Industry Insider: Jesse Jaynes of High Angle Driveline Short Cuts

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Interview by: Harry Wagner- 2/2003

Editor's Note: The following is the next of our new feature focusing on the talented people who run shops specializing in 4x4 components. 4x4Wire's Harry Wagner recently had the opportunity to speak with High Angle Driveline owner Jesse Jaynes.

The license plate proudly displays High Angle's claim to fame.

4x4Wire- How did you get involved in four wheeling?

Jaynes- I was always interested in going where someone said could not be done, that was the original appeal. I got involved in wheeling about 6 years ago.

4x4Wire- What was your first trail rig?

Jaynes- The blue truck that I have now was, and still is, my first trail rig. It started as a 1964 Chevy 2WD long bed. I chopped 18 inches out of the bed and put the cab on a '76 blazer frame.

Randy Ellis doing some advertising for Jesse.

4x4Wire- What kind of background do you have?

Jaynes- I have been in the driveline buisiness for 14 years, basically as early as i could work. I used to work at his shop after school building all kinds of drivelines, from power take-offs to semi truck drivelines.

4x4Wire- What prompted you to make the transition from enthusiast to businessman?

Jaynes- I decided after 14 years working for my dad it was time to make my own name and 4 wheel drive stuff captured my interest.

4x4Wire- So how long has your shop been in business then?

Jaynes- We have been in business for 2 1/2 years now.

4x4Wire- How many people work for you?

Jaynes- There are only two of us here and we keep busy. We work for our money, just like it should be. High Angle has managed to double our buisiness in just two years.

4x4Wire- Where do you see the four wheeling heading in the future?

Jaynes-It has just begun its adventure into a new era. People are demending more new and innovative products and companies are competing and working hard for customers' attention.

The buggy that Jesse will be piloting in CalROCS 2003.
Dustin parking the buggy on Jesse's truck.

4x4Wire- How do you think rockcrawling competitions have affected four wheeling?

Jaynes- I think that competitions are good for the sport. They have produced a lot of interesting new products. Take my Toyota rear driveshaft disconnect, if it wasn't for competition there never would have been a demand to create such a product.

4x4Wire- Would you sponsor a competitor?

Jaynes- We sponsor at the moment at least 15 guys running in the major rock crawling circuits. I believe in giving product to competitors and developing a freindship with those guys, almost like a family. They run our products hard and we see just how much abuse they will hold up to. Some of the big names running our drivelines include Shannon Campbell, Joel Randall, Randy Ellis, Tracy Jordan, and Jason Paule.

4x4Wire- What about competing yourself?

Some of the top competitors who run High Angle Driveline 'shafts.

Jaynes- I will be competing in CalROCS this coming season in Darren Runion's Toyota/Unimog buggy.

4x4Wire- You mentioned your driveline disconnect, are there any other new product ideas you would like to share with us?

Jaynes- New products I am currently working on included OEM Toyota CV joints, I have found the Toyota products to be unbreakable. High Angle is also working on a new line of custom made flanges to make a Toyota flange to a Dana 60 yoke. We already have a similar product for Dana 44s that is very popular.

4x4Wire- How often do you get to wheel?

Jaynes- I usually go once or twice a month depending on how much snow we have.

4x4Wire- Tell us more about your truck.

Taking the pretty blue Chevy through the rocks.

Jaynes- As I mentioned, it is a '64 Chevy body short box fleetside on a '76 blazer frame. It has a small block on nitrous oxide turning 38.5 Super Swampers. The axles are both 35 spline Dana 60s with 4.56 gears. It has a TH350 transmission and an NP205 transfer case with junkyard springs for the suspension. I set up the rear suspension with the springs under the frame more articulation and made up for the loss in stability with stiffer springs. I built the whole rig myself, my the engine to setting up the differentials.

4x4Wire- Do you do fabrication and/or installation work in addition to selling products?

Jaynes-Well I fabricate all of the driveshafts of course. We do not do installations here, we are mainly an internet mail order company. Building drivelines keeps us busy enough.

High Angle Driveline customer Jason Paule.

4x4Wire- What other product lines do you carry, or do you just sell High Angle Driveline products?

Jaynes- We offer a lot of products other than just drivelines, but most are close to the driveline. Products like our emergency brake mounted off the transfer case for Atlas and Dana transfer cases. We stock Atlas II transfer cases here and fit them with our patented flanges. High Angle Driveline carries the whole Advance Adapters line, as well as Dana Spicer and Bayougeeps products.

Snow wheeling is one of Jesse's favorite activities.

4x4Wire- I know that you are very active in the four wheeling community, what organizations do you support.

Jaynes- We give away gift certificates for three drivelines every month; two on the Pirates of the Rubicon bulletin board and one on I also did the drivelines for the Cal4Wheel raffle Jeep. My theory is take care of the customer first, then worry about money. Trucks TV and Monster Garage have contacted us also, so you should be seeing our products on television soon.

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