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With the dawn of a new millennium one can't help but look back at the past and also forward to the future. At Planet Isuzoo, for the past few days, we've drifted back through the past, reminiscing about the beginning of the Isuzu movement on the Internet and the development of our very own "Planet Isuzoo."

When the Planet first started back in June of 1998, it was formed with the intention of bringing Isuzu owners worldwide together, to enjoy and celebrate life with our Isuzu vehicles. The Internet was still growing and wasn't quite at the level of commerical development that it has reached today. There were relatively few Isuzu websites, and there wasn't any real feeling of an Isuzu following. The Planet's goal was to start a community -- an Isuzu community. A place where Isuzuoids (as we've become known) could communicate by sharing knowledge, experiences, and most of all, friendships.

Mike Spurlock and Mare Kinney, the Isuzu New Product Representative, in front of a new VX2.

The Planet has always felt that in order to "Go Farther" we must all go together. We hope that with everyone’s support there’s no limit to the galaxies Isuzuoids can explore. This brings us to the future.

Here at Planet Isuzoo, we look forward to what the new millennium will bring. The opportunities for Isuzu owners have just begun. In the last couple of months, we’ve seen major manufacturers, who have ignored the Isuzu market in the past, begin to create products for us. Additionally, they’ve actually helped spread the word to other manufacturers about the demand for quality Isuzu aftermarket parts.

Mike's Rodeo, with a few modifications to personalize it.

American Isuzu Motors, Inc. -- Isuzu’s arm in the United States -- has been going through it's own transformation. Having once believed that a hands-off policy was best, they've changed their attitude in 1999 by donating Isuzu merchandise to owner activities such as Moab 'Zu Zoo II and The East Coast Isuzu Fun Run. Isuzu-sponsored racing teams were unaware that they were supported by many Isuzu owners around the world through our club, until this year. Dealerships are also realizing that an important factor in this new millennium will be aligning themselves with other Isuzu associations, in order to help each other grow and prosper. These are just a few of the changes that have taken place over the past twelve months.

The new begining is upon us, and Planet Isuzoo looks forward to charging ahead, taking our Isuzu community into the new millennium. Showing the world that Isuzus are the best Sport Utility Vehicles on the planet. Pushing the aftermarket manufacturers into producing more parts, getting more dealerships involved, planning more off-road trail advertures in every state, and most importantly, creating more friendships.

This year, we have much more to offer Isuzu enthusiasts in the way of membership benefits. We've created a 2000 Isuzu Calendar, made up of pictures of the vehicles of the 12 members who received the most votes in our Calendar Contest. Also, our dealership network is growing rapidly, and we now offer discounts on parts and labor at many dealership across the United States. Take a look at our website for more information about these and other membership benefits. We hope that you will join us and add your voice to those of the many current members in this new millennium.

"Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all." ---- -John F. Kennedy

Mike Spurlock Planet Isuzoo Staff Manager

Mike Spurlock is a contributing columnist for the Isuzu 4x4 Pages at 4x4Wire.Com. The views and opinions presented in this editorial are those of the author and are not necessarily shared by the Isuzu staff of 4x4Wire.Com or The Outdoor Recreation Network.

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