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Feature Stories
Official Moab 'Zu Zoo III Planning & Specifics
Moab is an excellent place for the extreme folks to play that still offers reasonable trails for stock vehicles. I'm looking forward to meeting more of the various 'wheelers I only know from the 'net, checking out their trucks in person, and wheeling with a large group of Isuzus. I'm also looking forward to catching up with people from previous years. I want to see these rigs work on the trail, maybe tug an Isuzu out of a tough spot, and maybe be tugged out by another Isuzu.
Isuzu Musings - A Letter From the Isuzu Editor
Each and every month, I ride the trails of eastern Pennsylvania with my club, the East Coast 4x4 Experience. Some of our members are still working on their education, while others spend the week in various technical or professional pursuits. However, one common theme that they all share is a love of the outdoors and our sport. Coming from such varied backgrounds, some of them look at their trucks as complicated pieces of machinery that they'll never truly understand. It's these four-wheelers, and others like them around the country, that much of this month's content is geared towards.
picture2.jpg Versatile Hardmount Onboard Air System
With proper preparation, designing and installing a versatile onboard system that looks as good as it performs can be quite rewarding. Using common parts, this article walks through a well-designed OBA system which integrates well with the vehicle, while maintaining options for future expansion and uses beyond airing up tires.
p10.gif Portable Onboard Air Installation
This article describes an onboard air setup that is inexpensive, versatile, and portable. If you your 4WD is a daily driver and you don't want to permanently give up the space required for an OBA system, and you want to keep your A/C compressor, this will give you great ideas on how to build your own portable OBA system.
Stinkyfab StinkyLinks Suspension Links Press Release: Stinkyfab StinkyLinks Suspension Links
These beefy links replace your flimsy stock lower suspension links on 92-and-newer Isuzu Troopers, and 98-and-newer Isuzu Amigo/Rodeo/Rodeo Sports. If you're tired of bending or breaking your stock links then this is the cure. StinkyFab offers these links in 4 different styles to suit your needs and budget.
Install and Review: Stinkyfab StinkyLinks Suspension Links
After years of dragging and bending the lower links on the Trooper, this 'wheeler was ready to upgrade. With better than double the wall thickness and bigger diameter tubing, StinkyFab's heavy-duty Links Suspension Links are an obvious upgrade, even before adding Rubicon Express Superflex Joints for improved articulation. Install was a breeze, and the improved clearance and flex promise good results.
Cross-Linked Air Shocks

Cross-linked air shocks can help push travel across an IFS suspension. The shared volume of air lighten the load on the droop-side spring, allowing increased travel. This works well off-highway but can induce body-roll on-highway, so use it with care, in tandem with a set of swaybar disconnects.

Shrockworks Rock Sliders
ShrockWorks new Isuzu Rock Sliders are constructed of only the strongest materials. The stout design combines round and square tube to ensure these sliders will stand up to the needs of even the most hardcore rock crawler. The tubular portion angles upward to wrap around the rockers, improve clearance, and give a sleek appearance, while projecting outward enough to protect from side impacts and provide a side step.
CALMINI Second-Gen Isuzu Bumper
CALMINI makes their Second-Gen Isuzu winch bumper from stout plate wrapped around a heft winch pocket that will swallow virtually any modern winch. This easy-to-install bumper improves approach angle and provides bashable-beef up front, with a sloped bottom-side to help nerf up and over obstacles.
FWD Vacuum Shifter Lockout
Defeating a vacuum-driven front wheel drive shift mechanism is easy enough, and keeps the longside front axle connected... but locking the vacuum shifter is quite easy, too, especially on late-model Isuzus.
CALMINI Second-Gen Isuzu Lift
CALMINI sells their newest three-inch suspension lift as a complete do-it-yourself bolt-on package. This multi-piece kit thoroughly addresses every aspect of lifting a late-model Amigo, Rodeo, Rodeo Sport, or Passport.
George Washington National Forest Trails
Isuzus and Toyotas hit the trails together in the George Washington National Forest. Their day included runs along Second Mountain, Gauley Ridge, Old Long Run Road, and Kephardt's Run.
60 V6 Power Tricks: Solutions for Corralling More Horses
General Motors' 60-degree V6 engine may not be the best or brightest product in the GM stable, but there is still potential... 4x4Wire details tips, tweaks, and tricks to get the most out of this oft-maligned motor.
Tera Low Gears for Isuzus
Tera Manufacturing introduces low gearing for Isuzu trucks and SUVs. The Tera Isuzu gearset allows better control when low range is engaged -- all without affecting high-range or highway performance.
CALMINI installs an ARB in Project Round Trooper
4x4Wire shows a step-by-step walk-through on installing an ARB Air Locker in the CALMINI's Project Round Trooper rear differential -- a 12-bolt Corporate Isuzu third member.
Minute Mod: Trail Welding System
If you spend enough time on the trails, you'll hear the story about how Jimmy-Joe-Bob broke an axle, and they welded it back together with a coat hanger! But does it really WORK? Sure, but there are easier ways to make a trail welding setup.
Colorado's San Juan Mountains
Roads and trails through the San Juan mountains in climb through the heights of Southwest Colorado. These high trails include Black Bear Pass, Cinnamon Pass, Engineer Pass, and finally Stoney Pass Road. All of these high mountain passes are worthy of a visit, but the trails up to them are what lures Isuzoids from thousands of miles away.
An Isuzu Amigo on the Alpine Loop
Southwest Colorado's Alpine Loop is a series of high mountain passes linking Lake City, Ouray, and Telluride. Years ago, miners used these passes and roads to haul the gold and silver from the mines to the smelters. Today, though the mines are mostly closed, but four-wheelers rule the pass roads.
Electric Crawler Gears: Bypassing the Clutch Safety Switch
Truck and SUV manufacturers install clutch safety switches to prevent drivers from engaging the starter and having the truck jerk forward. Three-footing the clutch, brake, and gas on a steep hill is difficult... and sometimes you want to start your rig in gear, without losing any position on the obstacle. Bypass the clutch safety switch to slowly slowly turn the engine until it fires and the vehicle idles off.
Installation & Review: CALMINI Hi-Flow Filter Kit
Installation and review of one of the newest performance products on the market for V-6 late-model Isuzus, the CALMINI Hi-Flow Filter Kit.
Spring Over Axle Lift
One of the first things an aspiring off-roader wants to do to their Isuzu is lift it and fit bigger tires for more ground clearance. Options for lifting your early model Amigo, and Isuzus in general, are somewhat limited. While there's not much you can do with the front without some serious cutting and welding, the back can be improved upon. This article covers the lifting of a spring-under-axle 4x4 Amigo using a Spring Over Axle (SOA) lift in back and parts of a Calmini lift kit for the front.
Changing CV Boots on IFS Isuzus
Changing the CV boots is not really fun, but it really isn't as bad as it would seem. Chances are you'll have to do this at least once, and probably several times if you have the torsion bars cranked for lift. Follow along as Dan Houlton covers changing the boots on the front of a '94 Amigo.
Installation & Review: POWERTRAX LOCK-RIGHT
Detailed installation of one of the most well-known and respected lockers on the market, in one of the most common axles around, the POWERTRAX LOCK-RIGHT in a Dana 44 Rear. Contributor Doug Brown puts the LOCK-RIGHT to the test, on pavement and off.
Installation & Review: POWERTRAX No-Slip Traction System
Step-by-step installation of one of the newest lockers on the market, the POWERTRAX No-Slip Traction System. Plus, Isuzu Editor Chris Perosi puts the locker through its paces for several hundred miles on the street and in all types of trail conditions, from rock-crawling to snow.
Installing Manually-Locking Hubs
Once upon a time, shifting to 4WD meant stopping the truck, getting out, and locking the hubs. However, today’s new 4x4s and SUVs more often than not come equipped with shift-on-the-fly (SOTF) transfer cases, which allow you to engage 4WD without stopping, even at speeds up to 60 MPH. This is a great feature in the eyes of the general public, however, in the eyes of a seasoned four-wheeler, this takes away some of the control, and many will look to "correct" this. So how can you take the control back? Install a set of manually-locking hubs.
Lifting a Late Model Isuzu
Once you make the decision to lift a vehicle, the first stop is usually to the local off-road shop. At least, this is what you do if you own a more common 4x4, such as a Jeep... You go to the local off-road shop, they tell you about the fifteen different lift kits you have to choose from, and you pick the one that's best suited to your four-wheeling needs. But what happens if you own something with much less of an aftermarket, like an Isuzu?
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