoid backtracking.
here are some stowage pics.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
this worked real fine in the rain- spent 2 days comfortably hunkered down- even snowed some.
[Linked Image]

i decided to put a locker in the rear and split the transfer case. poor suzi the psychic needed low range to get over ebbet's pass. i have no pics of those projects, but consider them some of the most effective improvements.
more later.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/28/10 11:24 PM

just fired up her new heart.
i'm getting excited.
bored block.
replaced clutch also.
1 of the water pump bolts is in the swing arc of the timing belt tensioner. as if it were a special bolt. i had to shave some off the bolt to clear the tensioner.
must have something to do w/new part, but every thing appeared the same....
my old clutch seemed to be in fine shape- i was impressed.
i had no idea how old it was. i just know what i had been doing with it. this new one should last forever!
i should have taken some pics of the engine build. oh well.
Posted By: TayJ

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/29/10 04:34 AM

I have to say this is by far one of my favorite rigs! It is very cool. I like seeing rigs built for a purpose.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/30/10 02:08 AM

as prevously mentioned, i often run alone. sometimes i would explore a trail and reach a point where i'm sure i could proceed, but if i had to come back that way i might not be able to get up something or...... so i thought a winch would be handy.
i got a smittybilt xrc8(8000#) and proceeded to mount it.
i wanted to put it a little higher and in more than other installs i have seen.
first thing was to remove some bodywork that was in the way.
[Linked Image]
then start welding a support/mount.
[Linked Image]
added some bracing off the frame and that tube thing between the chassis rails, and fit the winch a few inches in front of the radiator.
[Linked Image]
i cut up the bumper and cover and made that fit, modified the grill to fit, and oh yea, note the skid plate- i made that well before- it works well. used to be an electrical panel door.
fairlead bracket came out well.
[Linked Image]
i mounted the solenoid box under the hood and put the winch control plug socket in the cab.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
i mounted a second battery behind the seat, installed a battery switch, powerpost and volt meter(prev. pic.).

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
i lost one of the bumper cover halves on a stump, so i dumped the other one. still functional enough for me, although i liked the way it looked.
i have used the winch a couple of times(recovered a jeep from the river once)and it didn't rip off, so i guess my welding is ok.
that pelican case holds my navigation gear(laptop w/gps).
mabe more later.......
Posted By: TayJ

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/30/10 05:30 AM

We need you out here in Arizona to be part of the AZ crew from this board. Some of us are handy while others are not so much but we love having guys like you around, you can make so little work so well and it looks so nice. Quit a few of us are also under pre-paired while others are over pre-paired, more are not so it would be nice to have you along. Get in touch with us if you are ever in this area. Keep up the good work and keep the pics coming along!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/30/10 08:58 PM

if i get down and over that way i'll certainly look you up.
seems an active community there.
i couldn't get that link to work- mabe it's just me.
i always like to see what others do. get good ideas that way.
looks like i didn't screw anything up w/my rebuild so i'm getting her ready for the road for some break in running(start driving to work and back).
got a fish window middle of may.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/31/10 04:14 AM

i added a little table that swings up on the tail gate.
since that's the chuck wagon end when i'm stopped, it is very handy when cooking.
[Linked Image]
speaking of cooking, i like this--- squab.... mmmmmmm.
[Linked Image]
i have been beating up suzi's rocker panels pretty badly' and the right door was gonna be a problem soon(left side is better- go figure) so i had to cut it out and stick some square tube in there.
bird sh*t some brackets front and rear, braced it to the sill and pan, hammered what i cut off flat and welded that back to seal up the body(underneath).
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
molded the front fender over the tube and fastened it w/a screw.
it works. i saved my patterns and have material to do the driver's side when it needs it.

oh- when i modified the front wheel wells, i was able to fit those plastic well pieces back in - keeps the crap from building up in there.

now you've seen my "shop".
Posted By: TayJ

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/31/10 03:18 PM

That link is just a part of my signature.

So how did you relocated the winch box under the hood and then the winch controller plugin inside of the cab? Is that hard?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/31/10 04:46 PM

not too hard - mostly just a wireing thing.
the supplied power wireing was long enough to reach the new location, and a mounting bracket wasn't too difficult to figure.
the plug socket was screwed onto the solenoid box cover so i spliced enough cable to it to get it inside.
made a bracket fot the socket out of some sch.80 pvc sheet.
i'll see if i can borrow the wife's camera and get some other pics.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/01/10 04:36 AM

didn't get the camera out yet, but was looking thru my photo album........
this is where i put my "on board air".
[Linked Image] just a harbor freight thing(the expensive one) that has been working much better than the little buzz box it replaced.
now i can fill 2 vehicle's worth of tires without the thermal shutdown. much faster also.
i'd like opinion about this:
[Linked Image]
rear drive shaft at tail of transfer case with static load.
i've been running this way for 3+years and wondering if i should have a spacer?
i have a whip antenna on a ball/spring mount on the left rear fender panel. i made this bracket to hold it when i needed it down.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
cb radio is just stuffed into the dash w/some foam stuff.
suzi came w/a am/fm/cassette thing but no speakers- i threw it away.
[Linked Image]
i have a 2M unit i need to mount somewhere.
notice the thumb throttle?
ok - that's all the pics i have that may be of interest.
i'll see about some more detailed re: the remote winch control, and ..........
Posted By: Virgil

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/02/10 11:43 PM

Where did you get the pucks for your springs?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/03/10 02:43 AM

i got them from jeff hoepker. i know he sells them on ebay.
he now makes strut mount spacers and a spacer for that center ball link at the rear diff.
nice material. i recommend.
i'm not sure about later models- mabe you can contact.
i made my own strut mounts and diff. spacers.
Posted By: TayJ

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/12/10 05:20 AM

If I was you I would look into a slip yoke eliminator for your rig. That way you won't have to worry about a spacer.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/16/10 03:23 PM

If I was you I would look into a slip yoke eliminator for your rig. That way you won't have to worry about a spacer.

that must be an adjustable length driveshaft arrangement?
i will try and find info- have you experience w/this?
must have to modify t/case output shaft to do this?
i am vaugely looking for a later model transfer case to play with- seems the only way to change my gearing.

i guess i didn't snap any rings when i put the motor back together- i started driving it to work and back. i'm pleased. kinda fun, but certainly not a d/d machine.
putting smog gear on. we'll see how that goes-got an egr on so far- still need a cat. hope i don't smoke the computer when i plug it back in...
real test next month.
Posted By: TayJ

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/17/10 10:25 PM

If I was you I would look into a slip yoke eliminator for your rig. That way you won't have to worry about a spacer.

that must be an adjustable length driveshaft arrangement?
i will try and find info- have you experience w/this?
must have to modify t/case output shaft to do this?
i am vaugely looking for a later model transfer case to play with- seems the only way to change my gearing.

It is a t-case tail shaft conversion. The t-case out put yoke slides now, if you convert it then your yoke will stay in one place and the drive shaft slides. My jeep has been converted, I use a double cv drive shaft.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/18/10 04:22 PM


It is a t-case tail shaft conversion. The t-case out put yoke slides now, if you convert it then your yoke will stay in one place and the drive shaft slides. My jeep has been converted, I use a double cv drive shaft.

i will consider this. i haven't seen signs of catastrophic failure, but something will need to be done if i do any more suspension work. i will watch for examples this season and do some googleweb.

"planning" the start of my season next month.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/08/10 08:06 PM

suzi the psychic passed smog test!
this was a major hassel.
i had to remanufacture some of the wire harness for that feedback carburetor system, and had a problem setting the float.
the spec. float lift and drop was in no way right- book said 8mm closed from carb. lid. 15mm was what worked!
lucky there is a window in the bowl, or i never would have figured out what was making it run so rich.
i was sweating this out- my registration was to expire today.
good to fish this coming weekend(05/13-17).
e f carson.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/04/10 05:59 AM

suzi the psychic made her first run of the season.
i managed to use my winch a bunch to clear trees and get into and out of the snow. it worked well and didn't pull off.
i did have some fuel problems at the high altitude, so i'm gonna run next time with her stock carburetor/ecu/emission.
also- i managed to get up and over a hill that had defeated me in the past. that made me feel good, and it was the only way to get where i wanted.
got another fish window next week(6/10-14). same place.
i expect less snow.
this was @ 8000'
[Linked Image]
tried to grunt thru it, then turned around and winched back.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/19/10 12:04 AM

it's near the end of this season, but i hope to get out again next month(oct.).
suzi the psychic has gotten me to the e f carson area a few times this season(started late- may)and to french meadow and hell hole so far. the season has been funny/late?
fishing not so good, either.
anyhow, i lost the fuel guage last run, and i found this a little agravating 'cause it's the only way to figure how much fuel my brother's rig may still have.
so i found the fuel sender wire cooked- slow fuse type of short that went a few feet thru the loom and right up to the sending unit.
ordered replacement sending unit, put suzi on stands, and pulled the tank. i'll probably have the replacement in a couple of days(+-$80).
[Linked Image]
check out the "fuse".
[Linked Image]
i'm thinking of spending a lot of energy to slightly modify the suspension. got her on stands.
i think i can arrange 1/4" more lift in front and perhaps improve the drop about that much also. 1/2" in the rear.
i know that doesn't sound like much, but it might be worth it.
perhaps a diff. drop in the future.
or more.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/19/10 02:42 AM

i thought that, since i had taken the gas tank out, i would do the little modification i could to raise it.
i shortened the mount points. only got 11/16", but it's some and can only help.
here are the mount points:
rear before
[Linked Image]
rear after
[Linked Image]
my typical bird sh*t welding, but i do some grinding and painting to hide it. it'll hold.
here is a finished front mount
[Linked Image]
i think i'll take the front end apart and see if my idea of increasing lift will work. it's the hard one and if i am able to make it work i'll do the rear.
we'll see.......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/19/10 09:28 PM

looks like the best i can do at this time is increase the spacer thickness.
[Linked Image]
i also put another spacer on my strut mount arrangement to allow 1/2" more drop.
[Linked Image]
i hope i made suzi the psychic feel more sexy by painting her springs.
[Linked Image]
all looks ok on this side, so i'll carry on.

finished the front.
finished the back.
she's back on her wheels again.
my jack stands are no longer tall enough- had to block them.
my little floor jack needed a 4x4 to raise her high enough.
i guess i need to think about some new gear.
i expect to recieve the new fuel level sensor in a couple of days, so i'm done 'till then.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/21/10 04:56 AM

i took some afterwork measurements and am pleased to report that i gained 1" of lift in the front(which i expected), and a hair over 1" in the rear, which surprised me, as i only added 1/2" of spacer.
i haven't replaced the gas tank and rear bumper yet, so i expect her to squat a little, but i had removed the bumper before my first measurement........
go figure.
i tidied up the wireing problem i had and await delivery of the fuel level sender so i can re-install the tank.

fuel level sender arrived today(9/21) and was waiting for me when i got home from work. installed in tank and tank mounted.
pleased with the little tank lift(modified mounts) as it nestles up in there better.
there is a plastic check ball thing in the fill port on the tank(discovered when i took the hose off) that must be for preventing gas from gushing out in the event of a roll-over.
i removed it to siphon the gas out.
i bolted the tank in, remembered the check valve, and promptly lost the ball and ball cage part of it in the tank.
had to remove tank, remove sender i had just put in, and fish it out.
i recommend installing it before putting the tank in.
oh yeah- the fuel guage works well.and seems pretty accurate.

another update:
mounted bumper/cover/bash bar. suzi is still pretty much loaded as for a run, and i got a good 1" increase in lift all around. 14" clearance to engine skid plate, 16" at the gas tank skid.
plan to get her aligned today(toe and camber both increased).
suzi is kinda standing on her tip toes. i need to consider a diff. drop. or put cv joints in the spares box.
we'll see.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/07/10 02:35 AM

i'm becoming an old man, and suzi the psychic has no power steering, and it would be nice to treat ourselves.
i have been looking at some sidekick power steering gear, and think the steering box may be a "bolt on".
that would leave me with the problem of driving the steering pump.
the only pumps i've seen are from vehicles with bigger motors(so what) that use a ribbed belt pulley(oh-oh).
suzi used to have air conditioning(it worked!), so i have the v-belt drive at the crankshaft. if i can find some replacement pulley for the pump........
i may do this soon.

ahh! looks like sooner, rather than later. i should have parts to play with mabe this afternoon(10/09).
i have started trying to figure out how to get my stock stuff off.
now i'm kinda committed..... or should be.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/10/10 05:01 AM

these pictures are not very good, but.......
the new steering box will probably bolt up once i cut away some mangled steel. it's larger in several ways than the original.
[Linked Image]
poor suzi had been impaled on something(before i got her) that had folded the frame/body mount over the steering box. i had yanked, butchered, hammered, and welded enough to make her look ok, but i need to remove some more mangled metal before the new box will fit in there.
this whole corner is still "in" about 1 1/2"- see the ripple in the inside fender?
[Linked Image]
anyway, i'm notching it out to fit the box. i figure a couple of more grinding discs.
i'm still not sure how i'm gonna deal with this:
[Linked Image]
that flat belt pulley seems to be a pressed on thing.
i want a v belt pulley to ribbed belt pulley adapter.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/10/10 09:18 PM

ha ha- i got the "easy" part done.
the steering box does bolt on, and looks like it'll turn the wheels back and forth.
as previous collision damage was modified to find room.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
here is the new steering box.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
i replaced the steering shaft with the one from the donor vehicle(shorter than original).
[Linked Image]
now i have to decide how to proceed.
i mean really.

i keep forgetting to find out what year the donor vehicle was.

i think i'll throw more money at this project, as i am unable to figure a solution to the pump drive problem otherwise.....
i have a custom crank pulley(and mabe a workable pump bracket) ordered.
this should get me closer.

i meant to post this other pic. of the steering box.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/14/10 08:16 AM

If I say so, that is a good photo of you and Suzi.

I am still tooling around in the Raider, but now solely as a commuter car. Shucks!

Glad to see you wrenching on Suzi, too! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/14/10 10:21 PM

hey russell-
i was hoping the photographer wouldn't mind me using it.
i did note photo credit.
it's my favorite- you made her look her best!
as far as working on her, that never really stops.
this is the first time i have put suzi out of commission during the season.
i hope she will be happy with her new high heels, and i'm interested in this steering project.
i think i'll have her ready for one more run to the east fork carson next month.
how's the move going?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/15/10 03:27 AM

The move is like a landslide during a drought...it's going, but with utmost slowness...when the rains start, look out! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />

We are caught between our current bills = current income (or so) and desire to be moved. We've looked at a few houses around Corning/Red Bluff, but now have to find a different lending source.

Tough, it is. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/zombie.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/17/10 07:05 AM

here's a little progress report on suzi's steering upgrade(we hope):
i gave up the idea of making some one-off thing to run the steering pump. i wimped out and threw money around.
i found that samurai folks have done this sort of conversion, and some real nice v-belt/ribbed-belt pulleys are available for sammy 1.3L engines.
[Linked Image]
the stock pump mounting bracket almost fits and seems to line things up pretty close, so i drilled it to fit the bolt pattern on the block.
[Linked Image]
i've put everything back together(at least enough for a test run), and i hope to test things tomorrow.
this should be interesting.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/17/10 08:24 PM

well- it's raining pretty steady, and my "shop" has no roof, but i had to do it.
i cleaned the tools and other debris out of suzi's engine compartment, put steering fluid in the reservoir(a little more than a pint?), and started her engine.
nothing broke or sprayed fluid.
i turned the steering wheel back and forth.
still nothing seemed to break, and still no fluid sprayed.
the belt stayed on.
the wheels tuned like they should.
i'm excited.
no squeal.
very smooth.
very easy.
i think suzi the psychic will be pleased with this one.
[Linked Image]
i have to wait 'till it stops raining(or put the rear window up) before i can road test, but i see no problems.
i'm not keen on my funky reservoir mount(embarassing- hence no pic.), and may use that as an excuse to add a power steering cooler and relocate/remount the reservoir at that time.
i came inside to dry off, have a beer and celebrate.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/19/10 05:00 AM

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

Hoist one for me, too!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/23/10 04:14 AM

i picked up a little cooler for the power steering fluid.
i'm fabbing up some brackets- one to mount the cooler in front of the radiator, and one to mount the fluid reservoir.
i am going to try a simpler bracket for the reservoir than i first tried to make(i still can't bring myself to post a pic.), but it may add some funny stress to the radiator bracket i'm gonna attach to.
i should have something this weekend to report(mabe).
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/24/10 12:57 AM

i figured out a bracket for the oil cooler.
[Linked Image]
apparently it's acceptable to stick these right on a radiator, but i didn't want to.
[Linked Image]
i ran the hoses thru the headlight can. right to the steering box, and a good route to where i am mounting the reservoir.
[Linked Image]
it's starting to rain again, and i still need to straighten up the steering wheel. i can wait.

i goofed- the funky bracket does show up in one of those pics. please ignore it.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/26/10 04:37 AM

gave suzi a run today around the neighborhood and on the freeway.
it is so much easier to wheel around she feels like a new car.
i should have done this years ago!
still need to straighten her wheel and should set the steering limiters.
i'm real pleased.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/31/10 03:39 AM

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/06/10 07:39 PM

oh yeah!
i ended up making a little more modification to the pump mounting bracket to align the drive belt a bit better.
i got the wheel straight.
work may prevent a run this month.
i may have to wait 'till next season.......
next project may be modifying her soft top.
the rear widow zip up thing is much too much trouble to deal with every time i want to open the back.
besides- the rag top is pretty much a rag.
mabe a partial hard top.......
we'll see.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/07/10 02:01 AM

There are hardtops now and then on CL... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/07/10 05:39 AM

There are hardtops now and then on CL... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

thanks for that, russ.
i have seen some and can't seem to get very excited by them.
being a cheap sob, i think i need to make one myself.
i have been considering this for a while now and collecting some materials.
i want to keep suzi's "sun roof" feature, but make a sheet metal roofing over the back. i've begun collecting radios and sprouting antennas, so a metal roof will give me more places to put sticks.
i have some ideas about a rear window/hatch to improve access to the back, and i like the side windows on the swb montero, and want to copy the idea.
besides- it gives me something to do in my spare time....
ha ha
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/08/10 03:40 AM

...that's the spirit... <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/12/10 12:58 AM

still thinking about the roof. i picked up some sheet metal that i'm flopping around on the top as i try to figure out how to proceed.
i've got time. the rag still keeps the water out.
good thing, 'cause i leave her packed and ready to run.

i seem to have blown out my rear shocks.
funny i didn't notice it on my last run- it was bouncy after i finished the last suspension tweaking. there was oil leaking out of both of them.
those shocks were made for a mustang(i think- monroe32202 gasmatics).
i got some for a ford f150 to replace them(monroe37132 sensatrac).
they fit on. i should get more drop out of these. will i kill them too?
i never lowered the bump stops, and may be beating them to death. must consider.
suzi does does a fair amount of rough work, but i'll bet she only got around 300 miles of trail work out of those 'stang shocks.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/12/10 05:50 AM

If you're going to make a metal top, remember to leave the spoiler out of the design. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" /> Will you possibly be adding a rack to the agenda?

Secondly, unless you're getting these Monroe shocks cheap, are you wasting money? The oil Tokico 1987 shocks are still on my Raider and don't leak. They still dampen a little and may be replaced before they rust away. I liked the Rancho units I put on a 95 Tracker I had briefly. FWIW.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/14/10 10:28 PM

i decided to do something about my rear shock/bump stop and used up some scrap 2" square tube. that and some shim for the stop itself, and i am in the ball park for these f150 shocks(if my original spec. calcs. are right).
[Linked Image]
with the change.
[Linked Image]
with spacer and spring(full drop).
[Linked Image]
the spring can rattle around at full drop, but i don't think i'll lose it.
i don't know why i have to try and paint everything- must be a condition i have.....

russell- no rack in the works. suzi is already standing kinda tall. i'd probably scrub a rack off if i had one.
besides, it would make me want to bring more stuff.

i'm interested to see how these new shocks feel.
unless something changes, that won't be until next season... although my brother and i are discussing a run to ef carson mabe.....could still get in, i think.....

ooh! i drove suzi to work and back. rides nice.
always looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/04/10 04:00 AM

i finally got around to installing a proper spacer in the differential center link.
i had made some shims out of some aluminium stock, but they were not really as thick as they should have been, and i like the material of this new one. same guy as my spring spacers.
[Linked Image]
actually, i need slightly longer bolts. ordered and on the way from indiana.
i know.
anyway, they'll be easy to replace, and i'll be happy.
i need to get access to a lathe somehow. i need to thin a driveline spacer i want to try.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/05/10 05:19 PM

What is the spacer above for< a panhard rod?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/05/10 07:44 PM

"they" seem to call it the 'rear suspension upper arm'.
suzi has trailing arms and this center ball joint arrangement to locate the differential.
i had only partially spaced it to reflect the suspension changes i made.
i never had any problems with it(ran a couple of years without any spacer), but the ball joint was always at a funny angle.
this spacer is 2", and seems to correct that.
perhaps i'll never notice a difference.

sometimes i look for excuses to fondle suzi.
i think i should fiddle with her rear drive shaft. i think it should be longer. i'm thinking of adding a 1/2" spacer to the diff. end.
this is where it sticks into the transmission tail piece(static load).
[Linked Image]
that's a 1/4" gap, and it could stuff in there better than an inch, i've never had it drop out, why worry?
just seems that it's supposed to be "in there" more.
i never noticed what it was like stock.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/06/10 04:32 AM

Regarding the driveshaft, with the lift you've done, I agree with your spacer idea. The slip shaft may not be engaged very much.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/11/10 04:47 AM

over the past few days i've been working over a driveshaft spacer that was made for a sammy.
i had to reduce thickness and "machine" a new countersink for the shaft end.
this was pretty much "hand crafted" using some primitive tooling, but only we know that.
i only wanted 5/8".
[Linked Image]
this looks better to me. i still have about 1" before it bottoms out.
[Linked Image]

still mulling over the roof and back window thing.
mabe i can get one more season out of the rag.

i may have found a transfer case to play with. if it comes to pass, then i'll be looking for some new gearing for it.
gee- that'll require more "machine" work.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/11/10 06:36 AM

Driveshaft depth looks better!!

Does PetroWorks, or similar company, supply crawler gears for the Sidekick, too?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/11/10 09:00 PM

yeah russell, it looks better to me also.
i used to wonder how close i was to dropping the shaft.
now i'll wonder how far i'm jamming it in.

there are gear sets available(calminus, trail rough, hawk, rocky road?) for +-$650.

not, however, for suzi's t.case. apparently the case is too thin to fit the bigger gearing.

i've heard a later case will bolt up to her transmission.
i'm gonna find out.

if it does, i'll probably do it.
it's only money.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/12/10 01:47 AM

yeah russell, it's only money.

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/17/10 05:22 AM

not like much will happen soon, but today i recieved a transfer case('93) that should fit suzi the psychic and should be modifyable(is that a word?) to accept gearing.
a new toy to play with.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/10/11 08:39 AM

Dang, Richard, I just found this thread. I'll be watching for further progress and hope we can make a run at some point before the end of April when I head South. Let me know if I can lend a hand in any way...
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/11/11 10:09 PM

trying to work out my fishing schedule for the year, jon.
hoping to start in march?
we'll be in touch.
do i understand a s cal move?
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/11/11 10:15 PM

Yep, we're officially SoCal bound. We made an offer on a
place in San Marcos, so we're waiting to hear how the
approval from the seller's bank pans out. I have to relieve
my predecessor at the end of April, and the turnover
period will be about two weeks long. I graduate on March
28th, but I have to fly to Europe to give briefs on my
research/modeling effort at some point.

We'll work out a time, I'm sure. In the mean time, if you
need someone to hand you wrenches, and whatnot, let
me know...
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/10/11 09:48 PM

looks like i have a free weekend coming up here(feb.13-14).
i have a friend w/some property n/w of jackson i want to visit.
just the excuse i needed to run suzi and see how recent tweaking holds together.
i'm thinking of running east to see where the snow is at this time. wonder if emmigrant is clear enough from hwy88 to hwy50(i've only seen the intersection at hwy88).
i hope to make a more involved(but still exploratory) run mid march to the e f carson, just to see how far i can get.
probably too early from the west- may have to come thru nevada?
we'll see- i may have work schedule problems for march and april.........

screwed up on the dates- should have been feb12-13.
gotta work on monday + it's valentines day!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/14/11 10:52 PM

all went well.
spent saturday playing in the stream, hiking, and shots of jack on my friend's property.
sunday was spent finding the snow level on hwy88, to get an idea re:next month. from what i found @ 6000', i will have to reconsider my half baked plans. gonna be another 4' added this week(and mabe as low as 3000').
tried to get past the bear river reservoir to work west(looked possible on my maps), but was stopped by a gate.
i guess that was to prevent people from pulling a donner party thing.
didn't stretch suzi much, but got her good and muddy.
the power steering is awsome.
made new tracks on my maps.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/15/11 03:36 AM

Glad to hear that Suzi got out in the world so early this year.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/16/11 05:18 PM

suzi the psychic doesn't care for the uphill highway grinds(you know how she is), but will put up with it. she's much happier on a trail.
i took a little side trip on my way home to see where the san joaquin river meets the sacramento. i was kinda monkeywrenching and got run off the levee by an irate farmer.
i tried to explain that i'm a good gate closer, but he was only slightly mollified.
later, i got rousted by police(danville or pleasanton, i think) who thought i was a kid(ha ha)and complained about my exhaust.
i should make her quieter, and have been trying to come up with a way.
i'm also real pleased with some radio contacts i made on this trip. learned stuff from them.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/17/11 06:08 AM

I don't recall suzi being aggressively loud. On the trails in the Kyburz area, all the Monteros were definitely more dominant in the exhaust note...that is unless things have been changed around I don't recall? Or, you're listening to Pantera turned up to 11! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/17/11 08:06 AM

Sounds like you had a lot of fun Richard! I'm glad you made it out and back ok. Sorry to hear your plans for the next one aren't going to work out...
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/24/11 10:47 PM

ha ha- when i think of "planning" these days.....
work scheduling is very fluid. i'm gonna be involved in a start-up some day, and it will probably interfere, but i have "scheduled" mar 17-21 for a run.
early in the season, weather, and lower elevation. mabe a piece of s fork american?
can't wait, but can't count on it either.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/04/11 06:23 PM

suzi has a new radio.
adi ar-446.
looks like her ar-146, but takes a different antenna.
i expect more parts today so i can see if i works.
then i need to figure where to put it.
i also may make another stab at a computer mount.
sometimes i consider hacking away a lot of the dash. it seems a waste of space- at least on the "passenger" side.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/04/11 06:28 PM

Hi Richard,

Do you need that NMO cable I got from you a while back?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/04/11 06:46 PM

suzi is not air-bag equipped? You could make a bridge-type mount for the right side dashboard there.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/04/11 07:37 PM

no on the nmo cable, jon.
i hope you can use it or pass it on.
bummer not having a metal roof(yet), but i've been able to tune these sticks fairly well(i think), considering how i've been mounting them.
i'll take some pictures.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/04/11 07:48 PM

only air bag is the one behind the wheel.
there just seems to be a better way to use that space.
i do like the glove box, but would be willing to lose it or move it. i think there is some more a/c stuff in there i could get rid of(useless weight)and make that former passenger foot well more useful also.
suzi seems to go along with most anything i propose.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/05/11 12:49 AM

i suppose this kind of mounting the adi ar-446 is as easy as anything.
[Linked Image]
typical lazy man.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/05/11 02:16 AM

Richard, not an overhead mount for so many radios?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/11/11 04:02 AM

it is looking like work is going to interfere with me leaving town.
my next opportunity to run won't be until april(mid).
i think that will be better for my original "planning" anyway.
i have the time for some more little changes before then.
i have another antenna showing up any day that i can mount and tune, a cb radio to change out, and some channel iron that could help me get the rest of the body lift i wanted
way back when.
suzi could show some more leg soon.
i have pulled the rear bumper off to access the rear mount points(body studs) and you can see how i gained 1 1/8" of lift before.
[Linked Image]
i took out the headlight assemblies for the front mounts(bolts-easy).
[Linked Image]
this is what the mid body mounts look like(body studs).
[Linked Image]
i am disconnecting stuff to be able to lift the body off the chassis, like the gas fill thing....
[Linked Image]
i think i can.
i wanted a 2" body lift.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/11/11 05:01 AM

suzi with Stilettos? Cool.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/12/11 01:33 AM

yeah- she will really be strutting her stuff if i can pull this off.
i have ignored a little tire rubbing here and there. this will help.
i don't want to have to monkey with extending shifters and stuff, but think another inch up wouldn't be too much.
re:radio mounting.
zip ties are probably too easy. not very "professional", though.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/13/11 02:31 AM

i finished separating the body from the chassis and examined the situation for a while.
with my primitive fabricating tools, i made up some "blocks" out of 3x1 1/2" channel iron.
this would mabe fit the front or rear.
[Linked Image]
if i weld it here(rear).
[Linked Image]
or here(front).
[Linked Image]
the side ones will look like this.
[Linked Image]
with the bushings arranged like this i figure a 2 1/2" lift from stock.
i need to see if i have interference anywhere before i prep the parts for welding.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/13/11 06:07 AM

Hi Richard,

I see what you're trying to do and it looks like it would work. Just a thought, but I have access to a great metal supply down here near me, and I can run out there to see if I can get a scrap piece of round stock next week. If you give me the diameter of your bushing, I can get a piece that is just bigger for you to put in there. I can probably get them to cut it to your desired thickness, as well. I go there for all my materials, so they always help me on the cheap. Once I get them home, I can chock them up in the drill press and bore the holes you need for the bolts and bring them up on a soccer day.

Give me a call, if you'd like, and we can figure out what you need.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/13/11 10:41 PM

thanks for that, jon.
i already got it half done(at least the welding), and have been ok with the chunks of belt material i was using before.
i think this will work.
i will have to modify the rear bumper. i was able to get away with it last time, but another inch+ makes it look bad.
i may have to modify the holes the gear shifters stick thru.
seem to have less room for 2nd, 4th, and reverse gears.

update: finished setting and welding(that's what i call it) the blocks. i still need to modify 4 support pads before i fasten the body back on, but it's sitting in place.
it started raining.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/14/11 06:15 AM

Good stuff, Richard. I'm glad it's moving along!
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic *DELETED* - 03/16/11 03:50 AM

Post deleted by rxinhed
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/16/11 06:19 PM

you really are quite good with a camera.
that was a fun day trip. next halloween?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/17/11 03:37 AM

That was just a point-n-shoot pos Kodak. Ray shoots really fantastic pics.

I don't know my plans for the remainder of the year, will be made around moving and work. Fixing up Roxy and my new turbo Mighty Max (haven't settled on a name yet), are my current automotive plans.

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/17/11 08:57 PM

suzi is sitting a little taller now. i can think of places where i had to watch clearance overhead before....
i now have her body fastened to the chassis. i now have cinched-up the mounting points and measure 1 1/4" more lift(i believe 2 3/8" over stock), hereby to be known as "a 2" body lift".
i used a variety of scrap to make up cushions/spacers/etc. as well as a lot of blocking and my stock jack(i love that thing).
[Linked Image]
i had to modify the steering shaft 'cause it seemed too short for some reason. washers did the trick. seems good enough- it's only steering.
[Linked Image]
the gas fill was a little tight, but shouldn't be a problem, and the brakeline block(passenger side) still bolted up to the chassis.
the front "bumper" pieces fit back ok.
[Linked Image]
the rear bumper will require some thought.
[Linked Image]
i never figure on "using" my bumpers. i consider them to be
more like "feelers". i mostly need the support for the bumper cover. i am thinking of butchering the bumper to lighten it, making some sorta brackets to raise it, and fasten that cover back on.
i still have other pieces to massage back on, but i can mabe move her around to make sure i'm not overlooking something.

ok- i did move her back and forth, and i may have to work over the transmission shift hole in "the hump". it does find 2nd,4th, and reverse,but it seems tight.
i put the headlamps and grill back in,
i mounted a 70cm antenna.
for some dumb reason i had attached a couple of exhaust hangers to the body. they don't fit anymore.
more to come.......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/19/11 03:29 AM

suzi the psychic is almost back into run shape.
the front end pieces went on pretty much as they came off, and she looks kinda like nothing changed.
[Linked Image]
i was able to modify the rear bumper to mount it higher, and the bumper cover will make her a** look nice.
it's just mocked-up here, but it'll work with a little more fondling....
[Linked Image]
i mounted the 70cm antenna on the passenger side.
[Linked Image]
suzi wants to run next month.
me too.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/19/11 05:32 PM

Deleted post on Page 8 with large pic. At Richard's request, a down-sized version of suzi in action, a little bit of articulation going on:

[Linked Image]


Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/20/11 01:13 AM

thanks for the new picture.
i swear you have the eye.
there was probably a way i could have re-sized the other?
well, mabe not me- i'm not so computer savy.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/21/11 01:18 AM

Richard, whatever the uploaded picture size is, I don't believe the Wire postings resize the pics. I was happy to comply with your request, and found a better shot to boot.

R- <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/21/11 07:53 PM

thanks again for that, russell.
i don't see many pics of suzi "in action", and now i realize how much higher she is sitting since my last suspension/body tweakings.
i'm winding up this phase of playing with suzi- i have a couple of exhaust hangers to weld on(not to the body this time!), and a little wireing(radio circuits) to do- and am looking forward to seeing how she works.
always looking forward....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/27/11 10:30 AM

i was able to spend a little quality time on suzi's communication gear.
i replaced the pos midland cb radio with a used cherokee cm5. seems functional(real sweet swr) with more features- i must look at the manual and learn how to use it.
i also ran a new power lead from the #2 battery(behind the seat) to the "ham cluster" on the dash. this time i used some 16/2 boat cable, and am considering replacing the original lead in kind.

suzi the psychic is pretty much ready to run. i still have some ideas of trying to gut out the remains of a/c stuff from under her dash, and i probably should totally unload all the gear for an inventory/repack and add the early season equipment(chainsaw, boat anchor, chains).
work is still interfering with the rest of my life.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/29/11 02:00 AM

here is my "new" cb radio. i had to use different foam to hold it in place.
lazyman mounting, but it stays in place ok.......
[Linked Image]
ha ha
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/30/11 04:16 AM

spare time report:
i don't have a complete fsm for suzi. my vaugely useful chilton's mentions a/c, but refers most service to the professional........, so i have just started taking things apart.
i removed the blower motor and its carrier/ducting thing,and think i'm looking at the a/c "radiator"?
[Linked Image]
somewhere in there is the heater core, so i have to start being careful. i also found out where the mouse i found earlier had set up house- in the ducting.
my plan is to remove the a/c related stuff, clean the mouse spoor out and reassemble.
i'll bet the heater works better when i'm done.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/30/11 05:52 AM

What will go in this new-found space you're clearing? A small generator? Fish finder?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/31/11 01:52 PM

i'm just looking things over(sorta) as i see how "they" built it.
i know there is useless obstruction in the cabin heating and ventilation system. i'm trying to get the a/c radiator core out, and clean the ducting.
usually i stow motor fluids, boots, maps, binocs, etc. in that footwell.
still mostly just looking.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/01/11 11:11 PM

another spare time report:
if i'm gonna do this a/c crap removal, i need to remove the whole dash.
it seems a little silly and opening that 'ol cana worms, but, provided i don't break too many things, i think some good may come of it.

update 4/07:
i am in the tail'n enda this project. sure.
a very good opportunity to neaten up the wire jumbles under the dash, and i've been able to eliminate the a/c related harness. i've integrated my added electrics in a more standard manner.
the heater/defrost/fan ducting went back together well, and the blower sounds more effective.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/09/11 07:47 AM

this was oddly fun. now my wife is sure i'm nuts.
especially after she saw this:
[Linked Image]
i had already removed the blower box. the a/c core is next.
[Linked Image]
with the ducting out of the way, i re-routed some battery cables thru the holes left by the a/c core.
[Linked Image]
it was a great opportunity to neaten things under the dash.
the reassembly has gone well.
[Linked Image]
i have lost my mind. i can't remember how i wired my driving lamps.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/09/11 06:37 PM

Driving lights are easy to retrace back...follow the wires from the relay. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif" alt="" />

How much space did you recoup?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/10/11 08:47 AM

i remember running into this when i first installed the lamps.
when i pulled the dash i disconnected the signal to the relay. now i can't find where i got that signal from.
i compounded this problem by re-arranging the other wires on the relay. oops.
i used to have them functional when the high beam circuit was on or when "flashing" to pass(or to blind that on-comer w/the high beams on).
i think there is some ground switching going on- there are no headlight relays that i can find-, but i had figured it out before........
one of these days i'll get the rest of the fsm. the aftermarket manuals are just rough guides.
i have let this little problem stall reassembly for two days. i am switching them on/off manually until i have some revelation.
re: stowage-
i was very interested in the passenger side dash support structure. i may be able to modify this area and make it more useful.
i will do a little "ponderin'".

suzi the psychic is awaiting a complete gear unpack/sort/add/repack in preparation for her first real run of the season. i'm thinking april 28 - may 2.
mabe. it could happen.
mabe too early for e f carson, but that hasn't stopped me from trying....

addon 4/19:
something happened to my heater fan control.... all i have now is what seems to be high speed(and it seems super charged), no lower speeds. wonder what i did wrong?
re-fit going well.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/17/11 01:17 AM

i did come up with a way to use some of that passenger foot well area..... at least for now.
i mounted suzi's air pump up against the firewall.
[Linked Image]
this is that harbor freight "high volume" air pump(the more expensive one) i got a while back to replace my little buzz box.
it is now wired to a switch and plumbed to the rear, where i can plug in my air hose.
i used to have it in the back where it was convenient but took up useful space. now it's using what was a harder to access stowage area. i'm also playing w/a backpack type carrier to put on suzi's butt, for some stuff like my air hose, jumper cables, straps, and idontknowyets. i have a prototype mounted. if i like it, i will confess.
i have stripped all the gear out of her, vacuumed a lot of drift/settle, and have started the re-pack/re-supply process.
still got a week and a half.......
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/17/11 07:09 PM


Have you considered replacing your tailgate mounted spare tire with a pair of swing-away units mounted tot he rear bumper (one a storage box, the other a tire rack)? Your departure angle may suffer a little but you generate some external space without resorting a roof rack.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/18/11 05:06 PM

yeah russell
i was always pleased that my full size spare(why carry anything else) fit on the stock mount, even though it's much heavier than design weight, i'm sure.
so far the gate seems to be ok with it, but i have the bumper set to take a lot of the load when it's closed.
if i do her transfer case mod., i would consider larger tires(mabe 33"?), so i'd need to rethink this, and have some interesting parts of a german made rowing machine that would make a real nice swing hinge thing.......mabe.
i have rigged a little stowage thing to mount on the spare.
i'll see if it stays on this next run.
moving in progress? get any giraffs yet?

still some weather moving thru the target area. hmmm. at least it is forcast clear for launch time. got chains. considering anchor.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/19/11 04:02 AM

No wild animals, yet. However, I physically measured the barn last night at 60' x 60' inside dimensions. That alone is about 1/2 our current living area between goats, vehicles and house. I'm excited!!

I suppose one of the Monteros could be cut to look like a Toys-r-Us giraffe transport...but no.

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/19/11 07:50 PM

you made a good find.
giraffes can come later.
do not modify the montero yet!

add042411: figured out the driving lamp/relay/signal problem i had created by willy-nilly pulling wires out of the dash. ground switching. i remembered the relay logic.
still only have a high speed heater fan, which may be kinda a weird problem. it really does blow "high" since the duct work.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/11 07:34 PM

i'm climbing out of the e f carson drainage on the barney riley. i had to go in thru nevada, so i'm running kinda backwards from normal. i am going to see if the gate at hwy89 is open yet.........
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/11 10:27 PM

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/02/11 09:57 PM

suzi the psychic really had to work on this one, and she made me proud. she even tried to be a snow cat 'cause i asked her to. it was my fault- not her's.
i had tried to access out of markleeville, but the gate on hwy89 was closed(locked) and i couldn't find anybody at the inn to unlock it for me.
i drove around the gate by going into nevada and working my route in reverse.
i thought i'd be able to work out to markleeville on sunday.
that didn't work.
i got her dirty.
[Linked Image]
i'll add.

a bit of trail info: to get off the barney riley towards markleeville, one may use the 310(part of which seems to be known as "tie rod hill"). it was blocked by snow drift.
[Linked Image]
i know another way that meets the 310 further up, but it was not passable near haypress flat.
[Linked Image]
coming in via loope canyon is probably still a couple of weeks out.
i had to grunt back to the b riley and run back thru nevada.
if i follow my tracks i can't get lost.
[Linked Image]
here's another view of snowcat suzi. she got me out.
[Linked Image].
i'm trying again in a couple of weeks.
i'm putting her mud boots on this time.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/03/11 06:37 AM

Cool, Richard, keep the photos coming! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />

EDIT: Heh...you posted more pics as I submitted my message. Cool pics!
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/04/11 05:09 AM

hey jon- this is where i try and camp. very comfortable. right on the river.
[Linked Image]
obligatory photo of the tubs.
[Linked Image]
i covered varying terrain.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
descriptions i've read about the b riley mention driving on baseball sized rocks- true. they don't say much about the basketball, watermelon, suitcase, washing machine, or refrigerator sized ones.
nevada has some very good scenery also.
[Linked Image]
i ended up back tracking this time. doesn't usually happen that way.

tagon- spritzed suzi with the pressure washer. she's at least 100lbs lighter and shiny in places. haven't discovered any trail damage that wasn't there before.
i'm gonna have to measure this off pavement run. could be useful info for a future expedition.
my little coleman stove croaked on me sunday morning. wouldn't pump up- some valvething down in the pump chamber.
must fix or replace. mabe a pull-out 2burner for the chuck wagon. plumbed to the tank and on slideout rails.......
no- but mabe the 2burner.
no- i take too much crap and the single burner is fine.
i'm thinking of a firebox though. any experience with that sorta thing? i was never into big fires anyway- have to find too much wood.

did some cypherin' -- only 38mi. off pavement ths run. felt longer. i should do something about the seat. my right leg keeps going knumb.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/05/11 05:47 AM

looks great, I miss driving around Nevada back roads, able to see the geology!!

I have 2 old/older Coleman stoves if you'd like them for parts or as fireboxes. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/05/11 04:57 PM

ah yes, rockman. i can appreciate the scenery that way also!
no formal study- i make up stories. i take my rock book.
the coleman offer/idea is good. i was thinking about some sort of metal box mabe a little bigger(?)and perhaps a little thicker(again?). plus how to carry and stow it- must become a bit of a messy thing. perhaps a lidded box....
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/09/11 04:35 AM

i have taken another step to re-gear suzi.
i have gears on the way for the tcase i hope to modify.
it's only money.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/12/11 04:42 AM

got some interesting parts in the mail today.
[Linked Image]
i won't have this ready for the next run 'cause that's only a week away.
mabe for the june foray.
i put suzi's mud boots on.
things won't be so frozen this time.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/12/11 06:01 AM

Sweet! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/15/11 02:10 PM

tcase- i couldn't just let it go:
so i took it apart some and started to make more room in the case.
[Linked Image]
aside from the grinding and fitting was dealing with bearing pressings, headscratchin', take more apart(lots of case filings), clean out and clean in, and japanese wood box it back together, it is going well.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
so i almost have it back together.
[Linked Image]
someday i'll get the rest of the fsm.

so i kept having the same problem at the final assembly- the gearbox would bind up at final torque of the intermediate housing bolts.
it appeared the counter gear/shaft was binding and needed some shim adjustment.
i confirmed this with mike at trailtough- i knew he knew what i was talking about, took about 0.008" off one of the countershaft shims, and it fit fine.
now what?
only have 2 nights left, and it's raining.

couldn't help myself- i drained suzi's tcase and pulled the driveshafts last night. picked a downpour to do it and got wet.
if i pull her tcase out tonight, and put this "new" one in wednesday night, i should be able to roll thursday morning.
it could happen.
i go see where my brother is with his miss bitchy project.
trail friday morning?
it could happen.
weather may lighten up some too.
it could happen also.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/19/11 05:15 AM

i'm getting older, and i was worried that the last couple of wrench sessions, done in less than ideal conditions, might have been unrealistic.
last night i removed and replaced tcases.
it didn't rain all the time.
[Linked Image]
i put the cleaner one in.
this evening i installed all the sticks(3), driveshafts(2), plugged in the harness and speedo, and filled the box w/oil.
i've only moved her around in the driveway, but can only grab 2nd doing that. in low range, i mean.
looks like i met my goal and will be leaving in the morning.
i look forward to this.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/24/11 02:29 PM

made a run that turned into a wrenching session.
i helped my brother get his miss bitchy funtional.
we repaced the clutch and fuel pump, resized the gas tank, made some nessessary electrical repairs/modifications, and installed his 2m radio.
sunday we test run and tried to get to the bear river reservoir, but found road closed and local knowledge confirmed things still snow blocked up there.
looks like we are ready for a june run, so this was a good weekend.
suzi's gearbox seems to work fine.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/25/11 03:54 AM

richard, sorry about the snow...maybe some Mattracks will be a good next option...??

Mattracks Photo Gallery
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/25/11 06:40 PM

oh yea!
i have seen video of those tracs on sidekicks bombing thru the snow. it looks like great fun, and effective too!
i could have used those a couple of weeks ago.......
not sure how i would get suzi from here to there. i can't imagine them on the hwy............
i was being selfish on this run. it's in my best interest to help my brother get miss bitchy in shape for next month- he's a good trail partner.
we figure hittin the e f carson(his first time this season).
i hope to run the dusy ershim with him next year(mabe).
i need to get some info on suspension mods for his "87 montero. seems some lift can be had by adjusting the torsion bars? mabe some shackle lift in the back?
any thoughts on that?
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/27/11 04:22 AM

that Mitsu is off topic <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

but you can use the front lift shackles for a solid axle Toyota p/u on the Mitsu rear springs, a helper spring to increase the arch (but harsher ride), and Gen II Montero upper control arms to provide some additional lift up front

I have run 33" tires on my Raider with no mods, but don't know if your brother is already doing so
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Re: suzi the psychic - 05/27/11 03:53 PM

ahh! periferal connection.
thanks for the tips- i need to investigate the a-arm thing- and the toy shackles. mabe torsion bar crank(or does that screw w/alignment?). 31" tires helped, but any lift will help. we "resized" the gas tank successfully, but that probably won't work again. lots of stuff underneath is getting pretty beat up.
i've looked through the mitsu archive. some interesting posts.
suzi the psychic and miss bitchy get along well. i have an interest.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 06/10/11 10:32 PM

looks good to run this next weekend.
my brother and i are taking the girls(miss bitchy and suzi the psychic)back to the e f carson.
i'm sure we'll have no problem getting in from markleeville on this run, and will probably go out thru nevada.
this will allow me to see how suzi's new gearbox works.

i may modify my exhaust a little- i want to reduce the pipe size past the muffler- with the idea of mabe putting another muffler in line somewhere.
i want to make her a little quieter, and it seems that i get a little more smoother power with a 2" reducer on the tail pipe..........? i don't grok that backpressure thing.

made up a 2" tailpipe- didn't add an extra muffler 'cause of the pieces i found, but it is quieter with the reduced pipe size. i'm interested to see how she runs.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 06/22/11 08:01 PM

an excellent outing.
still some snow over 7000'.
gear box works fine- i may have to see if i can fit 32" tires- and it was fun to play with.
after i give suzi a bath i'll look thru my photos.........
we covered a lot of ground.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 08/05/11 03:48 PM

i got some 1 1/2" wheel spacers. i put them on. i will try them out soon. i'm trying to imagine taller tires.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
i've been back to the river a couple of times and took suzi on a road trip to socal.
should make another fishrun next week.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 08/06/11 03:02 AM

...thinking 33s or 40s?

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cyclops.gif" alt="" />
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Re: suzi the psychic - 08/06/11 02:24 PM

i was thinking only 32's.
i'm afraid i won't be able to move her in high range- she has trouble obtaining/maintaining highway type speeds as it is.
we'll see what happens after this season.

i see new location on your signature thinggy- have you completed the move?
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Re: suzi the psychic - 08/07/11 02:27 AM

completed moving, now organizing and vying for space.

Goats have the largest part of the new ranch, wife has next share, then kids, then me & monteros...

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Re: suzi the psychic - 09/05/11 03:30 PM

i found a seat.
it doesn't fit.
[Linked Image]
the hump was in the way.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
it came out of a bmw m3.
it doesn't have the heater.

i think the seat will do. i have to rearrange a few things that i had to move to get it in(petite little suzi).
i'm moving battery #2 to the passenger side, shifting the ice box location, and adding stowage area on the pass.side for the stuff that don't fit now.
i carry too much.

partially completed some stowage adjustments and planning a run w/my brother and miss bitchy to the e f carson this weekend.
he's bringing the telescope this time- looking for the super nova.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 09/21/11 07:54 PM

suzi the psychic took me to the river and back(once again) with no problems.
my brother(riding miss bitchy) and i spent one night at highland lakes, then 3 nights on the river. came out monday.
the seat will do fine(i will modify the mounting some). i should have done this years ago.
the stowage changes seem positive and i had less stuff flying around than usual.
the slightly wider track feels good.
did some rock scrabble and appreciate the low range crawl capability.
i will have to reconsider larger tires 'till i figure out some clearance issues.
i'll look thru my photos- see if there is anything worth posting.

some nice trail
[Linked Image]
some not so nice
[Linked Image]
nice river
[Linked Image]
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Re: suzi the psychic - 09/22/11 06:35 AM

ANYTHING is worth posting, Richard. It'll keep us grounded folks thinking of what we're missing. I'm envious of you for having an operational rig that takes you out time and time, again. Congrats on the good run!
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Re: suzi the psychic - 09/23/11 03:25 AM

hey jon.
i added a couple of pics.
i'm not much good with the camera(i forget to focus, can't see thru the viewfinder, and probably shake too much), but at least i'm not wasting film.
suzi has been being very good to me. highway travel is what concerns me most- poor girl really struggles to turn wheels in high range. i have to use 1st gear on some parts of hwy4, and try not to impede traffic everywhere else.
i used to be able to use my low range 2WD going over ebbetts pass, but now in low range she screams out in 5th gear at about 15mph.
are your engine repairs progressing? still some time left before the wet stuff......
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Re: suzi the psychic - 10/01/11 05:48 PM

i made the modifications to the seat mount.
it's a real close fit.
it helped make the last run real comfortable.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Re: suzi the psychic - 10/07/11 05:42 PM

i seem to have become a mudrunner. used to be a wheeler, but now i'm not. not sure how that works.......

i was looking forward to next weekend, but it looks like work will interfere with life.
i wanted to run dinkey creek and scout out the route to kaiser pass for next season.
still have only 31" tires- i hear that's too small.
mabe i can shake some time loose early november.
work and weather permitting.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 10/31/11 03:37 PM

in her previous life, suzi had suffered a windshield strike. the crack ran almost all the way across the window. it was generally above my line of sight(so i didn't care) and i assumed it would finish cracking.
the crack never got any worse, but when i installed this new seat i was looking right through it.
suzi has a new windshield.
shoulda done this six years ago.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 11/01/11 12:06 AM

Broken windshields are an interesting thing. The window on my Raider was cracked when I purchased her, two lines running amok from side to side. Upon visiting wrecking yard row, a commercial CHP stopped me with the hand out gesture. Though the officer already had another driver in trouble for an illegal load, I was asked if my supervisor knew about the bad windshield...as if my Raider was a state vehicle. I later informed my supervisor, my collegemate friend/boss, as directed by the officer. Next evening the world changed when I had a different pane put in, wow!

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
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Re: suzi the psychic - 11/04/11 06:03 AM

i replaced(stock) the transmission and transfercase mounts.
the originals were kinda mushy.
things look pretty good under her skirt.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 12/18/11 04:31 PM

suzi the psychic has had fuel problems again.
she has this hitachi 2bb "feedback" carburetor/computer arrangement, and when it screws up - well, let's say she don't run good.
i have taken this carb. apart many times, and it may be developing some problems from that, and there are some choke alignment issues i had never figured out.
i have been able to repair this, but there is a reliability issue.
and i have to smog her every 2 years.

i have put the weber back on.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 12/18/11 04:53 PM

That Weber isn't smog legal, right? So you have to swap the stocker back on for the test? Have you had any issues getting it to pass by changing back and forth between the two? How much work is it to swap them out, and what do you do with the random vacuum lines and stuff when the Weber is on there? Just curious...

How's everything? I hope all's well with you guys, Richard, and wish you the happiest of holidays! I need to make a drive back up there sometime and see some of my NORCAL friends...
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Re: suzi the psychic - 12/20/11 06:13 AM

good to hear from you, jon. best of the holidays to you and the family. and i see mentions about a birthday? great- keep 'em coming.
not smog legal, so i will probably have to refit the stock again in a few months. i have been able to incorporate a few of the devices the computer looks at, and the check engine light functions normally, and the egr seems to work(i modified my header to pass exhaust to it).
i'm not sure where to tap vacuum for the evap. canister, but if i get it figured, and it can run clean enough, and the smog tech doesn't look close.........
i tried a couple of years ago, but i hadn't figured the check engine light thing out yet. we'll see.
i can't rely on that stock thing. it has quit on me a few times now, and it is difficult to move when only the idle circuit works.
i'm looking for a "new" stock carburetor. they are very much like samurai carbs. but different. apparently only this model of 1989 sidekick used it, and there weren't that many made.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 12/20/11 08:54 AM

If you can give me some specifics on the carb you need, I'll keep my eyes peeled for one. Thanks for the kind thoughts, and hopefully we can meet up again in the not-so-distant future. Hello to the lady of the house for me...

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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/15/12 04:54 PM

jon- good on your end? work is still getting in my way.
i have located and recieved a replacement carburetor.
many thanks to brent at trail tough(oregon- excellent source for suzi parts).
there can't be too many of these available any more.
used and previously worked on, but mabe between the two of 'em i can make something that works......

i've decided to monkey around with a air/fuel ratio guage.
i bought a glowshift unit, but it doesn't seem compatible with suzi's oxegen sensor.
something about a narrow band sensor, so i bought a sensor kit.
i will pull the header off of her for modifications.
i wonder if i should try something other than bar-b-que paint on the header-- i'ts pretty rusty.
perhaps i should have looked into this more. i probably should have started with a wide band guage...
naww- the existing sensor is only looking at one cylinder. i'm putting it in the header collector so it sees it all...
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/17/12 01:11 AM

i pulled suzi's header to install a sensor bung in the collector.
bought a cool bit that made the hole easy.
[Linked Image]
then i sparked the bung on.
[Linked Image]
naturally, the threads on the supplied plug stayed in the bung, but i think it may clean out with a spark plug chaser after i go buy one.........
i'm optomistic and used some header paint to hide any other defects.
[Linked Image]
i picked up a gasket(felpro "new and improved") and some studs, nuts and bolts for the refit.
i'll drink a beer and watch the paint dry.

here's a bad pic of the plug. i must have overheated the bung/plug.
[Linked Image]
i had to put this header somewhere 'till i get the chaser, so i hung it on the head.
i had to pick a color. i wonder how long this will last.
i think it'll look cool.
[Linked Image]

used an 18mm sparkplug tap. didn't totally blow it(there's still time).
couple more hours to test time.
that'll be mabe next week.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/17/12 04:18 AM

Looking good, taking advantage of sunny days.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/18/12 06:06 AM

Looking good, taking advantage of sunny days.

this fine weather can't last. rain must come.
wish i had a shop big enough to raise giraffs in.
if i can get the header in before this wet comes in i'll be happy.
i don't care for under the car in the rain stuff.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/19/12 07:55 AM

update on o2 sensor.
[Linked Image]
someday i'll get good at that welding thing.
just got one of those autodark helmets.
for now, i screwed the wires up to the body pan.
[Linked Image]
i want to neaten that up later(i say that alot).

the grey header paint turned an interesting copperish color. go figure.
[Linked Image]
i completed wiring the new sensor/afr guage connections.
i'm not clear on how to read this thing.
took suzi on a trip to the market and back as a test drive.
i will play around with final guage install and trying to figure out what it's telling me and carry on with trying to make her run clean enough to pass smog.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/20/12 11:46 PM

since i am needing to mount another guage, i will find another place for the cb radio.
[Linked Image]
i think i'll try something like this.
[Linked Image]
i have a couple slung under the dash i want to move.

i see suzi's top needs some attention. i see water seeping through the top and ........
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/21/12 05:48 PM

Cool stuff, Richard. We're doing fine down here. It's wet today...

I got the Cruiser back on the road and am really pleased with how it's running. I've got lots of little stuff to do before I depart for 6 months. I may not say much, but I'm always watching, brother. Keep the press!
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/22/12 01:10 AM

Looks like the gauges go in the dash and the CB goes under the steering wheel?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/27/12 09:05 AM

i am gonna try this guage mounting arrangement for a while to see if suzi and i like it.
[Linked Image]
i will probably ziptie the displaced cb radio somewhere.

i mounted the cb where i used to have it's extension speaker placed- slightly behind/right of the seat.
after i clean up the latest mess i've made, i'll take some pictures as i pack the gear back in.....
suzi the psychic is almost ready for the season.
i may make a couple of test forays, but don't expect the first real run 'till april. starting to work up a schedule.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/30/12 02:29 AM

i cleaned out the back a little
[Linked Image]
and the other side
[Linked Image]
this is where the cb went
[Linked Image]
the back gets filled up and partially strapped down
[Linked Image]
the other side has tiedowns also
[Linked Image]
suzi is usually in full trip trim, saving me alot of room in the garage. i was glad to get all that stuff back in her.
ice, beer, food, and we're good to go(mostly).
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Re: suzi the psychic - 02/04/12 09:45 PM

i'm trying out new(to me)style battery terminal clamps.
[Linked Image]
cleaned up some corroded cabling.
Posted By: Oyaji_Jon

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/04/12 11:12 PM

That's pretty trick, Richard! Can you post up pricing, availability, etc? It looks like a quick release bicycle clamp. Thanks. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/05/12 08:41 AM

i found these at a kmart or target or some such.
they seem kinda lightweight, but they do clamp on, and i like the stud connections.
blister pack- 1 black handle, 1 red + some wire terminals i didn't use.
by east penn
quick-clamp terminals(for post terminal batteries)

east penn manufacturing co. inc. had them manufactured in china. east penn probably doesn't manufacture anything directly.
<$5 if memory isn't totally shot.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/11/12 05:12 PM

just a mention about a good suzuki parts source.

trail tough in medford, oregon.

nice to deal with- very responsive and familiar with their
parts. good tech support. kudos brent&linda.

i'm having a good time with the afr guage, and am experimenting. perhaps i will invest in a broad band afr.
funny how much better she runs. kinda like her collar had been too tight and now she can breathe.
i'm getting some softtop mounting parts from trailtough. suzi's "rag top" is getting needed attention.
i still need to figure a fix for my heater fan speed control. currently it's off or high. something about some wire harness i threw away like a bozo.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/28/12 03:27 AM

poor little suzi had developed an oil leak.
oil leaks bother me, but this seemed to be from the rear main seal.
that seal only has about 5000mi. on it.
i decided to remove the transmission, since i haven't done that yet, replace the seal, and mabe stop dribbling oil.
short story: the tranny is back in. dodging weather.
[Linked Image]
she's getting closer to running for late april window.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/29/12 02:50 PM

dodging weather

don't you mean dodgy weather? we've had 40 mph wind and sideways rain here, enough to blow around my new Ramcharger even. was the tranny seal leaking? by the by, there are 2 early sidekick in a yard near me.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/31/12 02:41 AM

i will expound... i am dodging dodgy weather.
and i hope it's not the trans leaking, 'cause that transmission/transfer case arrangement was not easy to manipulate back into position.
jury is still out on effectiveness of the repair- she has driven a few miles on the freeway and some street stuff- i wiped off the fresh drip.
mabe it'll stop.
still not smogable yet. running too rich still.
pity. she drives nice.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/06/12 02:31 AM

suzi the psychic is legal for another two years.
she passed smog again.
good girl.
now i need to figure out the deal with her oil leak.
i am convinced - now - that i'm seeing gear oil.
i think i need to remove the transmission.....
didn't i just do that?
i want to run at the end of this month.
must be a seal for that input shaft? surely it's replaceable.
2nd gear clashes a bit. if i have to open the case to replace the input shaft seal, ...........

it smells like gear oil.
the engine oil isn't slinging off the flywheel or dripping off the back of the pan anymore. partial success, i guess.
mabe it won't rain this time.

suzi's blocked up again. drained trans. and transfer case.
input shaft seal available in the morning. no rain 'till mabe sunday evening. it could happen...........
i think it will be easier this time.
seems i need to remove some clutch fork/throwout bearing arrangement to access the seal.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/08/12 10:12 AM

the transmission/transfer case assembly came out easier this time. going back in was more controlled and direct.
i figured out how to replace the seal, but found the cluth lever was breaking.
[Linked Image]
the break was up where it splines onto the release shaft, so i welded the break(didn't mess up the spline) and added a little meat to the whole thing.
[Linked Image]
i'm kinda proud of this. i painted it. hides the weld some.
she's back on the ground.

i still need to put all the gear shifters in before testing(note the piece of glove for the transfer case outer boot works great and is reuseable) later today probably.

oh yeah- i replaced the rear output seal also. i don't know why it started squirting- it wasn't very old. i don't get it.

leak is less evident. i have run a little hwy and wiped a couple of drips. we will see.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 04/08/12 04:20 PM

in my time with auto parts, the stores had some lines that were recombined with other product lines...for example the Beck / Arnley folks coming in to renumber OE and Bosch parts with B / A numbers. as a result of the being re-boxed, many really old parts were given a new snappy, hip life... my story just to say that you may have received an NOS seal that had weathered on the shelf.

nice to fix something in the driveway that could have broken on the trail? look great!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/09/12 12:15 AM

i suspect the deals on overstock and liquidation are too hard to pass up. i'll bet a lot of stuff can shuffle around for years before being sold to consumer. ebay stuff may lean that way?
good call on that input shaft seal- i should have paid more attention when i had the trans out before.
the old one was very brittle.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/13/12 02:08 AM

i started monkeying around with adding some tag points.
for recovery/winch use.
this seemed like a good spot.
[Linked Image]
i modified some scrap metal.
[Linked Image]
did some welding/grinding.
[Linked Image]
added some paint and a shackle.
[Linked Image]
mabe i can copy this on the other side and then look at the rear.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/17/12 05:52 AM

suzi the psychic is getting fitted out to play with miss bitchy in a couple weeks.
nothing serious- just to shake things out a little bit.
i can think about straightening out the other side now.
still need to put the skid plate back on.
[Linked Image]
i added a place to put my thermos, water, etc.and a little stowage cubby behind the seat.
[Linked Image]
other side.
[Linked Image]
i still need to work over my water storage thing. trying something new.
starting to make lists.
thought about getting a highlift jack. decided not yet.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/18/12 02:15 AM

Have you looked at the Cabela's seatcovers with storage pockets on the back?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/19/12 07:50 AM

the seat has a nice web pocket on the back, but just for light stuff.
it fills the role very nicely, but i had to do some cutting and welding to make the seat fit and operate fully.
did i mention it's electric? leather(not heated).
came out of a bmw m3. passenger side, so controls are on the right and back release levers on both sides.
has this funny way of lifting up and forward when you tilt the back to access behind the seat.
anyway, i don't want to interfere accessing behind the seat.
i'm still trying to figure out how much "stuff" i can carry.
i'm packing an air mattress(coleman w/pump). getting older.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/20/12 01:15 AM

...the getting older part, yeah. I recently purchased a Ramcharger to haul a future camper trailer around, and use both to replace my minimally useful motorhome.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/12 06:47 PM

suzi the psychic and miss bitchy went out to play.
spent a couple nights at ef carson.
fine trip with no hassles, but disturbingly dry so early.
i'll add some pics.
[Linked Image]
back on pavement.
[Linked Image]

prepping to run suzi to courtright reservoir and environs. thinking of approaching from pine flat lake.
solo run this time .....
start 0510(thursday,a.m.)gotta be back at work the next wednesday.
may go look at chicken rock.
real glad to have made the shake down run, got the gear sorted out better.
my water container arrangement didn't work as i had hoped, so i've gone back to my 5ga. coleman cube, triggering a pack shuffle. not bad.
i'll give the air mattress another try. it sure is heavy.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/13/12 10:36 PM

suzi and i tried to get to courtright reservoir.
should have checked first- had to spend thursday night at wishon.
camped at dinky creek friday night(not the campground- it's not open yet either).
spent saturday exploring around and cut the trip short.
nice drive.

my map led me to believe this was the way i wanted to go.
[Linked Image]
i found a small tree down, so i removed it.
[Linked Image]
then i found 3 trees down, so i started breaking thru ....
[Linked Image]
and got it clear enough to pass.
[Linked Image]
then i found it was a connector to a road i would have come to anyway. go figure.
later in my travels i was stopped by bigger trees. i didn't bring my chainsaw.
by this time i was just exploring anyway.....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/03/12 03:22 AM

june window opening next thursday.
mabe go find bear river reservoir before going over carson pass.
probably end up at e f carson(again) by saturday.
made some stowage adjustments to try another water container.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/03/12 04:22 PM

I have a nice, small 18-gallon potable water tank that might fit in a trailer behind suzi... It appears you don't have much air volume remaining to convert to storage anymore. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/12/12 10:37 PM

interesting run.
did some gold panning near sutter creek, tried to find a way to bear river reservoir, and ended up at ef carson for sunday night.
lots of road time.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/25/12 02:59 AM

sunrise over the e f carson river drainage.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/25/12 07:26 AM

Basin & Range geology is pretty with the right lighting. smile
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/15/12 02:23 AM

suzi the psychic and miss bitchy are making another run.
expecting high temps and mabe thunderstorms.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/15/12 07:03 PM

the august run went well, execpt the river was very muddy.
considerable shower activity the first couple of days, but we can deal with that, and stayed dry.

suzi the psychic had been developing a smoking problem- after a long decelleration she would put out blue smoke on accelleration. vaccuum guage said valve guides were bad.
got a reconditioned head(trail tough).
suzi and i ran to ef carson (solo) to test her out.
ran fine with no smoke.
fine fishing, fine weather.
met some nice folk at the river and showed them how to get out thru nevada.
forgot my hat and camera.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/16/12 12:10 AM

suzi the psychic is getting an instrument upgrade.
i have a wide band air/fuel ratio guage setup for her.
wasn't happy w/the narrow band unit.
expect to have it funtional soon.......

122112- end of the 13th bactun
i have played with suzi and the afr guage.
i am pleased and will begin some carb adjustments.
i'll report soon on the 'gress(pro or con).

'gress010513- thinking next season
i have experimented with the idle circuits so far.
reducing the idle jet sizes has allowed mix screw to be closer to 2 turns out the setup rags speak of.
i am begining to see how this effects the main circuits.....
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/16/12 03:39 AM

Is the purpose to measure the stoichiometry?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/16/12 04:49 AM


i had to look it up.
i was able to smog suzi with a weber carburetor this last time, but it wasn't a pretty affair.
i've been trying to make it right without the dynomometer.
i'm hoping to get better info w/this new guage/sensor setup.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/28/13 02:40 AM

poor suzi needed some more attention on her driver's side front. i had bent-up her stock tow loop(?), tweaking the end of the chassis rail.
[Linked Image]
i welded a bunch of small pieces to box in the chassis and have a tab to attach a clevis.
i still need to drill a hole in it.
[Linked Image]
i've had some time to experiment in adjusting her carburetor. i am pleased with the effects, but need to make more time before the season starts again.
probably some lower elevation stuff in march..... not sure where yet.

got the hole drilled. just as i envisioned.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/18/13 06:11 PM

decided to replace the myside rocker area.
[Linked Image]
i saved the bracket patterns from the other side. this one should come out better........

it did go better, and got pretty much done before the weather moved in. i need to clean up my b/s/welds a little bit and add some more rattlepaint.
[Linked Image]
i think i gained a little more room in the front well, so i expect less rub.
[Linked Image]

i decided to not irritate my wife w/the grinder noise. i put extra paint smoother on the welds.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/22/13 03:33 AM

Looks great! Was this easier than boat siding?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/23/13 05:34 PM

it could have been easier if i had a way of turning her upsidedown. that overhead welding while laying on the ground trying to see what i'm doing without cooking myself or doing major damage.........
[Linked Image]
the door still works, i may paint the other side to match.
i could use a hilift on both sides now(if i had one).
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/24/13 01:24 AM

i could use a hilift ...(if i had one)

I have an extra that could have your name on it. There are fish nearby, too. Come visit?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/24/13 06:09 AM

i had taken my work truck(4x4ranger)"off road", nuzzling thru some brush. it took me a couple of days to find a route for some other equipment....upshot is that i damaged the radiator and that a/c radiator. i started looking more carefully at suzi's frontend.
started brush resistant modifications.
[Linked Image]
worked over some expanded aluminum after adding a new brace above the winch.
[Linked Image]
the pieces of grill fit back on.
[Linked Image]
i still need to work on below the winch guarding.

made some more......
[Linked Image]
suzi the psychic wants to run next month.
i'm starting to use my "smart" phone as a camera. doesn't make me a better photographer........

liked some of it. took it all apart. bought some material. gotta go to work tomorrow.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/24/13 06:59 AM

an exellent excuse to go north.
perhaps i can make my way this season?
i'm starting to think about starting to plan.
a run a month thru october is the idea.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/28/13 09:09 AM

got the redo on the brush guard done enough. i managed to break and repair what's left of suzi's grill.....
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
i have to replace the left drag link- bent it last season.
also have to rewire the driving lamps- changed the wire routing due to nose job.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/02/13 08:04 AM

[Linked Image]
the replacement drag link is larger in diameter than the original. came from a 95(?) 4door.
drive lamps rewired.
run scheduled 0314-031813......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/20/13 04:00 AM

suzi and i went on a road trip. we did a lot of highway grind down to riverside(ca) and then another highway grind over the grapevine to visalia, where i finally got off that stuff and headed east..... i was trying to get to wishon.
no road problems, but couldn't get past a gate.
camped along the n kings. i'll check some pics and mabe post.
suzi performed real well.
i discovered the center link is worn- ordered replacement today.

lots of flowers blooming.
[Linked Image]

centerlink replaced. made sure to squeeze out as much grease as possible and mess with the boots on the tie rod joints when i beat them off the old centerlink w/a pickle fork.
there must be a better way to do that.... a puller?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/07/13 06:29 AM

i have started a bit of an armor project.
i'm trying to put a skid under the tranny/transfer case.
i see that i'm hitting the front mounts for the(rear) drag links and beating up the front body mount mounting.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
got some scrap mabe i can hang on her.....

i welded some mounting tabs on the font cross beam.
[Linked Image]
also modified the transmission/transfer case cross beam, adding mounting points.
[Linked Image]
i made some struts to bolt to the mount points, and plan on making some sheet metal i have fit.
seems to be happening ok so far.......

i made this. now i'm gonna try expanding this idea.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/07/13 02:54 PM

Is there a Samurai front axle in your plans? Would keep your body mounts secure.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/07/13 05:24 PM

hey there geoman. i'm still finding little bits of time to play with suzi. i have vauge plans on looking into the georgetown area some this season, and i'm told armor might be a good idea. i'm also told my tires should be bigger or i'll flip.
re: sammie front axle...... i now have the low range gearing to turn bigger tires. i could probably run 33"s, but not without moving the front wheels forward a few inches. this is where the solid front could fit into the picture. the samurai axle would accept my 3rd(5.62).
i've been looking at how others have done this.
not this year.
i suspect suzi would have difficulty moving in high range unless i got a bigger motor.
also- this would force me to rethink the rear.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/07/13 10:15 PM

How is the fishing near Georgetown? Probably browns and rainbow trout in the streams?

Would these work for you?

CalMini solid axle kit

CalMini 6" IFS kit
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/08/13 08:21 AM

there are advantages to a kit, but i can't spent that kind of cash on poor little suzi. i kinda figured i'd scavenge the whole front off a sammy, then figure a way to make whatever frame extension pieces, spring mounts, steering whatevers and i don't know whats.
there are some others making parts for the swap(toy axles seem popular also) that i might approach first. i'm not too sure @ calmini....i've heard complaints. their stuff looks good though.
i don't think anything 's happening too soon.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/15/13 12:42 AM

i'm still slowly constructing some sort of skid plates under suzi the psychic, and am beginning to do more than lay on my back and stare at it.
i added some mount points on the chassis, for the transmission plate.
[Linked Image]
it may make sense later. it may work.

mabe braces.
[Linked Image]
i will try to get some better pics-

it should look something like this under the transmission when it's finished...
[Linked Image]

added some more weight under the transfercase.
got stuck when i broke a tap off in one of the added mount points.
[Linked Image]
that's it for this weekend.....
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/15/13 02:20 AM

Will you be making a belly pan?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/15/13 06:31 AM

Will you be making a belly pan?

sort of- i had fashioned a skid plate to protect the oil pan and front differential. now i'm working on a plate for the transmission area, plus one to cover the transfercase.
i have some ideas to protect the side body mount and trailing arm brackets. i've been finding large rocks on my travels.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/27/13 11:31 PM

i finally recycled my $5 yardsale special one functional wheel 6" benchtop grinder. now have a hf 8" that is sooo much more useful' i feel empowered to continue.
i also got a new tap and a real tap handle.

figured out some bracein'(and cut the plate) for the transfer case.
[Linked Image]
"armored" the trailing link mount, added some brackets along the chassis, and fixed-up the front/side body mount, glueing it on with 50# of welding slag.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
if i stick this piece on those brackets, it might get hit by rocks, but may stay on.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/29/13 01:01 AM

Might you also be planning supports for an overhead rack via verticals from the sliders?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/29/13 03:57 PM

Might you also be planning supports for an overhead rack via verticals from the sliders?

nah- i'm sure a roof rack would encourage overloading, and i carry way too much stuff as it is.
i should look in the bottom layers and see what i can chuck out and not miss.............
suzi the psychic has the little motor.
getting your leisure time figured out? can't beat the weather we've been having...makes work less interesting- i keep thinking i should be someplace else...

i am running 05/09-0513. probably ef carson(if my brother is able) or french meadows/hellhole(if he's not).
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/30/13 01:33 AM

the driver's side slider thing was easier to do than the other side.

[Linked Image]

it shouldn't fall off, and may fend off a rock or two.
now i now plan to finish the skid plate project.

looking like french meadows/hellhole area for next window- busy brother.......

finished the skid /rock guard project.
i have 3 days to unpack/sort/repack......

dropped a lugnut as i was changing a wheel. into a gopher hole. perfect shot. went in about a foot, and around a corner. made a big hole next to my driveway and recovered it. interesting tunnel systems those creatures construct.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/13/13 09:03 PM

suzi the psychic and i did some exploratory pokings around the loon lake, hellhole, and french meadows reservoirs.
i found the loon lake to rubicon connector challenging.
[Linked Image]
i decided not to throw myself at the little sluice box.
[Linked Image]
camped at loon, wentwoth springs, and talbot(mf american).

tried to get to soda springs(hwy80) from french meadows, but finally found some real snow......
[Linked Image]
took a different tack to come out in auburn. nice drive.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/02/13 06:43 AM

i kinda beat-up little suzi the psychic a bit this last run, when we went to look at the rubicon. hit the exhaust some, but it's still functional, blew a bead on one of my fronts that didn't re-seat completely, and bent the left trailing arm again.
i modified a spare left side arm by welding some angle iron to it and moving the brake cable bracket.
[Linked Image]
mabe it'll be stronger.
i expect to try it out in july.
gonna try the rubicon again.

i also munched up my front skid plate, and may see if i can straighten and stiffen it before i go......

mabe the gas tank is a bit vunerable- the stock skid is more of a skin plate....

[Linked Image]
the 2nd bent one.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/02/13 03:15 PM

At least suzi is out there fighting the granitic beasties thanks to your work on her. All my stuff sits or gets used for commuter duty, sadly.

If Montero parts can be repurposed for suzi, let me know.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/03/13 07:25 AM

very large pieces of granite. very, very large pieces.
much larger than the little tiny crumbs i have trouble driving over.
i have fond memories of my montero. that was 27 years ago.

i removed a little over 60 lbs of lumber from suzi. major interior remodel.
we expect to run 0711-0715. missed last month.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/18/13 02:13 PM

managed to make the july run.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/19/13 03:23 AM

Yep, at least you're getting out there. Cool!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/20/13 07:08 AM

suzi the psychic made me real proud.
we ran the rubicon, west to east. nice to see lake Tahoe!
unusual to have so much traffic, and suzi and I are real slow, but we refrained from being too much of a trail plug.
ran with a fine group of "self sufficient suzuki enthusiasts"(zukiworld).
let's see if this video thing works.......
[Linked Image]

prepping to run again. window opens 0815, closes 0819.
mabe e f carson. mabe hellhole. bro dependent/solo.
may do a couple of equipment changes- computer starting to bluescreen on me.
looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/29/13 08:15 AM

suzi the psychic has put on a new face.
I think i'm gonna put a hi lift mount in front, over the winch. found a use for her old sway bar- became part of her "bumpers".
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/06/13 02:36 AM

while I've been messing around a lot of rocks recently, and i'm mabe just a poor driver, i had bent up the piece of angle iron I had added "to brace" the a/arm mounts(and attach skid plate). I replaced it with some square tube I had found.
[Linked Image]
miss bitchy and suzi the psychic are gonna go play 8/15-19.
I think i'm looking for front axle parts for suzi- if I get a couple of sets together, I may attempt a "hagan widening mod" this winter.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/21/13 06:55 AM

fire near hellhole made us re-think.
did a fallback to the e f carson.
very lazy.
[Linked Image]
suzi and I may go look at the courtright to kaiser environs next month.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/11/13 03:50 AM

[Linked Image]
suzi the psychic back on pavement.
she needed a bit of adjustment for hwy travel......
i have completed(with a great deal of assistance) a most excellent adventure.
some details will follow.
info.... the cheap 2"x20'harbor freight tow strap w/hooks is surprisingly durable.
i mean - really.

still haven't totally inspected dusy damage, but there seems to be little.
i have a new draglink coming to replace "the spare" i will probably carry forever, now. also tie rod ends and ball joints, because they were worn anyway.
i expect to relocate(mabe replace) the fuel tank, and fuel delivery.
some armor modifications, such as replacing my original skid plate, seem worth it, and shouldn't be a big deal.
i want to mount my hi-lift on suzi's butt somehow, take some weight off her nose.

still --- too early to disable her - still have mabe two more runs this season?
we will see......
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/12/13 07:48 PM

Rascott is a LEGIT 4 wheeler! Just sayin'
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/13/13 04:57 AM

We already knew. Somewhere in this long thread suzi pulls a wheely. Glad someone else has posted here. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/14/13 08:13 PM

i am so pleased that i was able to make this trip.

i respect the crew that will plan a multi-state venture to run the rubicon AND the dusy-ershim.
add carlos to the mix, and even little suzi the psychic will see the end of the trail!
thanks for letting me play w/the big boys.

i see the rubicon/dusy pics posted(i have few +video of divorce rock). outstanding- i still feel the experience.

suzi is embarrassed by her failures- i don't like being a trail plug. kevin's assist in cobbling together a fuel delivery system got me all the way home.

this pic means much to me....
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/14/13 08:37 PM

ha ha the az guys got labeled LEGIT on the rubicon, and proved it on the dusy. should be their motto.

i didn't know work had you ranging down the valley that far? i always stop at "the baths(?)"when i do the 152 run.
you do your lassen camping?

i had to leap back into work upon arrival home, and am just starting to look over suzi.
apart from bending up some steering, suzi came through pretty well. i intend to detail more.
it all kinda fits with her development "plan", oddly enough.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/15/13 04:25 AM

Camping at Lassen didn't happen. Instead, we road-tripped to Grants Pass, visited the Oregon Caves, Crater Lake and other southern Oregon vacay-type spots. I had my volcano-geek on, was good for awhile. Then, like you, jumped right back into the grind.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/15/13 10:27 PM

some preliminary inspection of suzi's front end shows a lot of "contact".
[Linked Image]
i think an electrical panel door is minimally sufficient for a skid plate.
however, the basic structure i had it bolted to seems to have survived.
there was much evidence of skid plate use- all the way back.
her new slider additions worked as hoped- the body and trailing link mounts were protected.
of interest....
the front springs are flexing into the calipers, making the brakes kinda disappear, so i guess i need to level out those spring perches.
spring rub.
[Linked Image]
caliper rub.
[Linked Image]
body damage: suzi the pychic vs. tree.
[Linked Image]
i also noticed some camber adjustment bolt movement on the r/f. l/f doesn't seem to have moved.
i will add observations/insights,?, i'm sure.........

i have pulled off the front skid.
i am going to re-construct the front skid differently-
i have a new tool that may help remove steering parts without screwing up the grease cups, replacement tierod ends, and ball joints. a new draglink is on it's way.

anybody have any old front axle pieces? I need some 3bolt flanges(off driver axle)

draglink jammed into diff. and diff. bracket(driver).
steering didn't work too well when this happened....
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
all things considered, suzuki steering seems ok unless you want to be towed into rocks and trees. then you are sure to bend something. I will avoid this in the future.
also- the strut mount bearings seem dry(noise when turning).
the new tierod tool is useless. mabe it can be modified.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/16/13 03:49 AM

Gonna get the Jeep Trail Tough badges? Cool!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/19/13 07:47 PM

trail tough. oregon. good people who speak suzuki.
i don't mind tough jeep trails. nor does suzi the psychic.
she's still getting me home.
ha ha
i am marking things, so i can see what's new next time.
[Linked Image]

received and installed draglink.
gonna try some different springs in front.
found some axles.
i have slightly lowered the front bumpstops(2 thick washers). i suspect i was using the strut as a stop, when the wheel was fully stuffed.
also found the center(tail?)front diff. mount bolts loose.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/22/13 09:47 PM

since the front end was being looked at........
full stuff. bumpstop "engaged", strut near compressed(-1/8"?).note cv angles.

[Linked Image]
dropped. looks excessive, but I've had no problems.......
[Linked Image]
except for the wheel fitment problem suzi has, this may be the best useful articulation using mostly stock parts and stock mount locations. swinging the rear of the a-arm out(to move the wheel forward) wouldn't change function much.
hmmm... lotta work making axles fit. hmmm......
think i'll look at the other end for a while.

the fuel tank has been smacked a bit. mabe a bit more thru the rubicon and dusy-ershim.
[Linked Image]
i had raised the tank a bit in the past.
[Linked Image]
perhaps if i cut out that brace that the current front tank mounts are on......
[Linked Image]

i did cut that brace out. i think i can move the tank up about 1 3/4" more, refit(& weld) the brace/mount, then figure some shield.
i now see why i couldn't put much more than 10 gallons in the tank. perhaps i can get the volume back.

couple of washers to drop the bumpstop a smidge.... might have been compressing enough to touch the end of the strut.
[Linked Image]
reassembled w/4door spings- we'll see.
gas tank project moving along.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/28/13 05:30 PM

suzi the psychic is getting a bit of a butt tuck.
her fuel tank had been lifted almost an inch before, now it will be moved like 2" forward, and 2" up.
I moved the front mount brace(and shortened the mount tabs some more)forward.
[Linked Image]
gluewelded some tabs for the rear.
[Linked Image]
mabe I can pop the tank back into shape........
the tank seems to fit fine. I might see if I can stiffen the stock skid.

[Linked Image]
just kinda straightened and reused stock skid(for now).
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/28/13 08:28 PM

suzi's got back, huh? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/lol.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/29/13 04:43 PM

yeah-suzi looks a bit naked without that bumper cover.
it may be time to figure a different "fashion" for her.
I hope to carry the jack back there somehow, and that bumper cover made a useful surface at the back, and mudflap function that didn't get ripped off(surprise).
mabe I can use some of it.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/20/13 10:16 PM

mucho busy lately- mostly work getting in the way of life.
I have extended the chassis rails 6".
[Linked Image]

thinking of developing this idea.
[Linked Image]

little done lately, however the "shop" is getting a hotter welder. flux core will become an option, and my welds may be less like glue.

made some "progress"...
[Linked Image]
still under development......
[Linked Image]
new welding gear will take some learning. mabe i'll master it.

jack in place.
[Linked Image]
another view.....
[Linked Image]
I plan on adding some rubber "cush" pads, and probably change the pins.
trying to reform the bumper cover to "fit", just for looks.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/25/13 02:32 AM

ok- i was going to wait on this, but sometimes i have to bite off more than i can chew. i'll probably have to spit it out a few times, but eventually i'll get it down.....
i'm wanting to move the front wheels forward about 1".
so suzi got her a-arms removed-
[Linked Image]
i'm gonna move the (lower) ball joints forward.
[Linked Image]
i'm also gonna have to re-seat the springs, as the lifting i've done allow the springs to bow into the brake calipers when i turn w/the suspension flexed. a little scary, sometimes, when the pedal goes to the floor all of a sudden.....
this would be a modification of some modifications i've been reading about.
should work(?).

cutting things.
[Linked Image]
removing some metal to widen mounting area.
[Linked Image]
reform some structure.
[Linked Image]
some sort of plate to do something like this....
[Linked Image]
mabe. so far.
kinda committed now.......

fashioned some plates from some angle iron(1/4x4").
[Linked Image]

i tacked up things.
i reassembled the left side, to see if it was close.
it'll need some adjustment.......
looks like it will do what i was looking for.
i'm pleased, and will continue.

perhaps the left can be made to work. hacked moren' i wanted.
right ready to tack'n try.........
this hasn't been going like i had expected. dreamed i'd be seeing spring seat consideration.
still hoping to make this work..........

[Linked Image]

try and rebuild a-arm.
[Linked Image]
got a couple of these.
[Linked Image]
mock-up wheel. wheel centered in wheel well. much better.
I still have to play with springs, and other issues, before I start buttoning her up........
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/29/13 11:22 PM


Gonna be ready for next time?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/30/13 06:11 AM

right-o toasty.
you bet i'll be ready. i don't expect to do any serious runs before april, but i'll probably run to my brother's place(mt.ranch) a couple of times to work on miss bitchy(i hope to get him on the dusy next season) and hyway test suzi.
i hear tell you got a toy to play with....
also- been enjoying gearbox magazine. good read.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/15/13 12:44 AM

suzi the psychic now fits her shoes.
[Linked Image]
4door springs and 1/2" pucks.
[Linked Image]
did a little test drive. nothing broke yet.
alignment coming to see how close i got by eye.
still trying to decide how to clean her butt.

suzi the psychic visited w/tom, her favoured alignment guy.
alignment came out ok- (surprise)caster is in spec.- a bit of positive camber on the left(close enough).
i feel more response in the front. seems to match the "liveliness" of the rear, probably the new springs(duh).
we look forward to stretching her legs........
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/15/13 03:27 AM

How about a 'boatside' style rear bumper, aka descent ramp, aka spare tire skid plate? Also, baby wipes in bulk packages from Walmart work, also.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/17/13 06:28 AM

i'll take some pictures-
years ago i bought a hf plastic welder.
i'm trying to reform the old bumper cover, and have found that i can cut and "weld" the stuff.
i'm pleased with how the jack fits, and am neatening that up.
happy holidays.

just for looks- no structural value. i may get real bold and cut off those corner bumps. i've found the cut-off material makes good filler, and can be ground smoothish.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
i like keeping original parts- even when they don't look original anymore.
perhaps some little mud flap thingies can be stuck on.
we'll see.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/02/14 07:40 AM

poor little suzi has developed an interesting gear whine thing. real loud during deceleration- especially in 5th and 3rd gears. i'm unsure what it means, but am using it as an excuse to overhaul the transmission(syncros always seemed soft, anyway).
i took it out today.
found one of the "new" transfercase mounts torn, and lost a zerk fitting from one of the "new" rear driveshaft u-joints.
this should be interesting- haven't worked on a gearbox for a while, and never one of these.

gotta say again- trail tough is the best source for suzuki stuff.

substitute for suzuki special tool 09912-34510
[Linked Image]
the difference between suzi's transmission and the rest of the sidekicks('till '98, i understand).
[Linked Image]
no missing teeth or big chunks- this could work out......
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/02/14 07:51 PM

Best of luck with the transmission. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I swapped out the rear diff chunk in my turbo pickup over the course of a weekend, lowered the gears from 3.909 to 4.625...what a difference! Hadn't bled brakes for about 15 years.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/02/14 09:07 PM

she can turn bigger tires now........................
nice to feel a big change after a project like that, huh.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/06/14 05:56 AM

Best of luck with the transmission. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

i removed a circlip from the main shaft by launching it into another universe of my "garage".
i was planning on re-installing the transmission this weekend.
suzi and i have a date..........

work got wet and prevented me from maintaining my suzischedule.
so far i have managed to reassemble the transmission unit, but had intended to have it installed by now.
i thought i'd be thinking about packing.

managed to drag transmission/transfercase unit under suzi, fail to balance on jack, remove transfercase, mate-up transmission, mate-up transfercase, and generally exhaust myself..........

finished hanging up the tranny unit(mounts, wires and hoses), shift levers, and front driveshaft.
still need to deal with rear driveshaft, skid plates, and fill transmission and transfercase with oil.
i found more of the front differential mounting loose.
i think i am going to remove the driveshaft spacer i added to the rear.
doesn't look like i'm gonna leave thursday evening.......
could still happen friday morning.

damaged the slip yoke on the rear driveshaft.
that slowed things down considerably.
replaced slip yoke.
getting underway around 19:00(friday).

suzi brought me home again. good girl.
seems a right motor mount broke loose, but i added a couple of ratchet straps to hold things in place.
it worked well enough.
no rubbing in the front wheel wells, and my modified a-arms didn't break.
trip report/some pics. should be posted.....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/21/14 06:07 AM

suzi the psycic took me to death valley.
that place is real big. and pretty desolate, for the most part.
i got a very late start, and didn't arrive "in the area" 'till very early saturday morning.
i decided to adjust my route to take in the racetrack, so i entered via olancha/hwy395. spoke to some ranchers, who were sure i could access thru darwin, and mentioned that hunter hill could probably be run, if it was of interest.
so i thought i'd go see...
[Linked Image]
since i was seeing signs of snow, and hunter mountain gets over 7000', i went that way.
[Linked Image]
things got a bit messy, but nothing real outrageous. somehow, however, i managed to break the right motor mount...
i made it past teakettle junction, looking a bit dirty and developing repair plans.
[Linked Image]
limped into the racetrack with the transmission banging around(mostly on decelleration).
[Linked Image]
i tried some repairs, and ended up spending the night at the racetrack.
next morning i went thru lippencott pass to stovepipe wells, where I was able to link w/cap510 and group, for a run to cottonwood canyon to camp.
between lippencot pass and stovepipe wells, i was surprised by offroader and group, that had left stovepipe wells and were going "up the road".
[Linked Image]
lippencott pass was not very challenging, but very narrow in some spots, and may become quite technical without some repair.
[Linked Image]
camp at cottonwood was very pleasant- carlos had a treat run into marble canyon lined up for us for monday.
cottonwood lineup.
[Linked Image]
i got home about 2:30 tuesday morning.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/21/14 07:45 AM

My last and only time that way was in Orange Thunder, the 1983 Ramcharger belonging to CSUSB. I drove along that shelf road, and a few spots required a spotter due to the width of the RC. Was quite beautiful country.

Good for suzi!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/26/14 06:32 AM

suzi's recent run to death valley was successful in a variety of ways.
first- performing her prime function: getting me "there" and back.
ancillary- proving/testing some recent major servicing and modifications, stressing/breaking things a bit, and getting some satisfaction at knotting and splicing as she goes.

gonna do some motor mount replacement. probably stock once more. transmission mount changes may happen this time.
still chasing some bad noise from the drivetrain. most noticeable in decell. might be related to some wiggle i find at the driveshaft yoke.
contemplating some transfer inspection.

couple other tweaks on stowage, and an aggravating failure of that damn rear window zipper will wind up this rant. i'll add some pics, and blabs later.

noted that suzi seems to get about 18mpg buzzin' about in low range. not bad. 261 miles between fill-ups. not bad.

i used ratchet straps to hold things together. one helped hold the right front motor mount in place, another kept the transmission from rattling in the tunnel.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
this worked remarkably well. ran down lippencott pass(and all the way home) with no issue.

suzi has a bit of a soft spot. my "bodylift" is crushing the her tub structure a bit- both front/sides. between the bend and the crush, this is about 1/2".
[Linked Image]

i think i'm gonna monkey with the front suspension again- put 1" spacers back in. i'll carry axles. i'm real pleased with my a-arm modification. got used to hearing the rub- kinda nice to miss it.....

this may work out, putting the spare in back like this. mabe the hunk of plywood can be a table.
[Linked Image]
it wasn't a bad chuck wagon, and the gate weighs a bit less.
[Linked Image]
i stuck some recovery gear in a basket in a bracket thing.
this too shall evolve, i'm sure. generally like it enough not to rip it off. carries garbage, also.

suzi's original transfercase is on the table, i am going to see why 4.24 gears won't fit. i've been told the case is too thin. mabe it can be made "thicker" or something.
i am prepared to overhaul a case, be nice to go back original, in a way. well, modified original.
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/03/14 08:18 PM

Good stuff Richard, i think you single handedly support this forum. We need to hit the trail again dude! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/04/14 05:08 AM

As only poster in Suzi's forum, you mean? Like me in the Dodge..well almost. More stuff in this thread than mine. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/05/14 05:30 AM

We need to hit the trail again dude! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/kewl.gif" alt="" />

this sounds fine, too me! esp. w/legit trail partners.
hoping for a run a month, starting next month.
i expect to spend a bit of time in the dusy-ershim area this season.
suzi is getting tickled a bit more over the next couple of weeks, prepping for a few e f carson runs, to get my brother and miss bitchy primed.
mabe hell hole(i keep trying).
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/05/14 05:36 AM

i made this thread even longer, again.
opened up the transfer case- lost the first circlip i removed. it's probably with the one i shot out of the transmission..... i can't believe it!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/08/14 07:31 AM

suzi the psychic is showing me how special she is.
i never got the complete fsm for her, and her gearbox guts are a bit different than other models. it's similar, but oddly missing some parts, like synchronizer plates, bushes that retain little steel balls, and the steel balls.....
i wonder why they added that stuff?
this is an interesting exersize- perfectly functional unit, before i took it apart.
i have gotten stuck at removing the output shaft needle bearings from their respective case chunks.
[Linked Image]
better figure what i need to press new ones back in also, i guess.
honesty time- the first circlip i popped off vanished- really- there one second, gone the next.
this seems to be the way i start disassembly of gearboxes.

the case is probably too thin to be cut-out for the 4.24 gearset, but mabe.....
once i get the needle bearing thing down, i'll be pulling
suzi's current transfercase for disassembly and inspection.
one of 'em is going back in.....

suzi is disabled again. expected to be usable for some exersize at the end of the month.
i figured a way to control the gravity problem when the rear mounts are removed.
[Linked Image]
I spent 3 1/2 hours removing the transfer case.
[Linked Image]

i am still unclear where this "case too thin for bigger gears" talk, as far as modifying an '89 t-case, came from......
the cases look the same to me. even from the inside.
i didn't loose any circlips, so far.

this all looks familiar. just need to remove some of the black marked material, and the bigger gear will fit....
looks like I can go back to original gearbox.
[Linked Image]
it should be easier this time. last time I left the shaft in the case, and worked around it.....

the top of the case(right in pic) is the thin stuff.
[Linked Image]
very thin. like paper, near bearing boss.
mabe i got carried away with the grinder.

got a lot of parts, but lack the tooling to deal with the needle bearing removal. brute force and cutting implements doesn't impress me, and my attempts to "primitive pete" some tooling were failing.
the fsm i'm using makes it look so easy, so i'll try it their way.
i think this(part of the) project is backburnered about a week.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/22/14 05:25 AM

suppose I should have planned this transfercase overhaul differently. waiting on some tooling, before proceeding.
suzi the psychic is disabled in the driveway.
her "new" 4dr front springs seem more lively, and i've lifted the front another 1", by changing puck sizes- took out the 1/2"puck(and rubber cushion),and put in 1" ones.
[Linked Image]
mabe i'll finish up some other little things while she's down.
made some clean-ups to a new fuel filter arrangement we're trying out.
changed out a tire, so suzi has a better spare, in case we need it. trying a bolt-in valve stem, this time.
futzed the fuel pump wires into something more permanent- no more switch dangling outta the dash.....

special tools are cool.
[Linked Image]
2 are for removing, 1 is for install.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
gee- right tool makes it easy.

i may have discovered the real reason the '89 transfercase is "too thin".
[Linked Image]
the front case is cast differently, and the gearsets/countershaft are "shorter".
took me some hours of wonderment.
so the later model transfercases(one on right) use longer countershafts, counter gears, and input gear/output low gear sets.
mabe a hybrid gearbox will have to do.

transfercase is back in suzi's guts- had to dodge some rain.

well- the transfercase seems to work fine.
took her for a little test run today, and am pleased. the bad noise on decell is gone.
now i need to get her smogged for the next 2 years.
run coming near the end of the month.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/23/14 07:29 PM

every 2 years suzi needs to pass a smog test.
every 2 years it's a problem.
the stock carburetor is one of those "feed back" things, and not particularly easy to make work when it fails.
for reliability and performance reasons, i end up running a weber, but that is very difficult to make "clean" enough to pass the test.
after a couple of attempts(john rood- best in the biz.), I ended up repairing and re-installing the stocker.
she passed. wah-hoo!
taking a road trip this weekend.

suzi the psychic visited her friend, miss bitchy, to see if she can be coaxed into shape for the season.
miss bitchy needs a bit of rehab. before she can go play- axle boots, idler arm, rear spring hangers......
perhaps she will not be ready for the dusy-ershim this season, but she will get out and about.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/14/14 07:33 PM

suzi the psychic was so pleased with the responsiveness of the 4-door springs we put in her front end, that i put some in the rear.
gave her about an inch more perk.
haven't run her(yet),and am considering adding some more puck in front(again), to level her out, before i do so....
may run cancelled in lieu of party plans, so gonna try again mid june.
we'll see if life allows.

also interested in overhauling her front hubs- never looked at the wheel bearings- so i can try my new special socket.

glad i pulled the right hub off- the wheel bearings are toast. the special socket works.
the bearings cost $35 each, and i need 4 of them...........+ seals. should have them tomorrow.

found i only needed 2 of those bearings- they come as a single race/2bearing set. still waiting on a couple of grease seals, for the knuckle. also purchased a bearing/seal tool set for my arbor press. used it on one hub.
so much easier than drifting.

finally got her back together again.
"new" rear coils.
a bit more puck in front.
new wheel bearings, and new grease seals.
haven't left the driveway yet.
we shall see.........
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/07/14 03:32 AM

When I first met our friends suzi and richard, during the trail ride to the Kyburz area:
[Linked Image]

They visited the new Ranch location today, and my how suzi has grown:
[Linked Image]

Thanks for visiting! Very pleased to see you both again.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/09/14 06:35 PM

the visit was my pleasure- nice place you got.
miss bitchy is quite pleased with her new crossmember, and she is closer to joining suzi on a run.
thanks for your help. new request on the way.......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/16/14 04:23 AM

neatened up suzi's skirt("bumper cover") some....
[Linked Image]
may have to go to the courtright reservoir area next weekend. i feel a need to use a fishing license.

mabe hellhole- can't decide.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/23/14 02:44 AM

tried to get to the backside of hellhole.
[Linked Image]
decided to go thru the rockfall that had always stopped me,
[Linked Image]
and worked in to the ledges.
[Linked Image]
the last ledge was way too big to jump off of- since i'd have to come back thataway. decided to retreat.
utilized some recovery gear to get out.
[Linked Image]
wet a line in the m f american and a bit of the n f american.
went in thru georgetown, saw bear btwn hellhole and french meadow, out via soda springs.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/20/14 09:35 PM

made a run.
should have done some research first.
"season" for the dusy-ershim is aug.1-nov.1.
spent 2 nights at bear diversion.
[Linked Image]
did some fishing.
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/25/14 07:26 PM

Awesome campsite!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/27/14 05:56 AM

very comfortable.
nice old cypress for shade and wind break.
[Linked Image]

ef carson run planned w/miss bitchy this next weekend.
need the rest.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/30/14 08:55 PM

hummmm..... seems like website has had some problems lately- or i'm just too much of a luddite.....
suzi the psychic was able to go play with miss bitchy, on the e f carson, a couple of weeks ago.
most relaxing.
visited the barney riley site on the way out.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/01/14 05:35 PM

The new t-case crossmember on Miss Bitchy get a workout? And the hub worked ok?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/05/14 03:55 AM

it was a pretty mild run with minimal banging.
the crossmember probably didn't even get scratched(we painted it), and 4wd seems to work better than 3wd- that hub did the trick.
[Linked Image]
nice that miss bitchy can go out and play again.
we had a great time.
got some time in october set aside for another run.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/18/14 11:43 PM

suzi and miss bitchy made another successful fish/relax run to the e f carson.
[Linked Image]
i have been doing some adjustments to the rear driveline angles.
mabe i can add some pics that would make sense. we'll see.
probably last run of the season.........
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/14/14 11:42 PM

suzi the psychic is awaiting the next season.
she has made a couple of hyway runs over the last couple of months, and is running like a little sewing machine.
it was a good way to confirm some changes i've made were in the right direction.
i still need to finish the transmission mount and skid plate re-install project and i will be happy w/her rear driveline angles.
one of her runs was to meet her little sister.....
hauled home the next day........
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/15/14 01:30 AM

Kind'a new to this rodeo, that You Rope A is pretty sweet!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/15/14 06:42 PM

kinda the other end of the spectrum, huh.
she's a 1969 s2 w/ the renault eng/trans, and has most of the big bits.
i have a year to replace my little eagle(been good, but pretty well used up).
i hope to have a runner by june.........
we will see.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/15/14 08:55 PM

Can you stuff a 2L engine in there? Or a...? I've no idea what is compatible with a Europa...but I know about Cortina and 7's. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/drunk.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/13/15 02:10 AM

suzi the psychic is waking up for a bit of a road trip.
did a little service work on her yesterday, thought the front wheel bearings were loose.
that doesn't appear to be the case.
i think the spindles are worn out.

suzi performed well at what she does worst- long distance hyway runs. ground out about 800 miles. she prefers low range work.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/13/15 03:08 AM

Yard nearby me has about 40 Trackers and Sidekick models...not hard to find at least.

Good luck!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/02/15 06:06 AM

suzi is gonna get her front end tickled a little bit.
got her some replacement spindles.
i expect to take some slop out of the front wheels.
she wants to go play, but must be patient.
circumstances force a later start to the season.
i'll add to this.....
the lotus project is well underway, and lots of fun.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/03/15 12:35 AM

Lotus? A 7, Esprit, Cortina?? Inquiring mind wants to know...
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/03/15 02:18 AM

europa. 1969 s2.
hope to road test in a couple of months..........
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/03/15 06:40 AM

We'll need pics!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/10/15 08:05 PM

We'll need pics!

this is as today.
just put "the lotus" back on the ground, after 6mo. on blocks, for some systems check.
mabe i should put the steering wheel back in- wanna move it around a bit, if all goes well.
rescue- not restoration. i've been making a lot of parts....

and something is wrong with my picture thingy(?).
attachment? works when i click it, but only one pick....?

Attached picture 1298508-013(1024x577).jpg
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/10/15 08:14 PM


Attached picture 1298510-002(1024x577)(2).jpg
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/11/15 04:32 AM

[Linked Image]

Looks good. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/11/15 06:54 AM

thank you, oh photo wizard.
why couldn't i do that?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/12/15 03:26 AM

You did, actually. The text from your photo:


I plucked the URL text and added it into the image link.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/10/15 11:56 PM

suzi the psychic has slightly wobbly front wheels, as if the wheel bearings were loose.
a bit back, i'd pulled the hubs off and replaced the bearings(and seals), thinking that would fix it.
nooooo(as in no difference at all).
my next theory was that the spindle must have been worn, 'cause the bearing had been dirty, rusty, with a nice grinding paste for grease, and did have some obvious wear spoor.
so i picked up some knuckle out chunks from a wrecker, took the spindle out of one, and swapped out the right side.
this has made no difference at all.
instead of doing the same to the other side, i will put the wheel back on and think about it.

go figure.
couldn't give up.
looked at my parts, swapped hubs(kept races and outer bearing from donor), used newer seals, and newer inner bearing.
this combination seems to work.
mabe i should try some similar combo on the other side.
not sure i understand, but....... o k.

left side, clyde.
used donor spindle, hub and bearings, newer seals.
just fine. go figure.
i see no significant difference in the parts.......

gonna finally make a run next weekend(4day) to the e f carson, to see if there is any water left.
i will add a picor2 of a proper rear diff. spacer to perk up suzi's ass a bit- replacing a few poor attempts at making one.

something is wrong w/my picposter.....
oh, and that's my last setup- the thing was not strong enough- had it fail once.

upndown the street, suzi seems ready to go play.
trying a new chuckwagon thing, this time, thrown together for function trial.
i'd show you a picture, but that has been a bit aggravating lately......
need to consider that url stuff- don't like the photobucket way.

ran suzi to work this morning, and the clutch cable started coming apart- one big "grink" and suzi suddenly had some freeplay in the pedal, and the clutch would barely disengage.
got her home(after work) and pulled the cable.
3 strands left. hahaha
replaced with her spare, after fashioning a stiffening plate to compensate for the firewall failure where the cable housing fits.
now i can finish packing. want to pick up my brother and miss bitchy in the morning. and leo.
that's about 6hrs away, for me.

Attached picture 1298865-031(577x1024).jpg
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/24/15 08:25 AM

suzi the psychic and miss bitchy spent a couple of very relaxing days on the e f carson.
on sunday, we spotted smoke and decided to become mobile.
we decamped and started the run back to markleeville, but got spotted by emergency personnel who advised exiting thru nevada.
made the offroad run total @42miles, and was very exhausting.

Attached picture 1298973-015(4)(1024x577).jpg
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/27/15 03:46 AM

I used 4-lo in my Ramcharger to move some things around the yard...all my off-roading for the year so far.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/28/15 03:13 PM

this was suzi's first run of the season.
life can get in the way, sometimes, but we expect to find some fish windows over the couple of months.
we are planning on finding the az crew when they challenge the sierras(sept.)- that should be fun.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/15/15 09:13 PM

been thinking about working on suzi more than actually doing any work. it's easy.
finally stiffened-up the rear trans/tc cross beam.
i had scavenged one from a wrecker(original straighten too many times), cut a couple of appendages off, and glued some pieces of metal to it.
still need to make my "skid plates" fit.

Attached picture 1299540-IMG_20150814_162616_468(2)(577x1024).jpg
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/15/15 09:20 PM

still don't get the picture thing anymore, and "upgraded" to windows10......
this is almost finished.....

had to monkey things a bit to reuse the skid plates, and probably shouldn't have. i will not supply a picture unless it gets abused.
i have this nice Ibeam that i want to try, but that will be another off season project involving the new exhaust i plan on making- i have the proper tube bender die now(pretended i was buying it for the lotus).

trailtough supplied me a front differential mount(used), and suzi is wearing it. the rubber in the old one had "perished".

seems suzi the psychic is in prime condition for her next outing. she has fresh oil and filter, skid pads on, kitchen sink and other personal gear packed.
add ice, food, beer, and a few toys, and she's willing to face the hyway grind. that is the part of the run that concerns me- the high speed stuff, and the hills, dealing w/ traffic, etc....
expect to leave fri. morning(082815), spend the weekend on the e f carson with my brother and miss bitchy, then wander toward wentworth springs to welcome the az/nm visitors(legit!) on tues.(090115).

Attached picture 1299541-IMG_20150815_113501_690(577x1024).jpg
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/16/15 05:06 AM

I like the Windows 10 upgrade on my newer Toshiba laptop with Core i-7 processor. The Toshiba netbook's 1.3 GHz Atom CPU isn't on the upgrade compatible list.

As far as pictures go, I still use Photobucket for most things.

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/04/15 04:06 AM

I saw Suzi's cousin near Lake Shasta the other day...

[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/16/15 03:20 AM

suzi the psychic was able to go play in the sierras with a bunch of miss bitchy's younger siblings.
she met up with the az/nm crew for the sierra challenge(carnage)2015.
fordyce creek was the interest for me, and the trail was brutal......
perhaps i can add a photo......?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/22/15 06:59 PM

seriously, there will be some pictures added.
life has resumed at full tilt boogey, and a full post run inspection of suzi the psychic has not been completed.
fordyce was pretty brutal, and suzi`s bigger cousins made the run conceivable, and she brought me home.
good girl.
i was pleased w/her rock climbing ability, but see a clear advantage to being able to lock the front differential.
some new markings have appeared on her body, no major exterior bashes, but some tub failure is of concern- some of the body is collapsing onto the mounts, mostly around the firewall.
the transmission mount broke again(that's #3!),but this happened on the rubicon section suzi&i ran. i didn't realize 'till south lake tahoe, where straps were applied. this was repeated a couple of more times, as the trip progressed.
suzi's winch worked quite well, but something happened to the control lever, and needs repair.
all the rest of her systems functioned well.
i carried too much camp equipment for that type of run, but it all fit, even if i didn't use it.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/31/16 07:57 AM

sorry to be so distracted, but that's life.
sorry i haven't posted the carnage pics as promised.
suzi the psychic is gonna start anticipating some fish time.
mabe as early as april.
suzi is moving into the service area.
from this will come carnage repair pics.
btw- happy new year
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/26/16 02:58 AM

just slowly inching toward the "shop" area.
2 major things are planned for the first go-around:
repair some body mount failures(front of "the tub").
install front locker.
the tub is collapsing onto the mounting points, so suzi is wanting to flex at the firewall and door pillars. so far it's just effecting the door alignments. mabe i can flex it back level.
got the locker today, and some recommended transmission/transfer case mounts, so i can remove the straps that are holding her together.
also gonna upgrade a replacement r drag link.
fordyce was brutal.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/28/16 05:30 AM

Gonna change to some Cal-Mini, or similar parts to increase your clearances and flex?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/28/16 06:58 PM

hey russell- how u b?
no cal-mini on suzi the psychic, and probably not much more flex in her future, but perhaps a bit more body clearance if the body repairs work.
i am interested in putting this locker in front, and seeing how much difference it makes.
while she's getting this attention, i may look at making some changes to rear shock mounts- get the lowers raised so they are not rock feelers. may have to raise the uppers, to keep the shock from being the travel stop, or find different shocks....
we will see.
my brother is doing some work on miss bitchy, so she will be able to play this season. his place burned in the butte fire last year. miss bitchy is one of the only things that survived the flames- scorched and melted plastics- somehow the tires didn't cook off(unlike the tractor, pickup, golfcart, house, all the out buildings, a good number of trees, etc).
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/11/16 06:10 AM

this forum looks and acts different. wasn't able to modify my last post. must be something i did, 'cause. wadaino.
anyhoo, "the lotus" is still inhabiting the service area of "the shop" with no front suspension, awaiting parts from england.
i will setup for welding, and "beef" a replacement draglink for suzi's right side.
this will be the start of the "sierra carnage" repairs/modifications.
i will take some pictures and see if i can make that happen....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/13/16 02:30 AM

i have completed the first of the sierra carnage repairs.
suzi bent her right draglink(again), so.......
took a replacement draglink from a later model unit, and some 1 1/2" angle stock.
strategically metalglued.....
stick some stickers on, to show the rocks- next time.
this is an "improved" version of what suzi's wearing on the left.

note: the later model draglinks look beefier than stock, but are really just bigger in diameter. actually pretty thin.....
haven't bent the left one since adding some "slider/stiffener" material some time back.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/13/16 02:33 AM

i don't see any pictures......wt*
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/15/16 05:42 AM

<a href="http://s301.photobucket.com/user/rascott_2008/media/IMG_0202.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn56/rascott_2008/IMG_0202.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_0202.jpg"/></a>

such a luddite.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/17/16 03:31 AM

another try
oh, well.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/19/16 12:22 AM

not sure about the picture thing, and there must be some way to make attachments, and what happened w/being able to modify a post?
anyway, next step is to lift suzi's body off the chassis, so i can figure out how to repair her collapsing body.
apparently, her "tub" requires more support than the stamped sheetmetal "here- bolt to this" can supply.
note that the tube rockers(body)and tube rockers(chassis)are doing a good job as sliders, and the front skidplate has held up well.
the center skidplate had to be removed prior to fordyce, so it is undamaged, and the plate mounting struts did a pretty good job of fending off rocks, so they need straightening.
still need to replace the trans mounts.........
been eyeballin' those rear shock mounts, and something will have to happen there.
oh, yea. the front locker.
and mix in fluid changes and filter changes, and valve adjustments and plug changes as we go......
i'll be taking pictures, and will continue trying to figure out this new website.......
dreamtarget- late april.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/20/16 04:21 AM

I can't make your pics, either.

I am well, and have been assigned to a project in Klamath Falls. Will be there off and on until August or September.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/23/16 12:28 PM

<a href="http://s301.photobucket.com/user/rascott_2008/media/IMG_0199.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn56/rascott_2008/IMG_0199.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_0199.jpg"/></a>

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/24/16 12:27 AM

so i see this box "markup", and only selection is "without ubbcode/html"
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/26/16 06:33 AM


anyway, started making (rear) lower shock mounts.
also experimented with posting pictures.
kf6zpl gave me what are probably clear instructions.
i will continue to try.
"the lotus" continues to be a service area plug. the required parts have not left england yet.
still shooting to have suzi fitted w/a front locker by late april.
it could happen.......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/30/16 03:55 AM

not much ado except givin' her another coat of lookin' at.
i did pull skid plates, and poked around the scrap metal.
thinking of cutting off the stamped sheetmetal mounting locations(on the tub, just aft of the wheelwells)- these are squashing, and incorporate the mounting studs.
mabe plate the floor w/sheetmetal, add a substantial substitute mount location and stud that should distribute support over a greater area. spread the load.
also think this can be done without fully removing the body. perhaps just loosening and lifting will allow me to fit the repair....
haha- didn't try the picgame this time.

also--- used to be able to edit my posts for many days, not just immediately after......,and i originally got a photobucket account so i could post pics on this forum, but seem to have totally geezered out on how this site works.

haha- see i can edit now
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/03/16 01:01 AM

still unable to get suzi the psychic in front of "the shop" because of "the lotus" plug(parts should be arriving next week), but was able to remove/replace the transmission and transfer case mounts.
this was carnage that showed up on the little piece of the rubicon(before john and i bailed on a parts run)- tore brand new transmission mount #3 apart.
transfercase mount suffered from there on.....
the replacements are not stock. courtesy trailtough.
they look 10x stronger, so i should break something else, next time.
i took pictures.
mabe this note in "post options" that says "html is disabled" and "ubbcode is disabled" has something to do w/my picprobs..........?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/04/16 01:15 AM

so i had to reinstall my driveshaft spacer(because i believe it does help reduce some shaft slop).
anybody know howmany times i've done that? haha- coun't 'em.
wonder if this pic will come out.......

try this one:
http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn56/rascott_2008/IMG_0214.jpg [img]http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn56/rascott_2008/IMG_0214.jpg[/img]

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/06/16 01:12 AM

[Linked Image]
hey- the pictures are working again. this is draglink.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
driveshaft spacer added again.....
[Linked Image]
transmission/transfercase mounts.
[Linked Image]
thankyou, kf6zpl, for your assistance.
sorta uptodate.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/10/16 05:44 PM

suzi the psychic has moved into the service are of "the shop".
serious carnage repairs can commence.
and mabe some "up grades", also........

note: used to be able to modify my posts. now only immediately after initial posting.

put her on stands.
[Linked Image]
can't see more drop than this without asking for problems.
[Linked Image]
must consider rear brake hose and handbrake cable lengths and dropping springs. probably have to make new upper spring perchs, or add limit straps, or go back to mustang shocks(easiest).........
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/11/16 03:52 AM

Nice to see the progress on Suzi! I was able to wrench on my garbage can bicycle today, first wrenching in over two weeks!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/12/16 01:00 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
first wrenching in over two weeks!

i gather you've been on assignment- that puts a crimp on recreational wrenching.
i had to assemble new front suspension on "the lotus", so it could vacate the service area.
[Linked Image]
now suzi is getting some attention.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/13/16 03:58 AM

looks like, after one day, posts can no longer be modified.

i made up 2 sets of lower shock mounts.
welded one set on.
cut it off.
wrong size and angle.
i will try again.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/18/16 05:34 AM

Saw a Europa on the road this afternoon. wink
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/19/16 02:47 AM

got a pair of shocks for a mustang(again), and put the left side together.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/19/16 02:54 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
Saw a Europa on the road this afternoon. wink

wasn't me(yet)- only been making short, local forays.
i haven't seen one on the road in a long time.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/27/16 05:43 PM

not much has happened outside of work, and that has put me way off "schedule".
did manage to glue the other lower shock mount, and put suzi back on her wheels. note that the mustang shocks came with some fancy bolt for the bottom end instead of a sleeve, so i pressed them out of the f150 shocks and fit them. should work.
good this was completed, 'cause i realized her registration was due, and this was smog required year.....
she passed, so is good for another 2yrs.
now to fix the body mounts, and install locker.
planning a run next month(0519-0523).
plan on testing a front locker........
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/29/16 03:56 AM

That's great! I'm glad Suzi passed smog, always a headache with the Mitsus.

We look forward to the picture travelog, as always!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/16 01:30 AM

yes- i'm always pleased when she passes smog, and also pleased to only have to test every other year. i'll bet you only have to do it at initial registration?
today i decided to start on the front locker project(as well as some yard work, watching the ballgame, jawin' w/the neighbor, etc.).......
[Linked Image]
this was easier than i thought it would be.
hope i can figure out the rest, and remember how it goes back together.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/16 02:37 AM

richard, I live in the north portion of the Sacramento Valley, as you know, and it's still smog country. I may have our recent acquaintance, Noah Zimmerman, do the smogs in Oakland...he's a Mitsu guy.

I'll be doing a front diff swap with a Starion LSD in Pearl, also...later this year. Your thread is always inspirational for me.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/16 09:22 PM

a good smog guy will not only pre-test for you, but give suggestions on how to repair(if needed). i've been using john rood(santa cruz)forever- afraid he will retire, and i'll have to start interviewing........
pooched a carrier bearing trying to remove it.....wasn't paying attention. now i'll be paying for new bearings.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/16 10:15 PM

ah well frown
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/02/16 12:50 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
ah well frown

haha- all my fault. knew my puller just hooked the cage and kept crankin' anyway.....
much better with the other side, and pressed it on the modified carrier.
mabe i can find a new one tomorrow.
[Linked Image]
re:smog..... i thought mabe you were far enough from civilization. didn't consider "the valley" effect... are you once a year?

btw- just looked to see if u were "online"- what is a spider?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/02/16 04:13 AM

Smog is bi-annual, as elsewhere in Cali.

Nice press!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/05/16 06:39 AM

tuesday was productive, and a nice day to play.
[Linked Image]
found that a hf magnetic dial indicator bracket can screw directly to the differential case, and a few blocks make a diffmount out of a wheel.
[Linked Image]
ready to go back in place.....
[Linked Image]
currently working on motor mount repairs(right mount is wasted again-#3?), and steering straightening.
have another new centerlink, and expect to overhaul the idler arm(replace bushing, at least?). also need to fix what holds the steering box to the chassis, so that it doesn't keep coming loose....
mabe this weekend, but not mother's day.
better get some flowers.
planning a test run in a couple of weeks(ef carson?)
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/07/16 09:14 AM

both motor mounts were toasted. ratchet straps can help "for temporary". yay fordyce
[Linked Image]
another trailtough fix c/o brent/linda.
[Linked Image]
much stronger.
not strong was the failing bodymount(r). it was torn off of the body, and very difficult to remove.
still deciding what kind of steel to use for mount repair- mirror copy for the left side...... and some "hard facing"of things, before putting the axle back in....
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/08/16 10:20 PM

[Linked Image]

Suzi's doppelganger in K-Falls!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/11/16 05:50 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
[Linked Image]

Suzi's doppelganger in K-Falls!

mabe her twin brother? haha.
currently, suzi the psychic looks like this......
[Linked Image]
figured out how to put the axle in place. seems to fit.
monkeyed with the bodymount that used to be here:
[Linked Image]
chewed out some sheetmetal and glued some angle in place with some xtra stuff inside.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
figure on running a bolt thru this arrangement, with some modified stock rubber dognut in the middle.
could work. standard crappy gluewelding, but probably buttered it up enough to hold together. the other side is not so bad(hmmmm), and i may do nothing about it yet.
suzi and i have a date, and she's not dressed up yet.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/13/16 04:10 AM

bolted the mount, and it will probably work for now.
removed the bent centerlink and have the new one in place.
put oil in the front axle.
looking like we will make our date, if i torque my way out from downunder, "fix" the loose steering box, and change the engine oil/filter, the wheels can go back on.
then put the rest of her back together(some things must be left for another time), clean out and repack for a run.
haha. it could happen.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/15/16 04:45 AM

managed to button it all up.
total failure in trying to press a new bushing into my idler arm, so i serviced a good used assembly, and finished the steering repairs by adding some metalglue to the captive nuts(in the chassis)for the steering box bolts.
still no skid plates- the front and tcase skids are just bolt backs, but the center skid lost a strut mounting tab. minorfix.
changed the motor and rear diff. oils- that was original oil in the rear.......
recap of this service run:
drag link, rear shock mounts(and new shocks),rightside bodymount repair, transmission/tcase/motor mounts, centerlink replacement- these could be considered aggravated sierra challenge repairs.
other attentions were paid to suzi, and she was fondled all over.
the front locker is going to be interesting.
i have the wheels back on, and expect to move her about a bit tomorrow. see if anything falls off or locks up.
i should take some pictures.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/16/16 04:41 AM

spent most of the day hacking brush that keeps trying to grow like crazy- uncovered a lot of the back deck. regular jungle around here......
did move suzi back and forth a bit, and the locker locks, and nothing snapped when i bound up the drivetrain.
should be interesting to try it for real.
put the front skid on, and the tcase skid, but the tranny skid needs some repair. not gonna happen for this run.
still need to clean her out, organize spares and tools, and repack.
miss bitchy is getting ready to play also. her first run since the butte fire.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/28/16 06:50 AM

poor suzi the psychic......
so the first run of the season did not unfold as planned.
miss bitchy required extra fondling to be run, so we didn't start over the hill until Saturday. carson pass was pretty nasty- rain turned to snow, and it was heavy at altitude, and not where i was planning on "testing" a new front locker.
disappointed to find hwy89 to monitor pass closed.
[Linked Image]
interested to see some of the damage from the fire that forced us to flee last year.........
spent 2 nights at markleeville, and planned a june return.
caught no fish.
speaking of fire damage, my brother's house used to be here......post butte fire debris clearing.
[Linked Image]
nothing broke or fell off(at first look), and it was just a road trip.
the front locker felt weird going over carson pass, but what did i expect? it felt weird in the driveway.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/30/16 11:10 PM

Man, so many victims of that fire.

Glad nothing broke down. smile
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/03/16 03:21 PM

nothing broke or fell off, at least nothing noisy.
suzi the psychic produces lots of different sounds, at great volume, when she is battling pavement.
seems i didn't plan the shock mounting quite right, and think i was finding the bottom of the shocks on good bumps.
adjusted the spring puck pack(by adding 1/2"), lowered the bumpstop 1/4", and added a 1/2" puck to the axle stop plate, to "tune" the movement.
[Linked Image]
this should work better.
we shall see in a couple of weeks.
sorry to have burned a run over the hill as a road trip- it's hard on the little girl- this one should be more interesting.......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/21/16 06:50 AM

suzi the psychic got me to the e f carson again.
[Linked Image]
i went in thursday. miss bitchy brought my brother in on friday. we left sunday.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/24/16 04:55 AM

trip too short?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/26/16 02:17 PM

have to live another life, and that has been interfering with my "spare" time, so we had to come out a day early.
still- can't beat a couple of days on that river!
a bit spooky on the way in, as the fire that forced us out last year had crossed some of hwy89, driving thru a scorched waste...skeletons of trees...coating of ash....
i hear it got to the leviathan mine before burnout, but i didn't go in that way.
a most needed and appreciated, relaxing run.
don't get another 'till the end of next month.
looking forward.......
here's a look down toward the river.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/04/16 03:55 AM

i thought the cvboot had split.
never felt a thing.
there must be part of the cage, and a couple of those big balls, somewhere between here and there.........
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/08/16 03:24 AM

suzi the psychic has taken me on the always epic sierra challenge(carnage).
how could we resist the opportunity to wheel the high sierra with a great, supportive, and determined group?
the run home was a bit slow, with a lot of drive train noise, but she got me home.
poor girl- i hit a tree(imagine that) hard enough to crumple her r/f fender...... also hit a few rocks.....
carnage list to come.
[Linked Image]
i'll look thru my pics of the trip. mabe some came out.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/18/17 06:52 PM

been asleep for a while.
sorry I didn't post as promised.
starting to prepare for a fish season again- a bit later than usual.
will try to update.......
Posted By: 4x4Wire

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/19/17 07:41 AM

Good morning! Looking forward to some fishing spot action....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/03/17 05:45 PM

finally took some time off otherthings.
suzi has been patiently awaiting my attentions.
her rearend was flopping around, as the centerlink a-arm arrangement was no longer firmly mounted to the chassis.
i hammered, welded, and shimmed-up something to hold it back in place.
i'm attempting to add some photos, but something has gone weird in my absence........
i also modified the bumpstops, and proofed articulaton.
haha- now i need to get out of the driveway, and see what happens.
suzi the psychic wants an outing w/miss bitchy inna cupla weeks.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/04/17 03:16 PM

o k.
tried figuring out the pic thing, but haven't yet.
heard of photoshop complaints, and now may understand why....i see those pics are locked or something....
set suzi free on the road- lots of drivetrain noise that gets louder w/speed.
it will be howling on the hwy.
i worry about the hwy stuff.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/06/17 03:43 AM

trying a pic

....hmmm. a bit better- at least on my end- but not much

Attached File
IMG_3153resize.JPG  (5 downloads)
Attached File
IMG_3154resize.JPG  (3 downloads)
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/01/17 08:24 PM

I've had a general conversion to Imgur for pics, recently. There's no similar third-party image as Photobucket has been giving recently. Cheers
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/07/17 07:16 PM

old dog/new trick.
we will see about pics.
i did torture suzi w/some hyway howling, and made a fishrun w/miss bitchy.
i had peeked into her differential, expecting to find mush bearings, but it looked fine.
i reset the bearing preloads and backlash and stuffed it back in.
no change.
i have successfully removed an axle bearing from the left axle, and should be able to do the right side- expect to have her back in operation next week.
mabe new outer bearings will quieten her down......?
miss bitchy did real well. we had some snow on our way in. got interesting.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/10/17 12:09 AM

success in replacing the axle bearings(and outer seals).
had to make an interesting jumble of items to act as a press plate, to remove the bearings- installation was more conventional.
something in the gearbox(?) is still howling, louder w/speed.
everything seems to work fine.
with ear plugs.
i had replace the transmission/transfercase mounts(and engine mounts) with some very solid "unbreakable" ones.
the stock things kept ripping the rubber apart.
perhaps i am just hearing more gear noise due to lack of isolation......?
perhaps another run in a couple weeks.
i took some pictures of the bearing work. it was interesting. i should learn how to post 'em.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/29/17 04:40 PM

nixed the fishrun idea, and decided to strengthen the chassis- where the steeringbox bolts on.
several cracks and tears have been appearing, as if the chassis has been twisting.
got some metal plates and straps formed, and intend to weld it all together.
this could even look good.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 11/06/17 02:59 AM

-it certainly looks like something happened to it, and it kinda looks like i thought it should........
metalglued the plates and straps to the chassis.
expect to see if the steeringbox will still fit sometime this week.
squirted some paint to hide the repair site.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 11/26/17 04:49 AM

the steering box fits- still need to weld a steering limiter in place, and remount the pump&hoses&reservoir- should work.
got sidetracked by flailing around w/the grinder, damaging the copper tubing for my old mechanical oil pressure guage.
wiring an upgrade triggered a revisiting of the rats nest of splicing....added some nest.

i will be surprised if suzi's soft top lasts another year. her back "window" has been a problem(zipper) pretty much since it was new.
gotta think of a hardtop. mabe.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/26/17 10:29 PM

just watch suzi on the 'con

nice to see you're still working with her
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Re: suzi the psychic - 12/01/17 11:47 PM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
just watch suzi on the 'con

nice to see you're still working with her

suzi could see the 'con again- still looking like this steering breakage repair will work.
finished w/the metal glue gun(mabe) by sticking on a steering stop, so i can make her mobile again.
still gotta fixup some of her electric "circuit".
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/03/17 04:24 AM

another update......
steering pump and ancillaries installed, and i can roll her around again.
good girl.
i can put "the lotus" in the "shop" position.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 01/05/18 03:35 AM

just a touch.....
suzi the psychic is patiently awaiting a new season.
she has a new "dome" light, a nice new fancy electric oil pressure gauge, and some cleaned-up wirenest, and some thinkin' on otherthings.
mabe i will pay photobucket to re-host my pics this year.
still thinking some kinda hardtop thing.
looking forward
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/06/18 03:06 AM

Imgur.com still free hosting pics
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Re: suzi the psychic - 02/04/18 07:54 PM

Originally Posted by rascott
got a pair of shocks for a mustang(again), and put the left side together.
[Linked Image]

looking thru my "recent" postings, i found that I was able to pic. somehow.
no idea how this happened.
little new to report on suzi, except that she patiently sits in the driveway. perhaps an early season(?), as the drought conditions seem to have returned........
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Re: suzi the psychic - 03/24/18 12:13 AM

woke up suzi today.
looked o k under the hood, so i ran her out to the gas station and then to my smog guy.
perhaps a service/tune-up will make it happen, and it's been a couple of seasons....
interesting(to me) she is running a bit lean.
getting her dressed.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 03/26/18 04:15 AM

fresh oil &new filters &plugs +some minor adjustments got done.
then metalglued some strength to the r/f skid mount bar.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/08/18 05:58 PM

smogged and legal.
removing/repairing some electrical things that have either become useless or croaked and useless.
got the rest of her skidplates on.
i should empty her out, and see how much of that stuff is worth haulin' around......
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/08/18 07:04 PM

so glad that suzi still goes

Roxy has become a parts car for another running, operable raider, but i'm not sad about that

need new fishing and offroading pics now
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/11/18 08:44 AM

roxy's spirit lives on!
suzi the sychic is still willing, and we hope for an exciting and busy season.
i am less confident of pics- - - - seems to be a personal problem.....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/17/18 05:39 PM

life seems to be more predictable.
forays begin in a couple of weeks.
mabe the fish are still there...........
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/22/18 04:23 AM

made a deal w/photopeople.
too lazy to figure another way...…..
should start taking pics again.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/19/18 02:13 AM

totally unscripted but productive fish run.
original idea became hellhole reservoir, but i was blind to a road closure- ended up exploring @wentworth springs/south.
[Linked Image]
nice brown on cheese camp creek. enjoyed john fork silver creek. gherle fun but crowded. avoided rubicon traffic.
alternator quit on the way home. didn't notice 'till after dark. had to camp at livermore orealy until morning for parts. good people.
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/20/18 02:56 AM

shaking out the bugs?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/20/18 12:47 PM

always trying to shake those bugs out!
still trying to figure what causes the tremendous howl in her drivetrain. earplugs don't work anymore.
got another fish window next month- e f carson.
found barrett on my map.
looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/29/18 04:52 PM

"the shop" got shifted, so suzi the psychic is back in the service bay.
past time to take another whack at the howl-
think i will look inside her transmission.
a lot of metal pieces came out when i drained the oil.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 07/01/18 06:15 AM

i have a later model('93) transmission that is, of course, different in a couple of ways.
perhaps the difference in the input shaft is not critical, 'cause i can make the rest fit.
the chunks are back in place, but it's still smoke and mirrors.
hope this works, we have a fish window approaching.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/01/18 07:04 PM

best of luck with the fish!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/10/18 05:47 AM

so i kinda did it twice...… after reinstalling the gearboxes and testing(on blocks), some kickinginthebutt went on as i had considered replacing the throwout bearing but didn't.
so everything got pulled and reassembled with a luk clutch kit added.
i expect to put her back on the ground and fitted enough to test drive to work on wednesday morning.

we leave thursday morning.

as always, looking forward.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/11/18 02:21 AM

your readers look forward to the fishing report and how awesome suzi is
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/19/18 03:18 AM

suzi the psychic (w/miss bitchy and notnamed jeep) made a run to the e f carson.
fishing was a lot of fun, but i spent most of it on one particular run- worked it several times. just kept changing flies.
went out nevada.
suzi is still howling. what will i do?

[Linked Image]
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Re: suzi the psychic - 07/26/18 06:17 AM

i have a nice, stock transfercase, from a '93 model, and a new set of gears.
i expect to fit the gears, and swapout cases by the end of the month.
gotta run commin',
[Linked Image]
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Re: suzi the psychic - 07/28/18 05:13 AM

gears in.
now to swap....
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Re: suzi the psychic - 07/29/18 12:26 AM

got the gearboxes changed. spent at least an hour trying to remove the box, before removing the last bolt. after taking out the last bolt, the idiot was able to proceed
used 2 u-joints to replace one, on the rear driveshaft...… crossed a needle bearing on the first try.
all&all, i'm pleased w/my tinkertime.
expect roadable tomorrow.
expect to be in the sierras this time next week.
looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/29/18 04:38 PM

put fluid in the gearbox.
found 4x4switch function fail. spent a lot of time removing the switch(not easy when box is in place),tried to find the small ball i had put? behind the switch, installed proper larger ball, re-install switch and gain function. wonder where the ball went.
think i'll move tires around since i can.

then see if she works right...…..

suzi the psychic still moves, and things appear o k.
think i'll see if she gets me to work in the morning..... and back.
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Re: suzi the psychic - 08/11/18 03:58 PM

suzi the psychic has brought me home again.
we were able to crawl the sierras with the best travel companions possible.
damage was sustained, but mitigated, throughout the adventure.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/11/18 11:41 PM

glad that you and suzi could play after tinker-time smile
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/12/18 06:11 PM

suzi the psychic is always willing to give her all to these ventures.
her hyway drive is a real pain, and i think more tinkering is required.
i believe an open diff. for the hyway is in her future- that poor lunchbox locker mostly acts like what a spool does?
be fun to play w/an airlocker.
broke some metalglue joint in the front skid and used a few zip ties to hold it in position(and tried not to hit it there), but that is the only obvious carnage.
we will see- closer inspection need to be done...…..
looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/15/18 06:53 AM

suzi the psychic wants another fish run.
so do I.
perhaps a close inspection of the rear locker should happen first.
i still have the original papers and replacement springs, so mabe the "shop" will open this weekend.
mabe attend to the broken front skid(ziptie should be fine for this run, though).
haha- should only take a few hours.
[Linked Image]
here is a pose at rubicon springs- last month
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Re: suzi the psychic - 09/16/18 03:23 PM

[Linked Image]
so, once again, i have stripped her rearend apart.
i see no obvious problem, and observe seemingly proper function.
i have not found the little replacement springs- time seems to have eaten them- and am reluctant to do a complete disassembly.
i may just put her back together and use ear plugs.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/19/18 05:27 AM

went w/the "put 'er back together" idea.
probably drive her to work thursday, just to make sure i didn't forget anything.
figure on bailing outa town that night...….

expect to be on the river friday afternoon, but looks like a short run- gotta go to work on monday..
looking forward
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/25/18 02:49 AM

so- my pokings and prodings made some difference in the noise levels and tone...…. go figure.
spent some quality time on the river.
caught fish.
picture of markleeville from on high:
[Linked Image]

perhaps last run of the season.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/25/18 07:38 PM

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/18/18 06:21 AM

suzi is patiently awaiting next season.
she has donated her alternator to "the lotus", but will only be disabled for a couple of days.
reminds me of a couple of things to modify before next serious use...….
looking forward.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/19/18 06:58 PM

Anytime one can donate things to a Lotus, even on a temporary basis, is one of honour.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/11/19 04:12 AM

suzi the psychic has been pulled into the service bay.
i picked up a rear axle. this is from a '934dr.
i am going to compare the differences...….
i replaced the alternator she donated to "the lotus".
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/17/19 10:05 PM

since no rain, daylight, and time coincided, i was able to putter a bit.
attacked my parts rearend…
[Linked Image]
stripped it to a bare tube.
[Linked Image]
next is to pull suzi's rear axles to confirm these "new" axles will work for me.
looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/18/19 11:21 PM

so----examination of the internals...….
the axles have the correct splines, so i'm quite pleased.
the differential carrier is not usable, as the ring gear bolt pattern is different.
the tube is the same, and suzi's chunk will bolt to it.
the brakes are bigger on the 4dr, and i have all the parts...….
[Linked Image]
nice day today.
drinking beer and tinkering.
looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/21/19 02:19 AM

i think the tube has seen no rocks before, so i cleaned it up and made it shine.
[Linked Image]
then began the existing rearend removal process.
observation--- much contact happens on suzi's poor pumpkin(i'll post pic later?), so i'll mess-up the new paint when i try to metalglue some wearplate type thing on the bottom to protect that drainplug better.
also want to get a bit longer(1-2" brake hose to replace the 30yr. old one to the axle. been wanting to do that for the front, also.
developing too many alsos.
time to start makin' the punch lists- the seasons move on..
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/23/19 01:19 AM

had a bit more time/weather, so i did clear suzi's rearend, and am examining the pieces.....
I have found that the pumpkin it's self is pretty good at dragging over rock, but the drainplug really takes a beating.
[Linked Image]
it used to stick out proud, like this one.
[Linked Image]
i intend to beef that area up a bit.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/23/19 09:29 PM

Can you use a hardened bead, or beveled plate, and fab a mini-slider over this?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/24/19 03:45 AM

hey russell-we think alike.
the rest of her old tube was fine, but the drain plug was becoming difficult- so much of it was ground away!
i made up some sacrificial skin to thicken the bottom.....
[Linked Image]
and stiched it on.
[Linked Image]
after i flail around at it with a grinder for awhile, i'll add another smaller layer - bring it up to grade.
interested in how these larger rear brakes could work. everything always felt kinda weak back there.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/25/19 06:10 AM

got some more done.
[Linked Image]
the tube, with differential, is back in place.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/03/19 06:20 AM

weather has conflicted w/suzitime, but the axle is complete.
in little bits, the brake plumbing and cables are going together, and i have decided to replace the front brake hoses.
30yrs. could be pushing it, and caps510 showed us what losing a front brakehose can be like- on the last sierra carnage run!
anyway- mabe suzi the psychic will take me to work next week. testrun.
i can smell the season, and want to be ready.
looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/04/19 02:21 AM

kinda wet, but i was seeing the possibility...….
finished the plumbing and bled out all the old brake fluid, and put her shoes back on.
[Linked Image]
bent the stock brake lines to run higher across the tube- used to be right across the back. mabe a bit less exposed.
gonna street her in the am- see if i tightened everything.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/09/19 11:16 PM

looking good
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/07/19 11:02 PM

this always makes me smile. mabe i posted it before.....
[Linked Image]
i have metalglued something to hold the trans/transfer boxes in place.
[Linked Image]
suzi and miss bitchy are discussing a run.

bolted up o k.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/17/19 03:27 AM

been having only bits of time recently, but suzi gets tickled when possible.
a couple of years ago she suffered some of fordyce, and destroyed one of the right side bodymounts.
the left side showed signs of similar failure, but i only fixed the "broken" one.
mabe i can make a neater repair this time.
i should take som pics...… mabe this weekend.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/18/19 03:53 AM

That’s one serious looking heavy duty cross member. I like it
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/18/19 08:25 AM

i hope it will take abuse better than the stock xmember, and help align the driveline better- still have to adapt the skidplate(s) to the new arrangement, but it'll happen.

this is the left bodymount(under drivers feet) that finished tearing off last season.
[Linked Image]
gonna metalglue some stiffener/mount stuff in there....

kinda crappy picture. i'll try again before i hack it up.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/19/19 02:56 AM

OUCH! Looks like Suzi has a booboo. She must be a pretty tough girl'. We don't have much for rocks to crawl around on here in Kansas. Can be had in any direction but north, but it takes a minimum of 5 hrs. I'm interested in seeing how you do the repair so keep up the pictures (please).
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/20/19 05:43 AM

suzi the psychic has spirit, and she always has gotten me back home.
i poke into the sierras- that is a humungous granite rock!
btw- suzi's frequent trail partner, miss bitchy, is an '87 Montero(still on first owner).
forgot to get a better b4 pic...…sawsalled the mount bolt and considered what to cut next...
[Linked Image]
spent a lot of time removing the tar/vinyl sound deadening stuff from the floor, 'cause it makes a mess when it melts, and it burns well.
[Linked Image]
i have cut some angle pieces to replace that sheetmetal squash, and will build the mount point on that.
this will probably be better than the other side? mabe.
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/21/19 05:03 AM

Looking at all your pictures again and noticed Suzi has plenty of Scrapes, Scratches, bumps and bruises, not to mention the metal stitches. And through all of that she always manages to get you home.

I would say she has the serious toughness, never give up spirit and can do attitude that her owner has instilled in her. Keep up the great work “ Rascott” and she will always do you right.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/22/19 09:42 PM

managed to butter in some steel pieces, and this should work for awhile...…
[Linked Image]
inside will be a bump under the "carpet", so i'll have something to rest my heel on.
[Linked Image]
i also found the front mount was also failed, so i had to revisit that.... this is where a po had impaled her, in her previous life.
[Linked Image]
these little suzukis are built pretty lightly, so that whompin' 1.3L motor can push it.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/10/19 05:35 AM

changed my mind and am revisiting the rear end again.
the noise that has been developing for some years seems to be related to some very worn pinion bearings.
this should be interesting.
got a fish window opening in a week.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/11/19 07:20 AM

pressed a new bearing onto the pinion.
[Linked Image]
mabe i have the pinion preload right, and have begun putting the carrier assembly back in......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/12/19 05:53 PM

[Linked Image]
this is a chunk again. seems o k too me, and i still have four days to get suzi the psychic back on her wheels.
perhaps the test run will be carson pass. surely ebbet's is open by now?
looking forward
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/13/19 02:52 AM

Sounds like fun, hope everything works out. I'm not quite ready to take on a project like that yet, I don't even have a press (yet).
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/20/19 09:17 PM

suzi the psychic has completed another run, but weather and road closures forced us to camp on the river near hwy89/4. hoped to get thru the gate for the next couple of days, but the caltrans guys pretended i was invisible...…
the thursday run over carson pass was interesting- lots of snow/mush.
friday cleared up nicely, so i put her new top on.
leaning goth?
[Linked Image]
saturday-sunday was on/off snow/rain, but simplecamp worked fine.
[Linked Image]
no stretching her legs on this run. good lazy.
looking forward
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/22/19 02:39 AM

(Y) .. used to equal "LIKE" on Facebook
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/03/19 04:10 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
(Y) .. used to equal "LIKE" on Facebook

suzi the psychic appreciates the nod.
i was real pleased with her last run, even though it was mostly hyway stuff.
a bit more driveline spacer has since been added, some useless wire has been removed, and a failed battery terminal clamp(in the "house" batteries)
has been replaced.
couple more stickers added......
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/06/19 12:53 AM

stickers always help
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/21/19 08:32 PM

been able to play a bit.
ateup the rear propshaft seal at the transfercase.
replaced seal.
all good still, and still looking forward.
should be a sierra carnage run in a couple months.....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/26/19 01:55 AM

suzi the psychic is expecting to climb around in the sierras in a week.
i have modified her underarmor to fit the new xmember/mount. should help protect things?
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/09/19 01:37 AM

suzi the psychic brought me home, again, but early and in a wounded condition.
seems the left output shaft(axle) in the front axle assembly broke. very loud "pop" when it happened.
this happened on the ershim side of the dusy-ershim trail.
decided to forgo running the rubicon, but went for the meet-up at wentworth springs.
then fished my way out of the mountains, and came home.
also mushed her driverside mirror with a tree.
some pics will follow, i'm sure.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/10/19 04:11 AM

here is a poser shot. was too busy on the big stuff.
dusy-ershim on 31" tires.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/10/19 09:51 PM


Sounds like you had a good time and got lots of fishing in. Nice picture too.

To bad about Suzi's injuries, but you know what they say.

Hope she is back out hauling you to fishing holes soon.

Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/11/19 12:39 AM

one of the truly legit picks from a trip with AZ crew? or is this solo legit?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/14/19 03:57 AM

this was the 2019 sierra challenge(carnage) run.
lightly attended this year- only 2 of us did the dusy-ershim.
was going to be 3 for the rubicon, but i ducked, so that was a duo also.
we expect a full crew for 2020.

suzi has to wait a couple of weeks for the service bay- the lotus has it tied up, at the moment, for some needed attention.
need to experiment w/33" tires for suzi. see if she can turn them on the hyway……
looking forward
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/02/19 07:19 AM

the lotus is still hogging the little bit of "spare" time accrued lately, so suzi the psychic is still awaiting some "shop" space.
she has developed some window malfunctions- like they don't roll up without binding...…..
only trail damage i have noticed, except for the front axle shaft, is the driver side mirror pod- mushed it in a tree, so... not bad!
starting to look for some tires.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 11/27/19 10:43 PM

not much to report re:suzi repair, except that she has moved into the "service bay".
good news- i have found time to organize "the shop", and expect to spend more time on play.
still looking forward.
Posted By: winchtrail

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/03/19 04:07 AM

Thing is I really hate stickers on the exterior but loving the look with the skid.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/07/19 05:52 AM

i've tried to put as much skid under suzi as i can. she is often using it.
suzi the psychic has many stickers. even some inside.
i also use paint pens to record damage by date/location...….. she is pretty well marked-up.

been able to make better access to so much of "the shop", that i'm upgrading some tooling.
some new toys to play with!
expect to get the front axle apart before xmas.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/01/20 04:13 AM

occasionally i stop getting distracted, and do something. then do it very slowly.
it took a long time to remove skidstuff.
right axle came out easy, after wheel, hub/circlip, balljoint and tierod removed.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
already have the driveshaft disconnected- still need to unbolt left axle and 3 differential mounts.
then look at it.
moving right along- starting to "plan" some early adventures.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/03/20 12:33 AM

so-as suspected- the inner axle(differential output shaft?) is broken.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
there should be splines!!!
i can see the stub in the 3rd member, from the rightside, and will experiment with retrieving stub w/o removing 3rd.
'could be interesting to know, for out on the trail...…..
will try remember to report results.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/03/20 08:00 PM

hmmm...…. used to be able to edit my posts. seem to have lost that option?
i would have been able to do this with out removing the differential carrier(front axle assembly),on the trail.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
good to know.
used a thin piece of stock to pop the splined axle remnant out of the diff., and a magnetic pickup tool to fish it out with.
i have a couple replacement inner axles coming from trailtough.
mabe i can fix the windows?
looking forward
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/12/20 11:19 PM

continuing with trail repair method...…..
i have replace the axle assembly, w/out the left inner axle, and will now see what must be removed to install it(as if in the "bush").
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
i think i can leave the outer axle in place- mabe just unbolt the ball joint?
while waiting for parts, i decided to mabe monkey w/the a-arm mounting, so i'm gonna take more apart anyway.
didn't do more than think about the windows...…..
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/21/20 04:43 AM

suzi the psychic was never supposed to see the abuse she endures.
experimenting with adjusting the a-arm mounting- changing the angle they've been forced to at the ball joint....
mocking some mounts 1 1/2" lower than stock, to see how it articulates. also starting to rustle some 33x10.5x15" tires for fitment checking.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/23/20 03:51 AM

inspection of a-arms reveals an interesting anomaly.
the rear bushing has been driven forward(in the arm) @3/8". the front bushing is seated properly.
wear patterns in the rear mount show the a-arm has been shoved rearward.... @3/8".
poor suzi is showing signs of being driven by feel.
when i replace the bushings, i will need to relocate the front mounts...… forward...…. i'll bet @3/8".
have some ideas on how to compensate, and harden the forward mounts at the same time(?).
they drop off that tube between the chassis rails. kinda lightweight. can't imagine how they could get bent.....
this is how she rolls.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/21/20 03:04 AM

some progress. started buttering some steel pieces after cutting stuff out of the way.....
i suspect the arms will hang somewhere around here. pressed new bushings in 'em.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
optimistic this will evolve.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/24/20 07:53 AM

happy with the front arm mounts.
gonna gusset-up the rear, so i can start reassembly.
looks like an early season this year(?)
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/26/20 07:15 AM

got to a point of reassembly- things seem to fit.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
still looking forward.
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/26/20 03:33 PM

Dang, 33's!? looking good dude!
Posted By: Tuxedo_Ranch

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/26/20 09:00 PM

Suzi looks like she's coming together nicely! Those 33's should help get you to those fishing holes a little easier. By the time you get done with her she'll be "SUPER" SUZI the wonder truck.

Keep it top side up and rolling out the progress updates,

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/28/20 07:22 AM

suzi the psychic is wheels down again.
assembled enough to move her around a bit(after gear oil fill), so i can sort out any alignment issues and see if things still look o k.
still more metal i want to glue-on under her.
still eyeballin' the 33's- i'm conflicted- want to believe she could turn them.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/01/20 02:57 AM

[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
put some fluids in, made some alignment tweaks, and tried some street work.
feel o k, so progress(?) will continue.....still need to beef the rear a-arm mounts, this will probably include building a new front skid.
last season suzi started leaking steering fluid, and i have a new pressure hose to put on. the low pressure hose seems to be soft&swollen, so should change that too.
movin' right along.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/02/20 06:56 PM

managed to r&r the window and crank gear, driver's door, and made it work better.
the passenger door is exhibiting similar symptoms, so i'll apply some of the same boogery to it....
there is beauty in function.
the driver side mirror is too busted up to repair, so i need to find a replacement.
got some tune-up stuff arriving to promote a successful smog testing. hope that works.
also gonna refresh her front brakes.
put steering fluid in it and tried to see where it leaks from again.
guess i should replace those hoses...… mabe that'll fix it.

found a replacement mirror. that was easy. it's electric. mabe…..got the control switch.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/11/20 05:28 AM

smog testing didn't go as i had hoped.
idle HC is a bit too high, and the tech didn't like my modified header or the non CARB catalytic converter...….
gonna throw some money at her- replace the header/cat setup.
decided to revamp the stowage, and have torn out 'most everything.
i hope to carry less stuff, or at least organize it better.
considered mounting the spare differently, played with different locations, considered not carrying one,....
finally getting some rain here. we need it!
still pretending to be in "go" condition soon.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/25/20 01:42 AM

Parts R Us in orland, ca has about 30 of suzi's brothers and sisters that might net some of the early model parts.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/16/20 05:00 AM

i need to take some pictures.
i am almost done with a mostly new exhaust- at least back to the muffler.
this better work- started with a doug thorley header and a new catalytic converter.
should be able to make 'er smogable(?) in couple of days.
still trying some stowage changes.
this corona situation makes this all more interesting.
stay safe.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/22/20 05:53 AM

very pleased to report that suzi the psychic has passed the smog hurdle(once again!), and cleaner than ever.
now we can start getting serious.
here is the doug thorley header.
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
watched the tech drive it and see the back-up lights don't work.
mabe stopped a powersteering leak- this is a recurring problem?
still looking forward.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/23/20 01:21 AM

yay! on passing the emissions testing. That header is a beauty!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/23/20 04:12 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
yay! on passing the emissions testing. That header is a beauty!

yes! every two years i sweat it out.
this time i had to find a new smog place that would work with me.
i should have bought that header 15yrs ago, when my original exhaust manifold cracked, but it finally happened.
haha- didya note the studs? corona avoidance made me scrounge an assortment.
ordering parts online can be disappointing. i am learning what to expect from where.

today was spent pucking up the front springs to set ride height, and resetting toe.
replaced the front brake pads.
still need to modify skid stuff, but that becomes more interesting later in "the season".
spend a lot of time just looking. sometimes i'll paint something just to watch it dry.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/01/20 09:47 PM

just to attempt to protect a recently(and expensively) made exhaust change, i thought a cat cage might be cobbled together.
this is how it is developing...…
[Linked Image from i301.photobucket.com]
looking over some plating scraps for cover/skid - that side was always exposed, and that old cat had a fractured matrix from taking some hits.
should weigh this extra stuff- bet we're gonna be mabe 30# heavier?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/05/20 05:02 AM

some scrap, including modified old skidplate, is beginning to cover things up.

tried to show pic here...….

as i've been crawling around, I've been watching powersteering fluid seep out of both the pump and the steering gear.
really annoying.
i bought seal kits for each.
this should be interesting.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/09/20 06:22 AM

spent today on the steering box.
spent a lot of time figuring out how to disassemble the thing, then more in the reassembly.
all a bit of a circus act, as i figured a method of reloading the ball bearings into that screw!
perhaps it won't leak anymore.
perhaps it'll still work.
i bolted it back home. mabe tomorrow i'll try the pump.
mabe i'll figure out how to post pics again...…..
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/14/20 01:42 AM

bit of a setback.
i broke the steering pump.
popped the shaft thru the housing as i torqued the thing back together.
didn't consider that possibility.
replacement search underway...…...
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/14/20 10:49 PM

got steering back.
my steeringbox service seems to have been successful- no leaks spotted.
gino's auto wreckers(my favorite used parts source) had a pump for me.
gotta wrap up this project and go fishing.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/17/20 03:36 PM

trying a pic.
<a href="https://app.photobucket.com/u/rascott_2008/p/f08213fc-1f6e-4d3f-90ea-21f847e7af8c" target="_blank">
<img src="https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/nn56/rascott_2008/IMG_0299.JPG?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds" border="0" alt="IMG_0299"/>
<a href="https://app.photobucket.com/u/rascott_2008/p/f08213fc-1f6e-4d3f-90ea-21f847e7af8c" target="_blank">
<img src="https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/nn56/rascott_2008/IMG_0299.JPG?width=590&height=370&fit=bounds" border="0" alt="IMG_0299"/>
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/22/20 07:50 PM

trying to post a pic- rear shock mount mod...…
still seems fubar.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/05/20 11:42 PM

got some suziparts i won't use again, but were functional when removed.
rear brake drums, backing plates w/shoes&hdwr, cylinders...… suzi's original.
also handbrake cables for later 4dr.
could put 'em in a box.
ideal if someone local wanted to use them...…
suzi&i are gonna run soon. been too long.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/19/20 04:19 PM

suzi the psychic joined miss bitchy on a fish run.
spent some quality time on the river.
unfortunately, on the hwy home, i bent the poor girl in a traffic accident, so she was unable to get me home.
she did keep me protected- i was unhurt.
i have retrieved her, but she is too bent to be repaired.
i am salvaging unique pieces, with the hope that her spirit will survive in another form.
perhaps a suzi2.
looking forward........as always.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/30/20 03:17 AM

Parts R Us in Orland, CA has about 40 early Suzi cousins and sisters.

Poor Suzi.

Glad you are unhurt.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/01/20 06:09 PM

suzi the psychic is turning into smaller pieces.
i feel like a chop-shop, and am in the process of recycling everything i can't reuse.
did an gogglesearch on parts r us, and appreciate the sourcetip.
i can see a hardtop version(suzi2?) in the future, that many of these bits could fit.
perhaps this little motor i just pulled out could fix somebody's sammie(or '89sidekick, of course), i am shooting for the bigger version this time.
also have a spare geared transfercase and transmission- been collecting parts for awhile.
suzuki ranch will never compare with montero ranch. that was a montero goldmine.
still looking forward.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/02/20 01:05 AM

we have an '02 Tracker ZR2 that met an untimely demise, too, with only 86K on the odometer. would any parts from Leah serve suzi2?

i tried to resize:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/03/20 01:37 AM

my current idea is to stick with the short wheelbase- and a few years earlier than leah.
mabe up to '94.... haven't started hunting yet.
looks like leah took a pretty good smack in the front- hope there were no injuries?
haha- i got more of suzi dismantled than that already.
thanks for the thoughts.
Posted By: KristianJ

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/03/20 07:52 AM

Poor Suzi, hope she'll be able to recover from this. She still has a bright future ahead of her.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/03/20 06:01 PM

poor Leah is the victim of someone running a red light and having frame 1.25" from being repairable.
Oregon inspector wrote up the total, but we still lost big on this little car.
as i'm not aware of the exact suzuki details, i've no idea what crosses over.

Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/20/20 07:25 PM

poor leah!
well, i have disposed of almost all of suzi the psychic.
my plan is to find a suzuki person that is looking for the motor(1.3L), and i have a spare geared transfercase.
and a spare transmission.
mabe i'll try craigslist or something.
not much of a salesman.
looking for suzi2.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/06/20 04:26 AM

suzi2 has arrived.
guess i still haven't figured out the pic thing yet.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/07/20 05:11 PM

i had a 1995 hardtop tracker with an automatic, was a fun and spritely ride. however, i was surprised at low 20's mpg. i dig the tin top!

i use imgur for my pics
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/08/20 04:22 PM

i'm gonna need to talk to my son about the picture thing. mabe he can help.
once i get the smog/registration thing done, suzi2 is going on blocks.
i'm gonna have some extra suzuki parts to get rid of.
budget is shot, but mabe she will see the river next spring.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/21/20 06:45 PM

still taking her apart.
found a tube to put in front, so i threw the budget away.
figure to pull the motor, trans/transfer, and related.

(try add pic)
motor seems o k, but has some oil leak- mabe front seal, and waterpump weep. timing and wpump parts are ordered.
the transmission should be interesting. it shows seepage also, and is reported to "burn up the clutches" if you use low gear. has a screw in the shift mech. to prevent selecting 1.
transfer case will becme spare parts.
i figure on seeing her stance, before doing a body lift, but figure at least 1 1/2".
gonna go bit*h at photobucket.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/22/20 02:48 AM

photobucket is unfriendly and now wants $$

imgur still hosts for free
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 12/23/20 05:04 AM

she's black, and hard to see.
mabe there is a pic there.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/11/21 06:28 AM

happy new year- a bit of an update.
i suspect she will be labeled "suzitoo".
currently on blocks, sans drivetrain and much of the interior.
while impatiently awaiting critical parts, the body has been lifted 2", and i expect to lift the gas tank @that much(experience).
also mocking up the power steering linkage, 'cause the manual box is shorter, using a longer steering shaft.
the body lift helped some, but it still needs to shrink a bit.....
she no longer has ac, but the compressor may be useful in the future.
i have resisted the urge to start cutting, until i have a few more parts to fondle.
i have procrastinated re:picproblem- sorry
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/26/21 02:26 AM

stuff has been happening.
i was able to fondle some parts that made some sense, so i hacked some metal off the chassis and added a panhard bracket on the driverside.
also chopped some brackets/mounts off the front tube, cleaned some of that up, and tacked on some brackets for the links and springs.
been taking some pictures as it progresses, and will figure that out sometime.
i spend a lot of time looking, but suzitoo is coming together.........
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/27/21 03:16 AM

it's nice to read about forward progress, even if suzitoo is snoozing a bit. pearl has set for eight years.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/04/21 04:10 AM

once i got the front axle tube mocked up to see how it fit, i pulled it out again.
found that some gorilla had serviced the tranny- managed to force the wrong nut onto the shifter shaft, but i may have been able to make some new threads......
reinstalled the transmission/transfercase, then stuck the motor back in.
gonna spend some time hooking stuff up before i put the tube back in
movin' right along.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/13/21 07:15 AM

suzitoo has the front tube in place- all sprung up.
gonna be interesting to see this on the ground.
took two trips to the wreckers to end up w/a complete rear axle that should be modifiable.
it seems thin. mabe i can add some structure.
i expect to have a rear axle tube in place sometime soon.
learning new things by blundering on......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/16/21 01:02 AM

ohoh, learning curve strikes!
not all axles are the same, and i got the wrong one.
expensive lesson, but at least i got straightened out before i got any further.....
started hacking and grinding and nothing was lining up right.
what did i say about blundering on? haha
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/16/21 01:36 AM

well, learning curves are what they are...educating
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/16/21 03:12 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
well, learning curves are what they are...educating

we should try and learn something new every day.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/18/21 06:43 PM

minor update-
think i found the correct axle tube.
this came as a complete assembly, drum to drum, with a chewed third.
it is different from a 2wd rear - wider, larger brakes, w/ spring perches on top.
mabe some of this differential is useful....(?)
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/21/21 05:15 AM

further update-
stripped the rear axle assembly, hacked some brackets off of it, metalglued some brackets to it, and gave it a coat of paint.
it looks interesting, and mabe will work out.
i took another picture of the progress, and hope to have the picthing figured out soon.
as always, looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/07/21 04:09 AM

[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
my thanks to rxinhed for showing me how!
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/08/21 02:57 AM

so happy my post was useful
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/14/21 04:04 AM

so the suzitoo project slowly moves on, and gets lot of coats of lookin' at.
i am learning about these axles(and how to make them fit), and finding parts that seem right.
been cleaning up some hubs for the front, and adding studs for the spindles.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
everything is just a mock-up so i can put it on the ground.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
still collecting parts before that happens, but i'm learning stuff as i go.
looks like i need to learn about driveshafts, and slip yoke eliminators.
can't believe these pics show.

it'll happen- looking forward
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/19/21 09:18 PM

still trying to assemble enough parts- thought i'd have her able to touch the ground by now, but.....
some things look o k but are actually quite different. wheel hubs, for example.
think i have some correct ones coming, that will help.
i've been figuring out some brake hose runs, and will have to figure out the rear abs brake system removal(?).
i'm gonna eliminate the front backing plates.
suzitoo is far from driving anywhere soon, but still looking forward.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/23/21 03:41 PM

got enough parts assembled in the correct order to put the front on the ground for the first time.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
needs a lot of adjustments.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/24/21 12:32 AM

used a samurai front axle or toyota?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/25/21 07:38 AM

i'm trying to fit some toyota axles.
i have suzitoo slowly returning to a more complete state, but just in a mock-up, as i find/make parts.
i totally misjudged what it takes to complete a front axle, and i'll still need to re-work the diffs.
gotta drill/tap the transfercase output shaft for mounting a flange, and get a driveshaft made.
never done that before.
made some little brakeline pieces to fit the calipers. the factory ones musta looked something like this?
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 03/25/21 11:12 PM

looking great and you have both positive attitude and forward progress
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/08/21 06:06 AM

i've been making some sense of how this suspension will align.
being able to put it wheels down has helped, and i've been getting good at adjusting link lengths.

got the front aligned up, centered w/proper castor, and square w/the rear.
seems to be settling on her springs better, and i have mocked up the front driveshaft.
i need to modify/replace the front diff. flange- it has a funny bolt pattern, and 8mm bolt holes.

i think the rear is also ready to do a final measure for the driveshaft.

closer to function.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/20/21 05:58 PM

got a rear driveshaft on order. that's exciting.
still need to do some drilling and tapping for the "slip yoke eliminator", something i have been contemplating for weeks, and may have to attempt a helicoil repair to the driver's knuckle(still unable to complete the front axle, but have stripped it, in anticipation of a functional refit. soon?).
dealing with ebay purchases of used toyota parts has proven disappointing. seems a real crapshoot- mabe it's usable, and mabe it's a shot piece of crap that costs a lot of$.
a bit of forward progress, even though it involves some disassembly.
i have been remiss in taking pictures- i shall try and correct that.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/30/21 01:59 AM

[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
got some important parts today-gears for both differentials, and what i expect to be the rear driveshaft.
the driveshaft looks kool, w/a double cardon(cv) joint for the transfercase end.
moderated on the gears, and went with 5.29:1.
i have begun "final" assembly of the front axle, and re-gearing a differential.
positive forward progress feels good.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 04/30/21 03:28 AM

there is an '81 {??} Toyota 4wd in orland at parts r us....might find your caliper mount there
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/06/21 10:22 PM

it got to the point where "final" assembly of the front axle could be done. i regeared the front differential by feel, and it allowed me to call all good.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
now i'm doing the new and improved backyard gearchange on the rear differential. i intend to be more particular with this one, using what i learned from the first go around.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]

i did a search in the wire's toyota info and found a very good guide for the diffs- http://www.4x4wire.com/toyota/tech/gear_setup/
my thanks- i had watched utube flails- this made sense.
looking forward
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/07/21 02:48 AM

curious, the rotor looks solid?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/07/21 04:19 AM

Originally Posted by rxinhed
curious, the rotor looks solid?

yes- rockauto specials.
they fit, and it's not a race car.
+ i don't know any better........ never saw any originals.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/15/21 07:50 PM

me, either, but presumed anything since about 1980 would be vented. shrug.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/17/21 03:54 AM

well, what do i know? they did mount to the hubs(a couple of locating bolts and pressed lug studs), and the calipers/pads fit.
some day i'll put some brake fluid in the system and find out.
reminds me that i still need to deal with the antilock rear brake circuit, so that should be interesting- mabe i'll need to put some sorta compensator in there?
first i need to get her driveable.
i have the parts to setup the rear differential, but i've had some difficulty drilling(so i can tap) a hole in the end of the transfercase output shaft.
gotta do both before the driveshaft will(should) fit. that output shaft is hard stuff- i've barely scratched it with a variety of drill bits.....
anyway, what's the worst that can happen?

getting a bit "antsy".
still looking forward, but i'm watching this season going by!
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/18/21 04:01 AM

my saving grace for getting fill of d.e.d. is my inspection route. otherwise, i've not had my own working 4wd for almost 5 years.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/27/21 05:52 AM

still plugging along on the driveshaft project.
had some difficulties getting the proper pinion depth for the rear differential, but seem to have figured that out, so that piece should work.
managed to make a hole in the transfercase shaft, that i hope to thread.
if that works, i will probably upsize it.
here's a pic of the hole i made.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
that is tough stuff. i have a cobalt tap coming.
what's the worst that could happen?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 05/31/21 06:38 PM

[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
my backyard mechanic methods led me to this.
i hope to remove the shaft today, so i can show a good machine shop what i want to have done.
i considered flailing away at it some more, but my attempts at getting the new tap to start were not impressive, and figured "do it right" was better.
i try to do it all, but.......
naturally, this involved removing some suspension and exhaust parts to remove the tcase, but it came out pretty easy.
moving forward again
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/01/21 01:48 AM

yay for forward progress
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/06/21 03:57 AM

the transfercase that came with suzitoo had only one switch for hi/low and 4wd.the wire harness included wires for the auto trans.
i was able to modify the harness from my replacement transfer case to accept the auto trans wires, and plug into the main harness.
as i suspected, the hi/low and 4wd indicators function fine(with 2 switches). how could it have worked with only one switch?
anyway, she's back on her wheels.
much adjusting, fluids, etc. still need doin', but the rear driveshaft seems to fit.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/10/21 01:01 AM

suzitoo is coming alive.
she now has front and rear driveshafts.
had to grind alot of meat outa the rear u-joint yoke(front shaft) to gain enough clearance for the increased articulation.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
put fluid in the transmission, oil/filter in the motor, and coolant in the radiator, and found the motor still starts.
so far so good.
mabe i'll be able to see if she will move soon.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/11/21 01:20 AM

moved her around a bit.
something funny is goin' on with the automatic transmission.
slow to go into gear(d&r) and nothing in low, slips in everything.
perhaps a bad vacuum modulator(?).
i'll try some diagnosing...........
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/20/21 05:58 AM

beginning road trials........got suzitoo out for some tests.
so far, she works around the neighborhood, and nothing fell off yet.
i suppose the transmission is working like it should, so i look forward to working it harder.
mabe i should hunt up some tires.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/22/21 12:39 AM

still not sure about that transmission. low seems o k when in drive, but feels odd when selected......
suzitoo got new shoes today.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
also- i removed the antilock rear brake stuff at the master cylinder, and the brakes still work.
haven't figured out how to disable the circuit that says "brake", yet. kinda annoying, mabe this was a geo specific thing, as the sidekick "manual" i have does'nt fit the descrption.
still looking forward.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/22/21 04:33 AM

suzitoo is a babe!!!!!!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/25/21 06:36 AM

still shaking things out, and becoming more comfortable with how she is reacting to some driving.
i decided to reduce the body lift to @1", and almost have that completed, and think i'm gonna start thinkin about the driverseat install.
i got used to the bmw adjustments, but want to do a cleaner setup this time.
i think my stock bumper and cover will cover her ass, for now.
i need to start figuring where the spare, cooler, and all the crap i haul around is going to fit, and i'm partway into the second battery setup.
i've never needed a spare tire before, but... takes up a lot of space, but i don't want to hang it off the back.
couple of days and i may do some hyway trials, to see if my gearing calculations were way off.
mabe i got the transmission working(?)....mabe i should read the owner's manual.....
mabe suzitoo can make a test foray next month.
wouldn't that be special.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/30/21 10:29 PM

finagled the seat in,
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
mabe a bit higher than when it was in suzi the psychic, and mabe uncomfortable for someone else, but it feels right to me.....
should get a good high seat for trailwork, and kickback for the road.
perhaps i will pull it back out and put the carpet and some console pieces in, just for looks.
i had wired a muffler to her belly- i will fix that next, or pull more apart and replace the timing belt and waterpump.
who knows- mabe some hyway speed stuff on the next run.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/07/21 05:11 PM

took things apart to replace the waterpump and timing belt, and immediately became confused by what i was finding........ the timing marks on the cam sprocket didn't line up, and the belt tensioner was missing parts.

the sprocket had been installed without regard to the locating pin, bolted on real tight, and the cam timing set by feel? not bad- as the engine ran well ran well.
i am re-setting things(wondering what else could be wrong), and perhaps resolving some questions i had regarding the distributor alignment and valve adjusting oddities i had encountered.
the p.o. had stories about the engine rebuild. i suspect done by the same people who rebuilt the transmission.
we will see if i can screw this up. mabe i'm missing something.......
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/08/21 07:25 AM

the last person that tightened the crank sprocket bolt musta heard some horror story about them dropping out, and his air wrench was bigger than mine.
i'm glad the seal isn't leaking(yet), i'm letting that slide into the future.
got the waterpump, timingbelt, tensioner, valve adjusting stuff done, and the cooling system back together.
monkeyed with the distributor clocking and replaced the cap/rotor/wires, and mabe suzitoo will run tomorrow.
what could go wrong?
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 07/10/21 02:30 AM

on other engines, i have seen the use of red lock-tite, and the resultant broken crank snout

good luck....
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/02/21 12:09 AM

took suzitoo on her first real test run.
made an overnighter to the sierra foothills, and back.
i guess i figured her gearing right, as she will do hyway speeds pretty well, and can follow faster trucks than suzi the psychic.
mabe i can get used to the automatic transmission- it's kinda odd.
only fluid added was gasoline, and, except for tightening a few things, did nothing but drive and listen.
so now to fit her winch, "bumpers", and stowage arrangements.
and other stuff, of course.
introduced her to miss bitchy, and showed her to my brother.
i'm pleased.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/02/21 03:24 PM

[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
this is the front- a blank slate....
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/03/21 12:13 AM

suzitoo is looking great! did you go to markleeville and fish?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/03/21 09:42 PM

no fish yet this season, and no dirt seen yet.
this was just a run to convince myself that suzitoo could survive the hyway burn.
now to start making her more trail and camp capable.
prior to the run, i loaded her up w/weight to get a better feel for her road manners.
crossing the valley was very hot- i'm gonna paint the roof white.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/05/21 10:34 PM

i bought some tube for the front "bumper", but am delayed by my tube bender having a bad part. a replacement part is being supplied by the manufacturer......
mabe i'll switch to painting the roof.
how hard could that be?
gonna mount the winch differently this time, but i want to bend some tube, so i can see if it fits what i see in my head.
takes a while for me to get going, sometimes.
wanna try a fish run in a couple of weeks, something lazy.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/06/21 07:48 PM

ended up just rattlecanning the roof. i can only see the ends, 'cause suzitoo is so tall.
works for me.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
mabe she'll be less of an oven.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/08/21 11:12 PM

i see a camo possible? or, an orange bubble light?
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/13/21 05:08 PM

mabe the winch will mount like this, and not rip off.
mabe it will fit a "bumper" that is still just imaginary.
kudos to woodward-fab for getting my bender fixed- now it becomes all my fault, and i can put more consideration into the "bumper".
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
i thought mabe a zebra pattern(hatari?) would work as "camo", but don't think i could pull it off.
the white roof makes skunk possible, but i don't think i'll go that route either.
we'll see.
still looking forward
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/19/21 03:40 AM

looking swell
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/26/21 04:28 AM

made a bit of progress on the winch/controls/"bumper" project.
mounted the solenoid box near the battery, and the control cable plug in the dash.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
the "bumper" will look like this......
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
i painted it to smooth out the metalglue.
mabe it won't just rip off.
mabe i'll make a contraption for the rear.
"planning" another test run soon, we should try the front axle a bit, to confirm function, on this foray.
still forward movement.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/28/21 07:23 PM

i made up a place to hang a clevis.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
then i bolted the fairlead holder("bumper") on and wound up the winch.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
i'm getting used to how it looks, and am beginning to add some accessory circuits.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/03/21 01:42 AM

looking great, richard!!

don't neglect the europa too long...
Posted By: TOASTY

Re: suzi the psychic - 09/14/21 09:21 PM

Amazing! So bummed we won't be seeing it on the trails this year but good to see you've been hard at it!

Also, for future reference on the solid rotors you can swap to IFS spindles and brakes for the bigger vented brakes if one were using a yota axle on something heavier. Not really worth doing on a Suzuki i don't think, plus it adds width.

Good work Richard
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 10/17/21 03:36 AM

suzitoo took me into the sierras last month, on a shakedown run.
went to the shaver/huntington area, and was amazed by what that fire last year did.
suzi worked fine climbing out of the valley, and she got me home.
i only put it in 4wd once, and that was for a poser for toasty.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]

mostly just imagining some "fitting out" things, and i need a spare tire to cram into the back.
some rocker protection and a rear bumper should be in the plan somewhere,
and mabe a small rack, so she can carry morestuff.
gonna mount the spare gas on the tail, and probably h2o also.
the lotus is receiving needed attention.
looking forward
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 01/29/22 04:43 AM

suzitoo is disabled for an oil pump replacement.
i ran her to san diego and back, to see if anything would break.
i had installed an oil pressure gauge, and realized that the pressure drops when the motor warms up.
i removed the oil pan, and tried to free the pressure relief valve in the pump, but the piston was frozen in a "venting" position.
the pump is driven by the crank, so i had to re-visit my failed attempt at removing the gorilla installed bolt on the crank.
i made a tool.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
worked like it should have(this is much easier then trying to jam the flywheel), and i found why the gorilla was concerned- the sprocket keyway is damaged(on the crank nose), and an odd sized key had been glued into the crank.
i will replace the pump, and put her back together.
still working on some rocker protection and rear bumper.
got a new fishing pole to play with.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 02/02/22 09:37 PM

perhaps i have postponed the engine overhaul.
i have succeeded in replacing the oil pump, and now have better pressure at idle,
the pressure relief valve was seized in a venting position, but still produced enough pressure to keep the oil light off- if i had not put a gauge in, i wouldn't have known the difference.
used my new tool in the reassembly process.
still looking forward.
Posted By: rxinhed

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/09/22 03:36 AM

best of luck, suzitoo!!
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 06/14/22 01:47 AM

we shall run the luck.
gonna stretch her legs a bit on a real fishrun.
gotta see about tickling miss bitchy awake for an adventure.
i'm interested to see how this slushbox transmission will crawl.....
also a first real campability test.
should be back in a week.
Posted By: rascott

Re: suzi the psychic - 08/07/22 05:28 PM

suzitoo has a couple of outings in the book now.
first one devolved into a carcamp situation, minor dirt road, no 4x4.
the last was a much more interesting run to the ef carson.
suzitoo carried all my crap, and went in/out without issues.
got me home fine, also. caught real nice fish.
i have started a spring change program, to improve her standing.
learning as i go.
[Linked Image from hosting.photobucket.com]
now - i understand that john is gonna retire the site?.
no clue how much of this works, but .... i have made good friends.
i don't facebook, but will continue looking forward.
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