Reader's Jeeps : Bud Boren's CJ-7, Pokey

Bud Boren's CJ-7, Pokey Short Cuts
Bud and Pokey in Corral Canyon

Bud and Pokey in Corral Canyon on Bronco Peak
Photo courtesy of Brad Dokken

Owner : Bud Boren Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1984 CJ-7
Vehicle name: Pokey
Location: Southern California
Some of the trails in the past two years: A lot of Moab trails, Rubicon, Surprise Canyon, Jackhammer, Sun Bonnet, Shredder, Dusy Ersham, everything in Southern California, and many more.

Shredder Canyon at
Santiago's Revenge
Photo by Matt Osburn
Shredder Canyon at
Santiago's Revenge
Photo by Matt Osburn
Shredder Canyon at
Santiago's Revenge
Photo by Matt Osburn
Shredder Canyon at
Santiago's Revenge
Photo by Matt Osburn
  • Motor--Jeep 258 with JFI fuel injection from Electromotive
  • Tranny--NP 435 with 6.69 granny low
  • T-case--Dana 300 with Currie twin sticks
  • Front Axle--MIT built Dana 44, 4.56 gears with LockRight
  • Rear Axle--MIT built Dana 44, 4.56 gears with Detroit
  • Crawl Ratio--84:1
  • Drive Shafts--Custom built with u-bolts and 7" splines
  • Tires--35x12.50x15 BFG MTs
  • Wheels--10x15" Alcoas (yes, real ones)
  • Suspension--Custom National 6" lift with longer springs and shackle reversal with relocated home built (Steve Friend designed) spring hangers
  • Shocks--Doetch Tech MV-12s on all corners
  • Winch--Warn 12,000 with in dash controls
  • Roll bar--OEM with Smittybuilt front remanufactured to specs
  • Bumpers--Custom built by Bud
  • On Board Air--Nipondenso rotary compressor, system custom built by Bud
  • On Board Welder--Premier Power Welder with 160 amp alternator
  • Gas tank skid--Custom built by Steve Friend
  • Rocker protection--Custom built (w/ air tanks) by Steve McKay
  • Radiator--3 core Modine
  • Exhaust--Ultra Flow
  • Batteries--Dual Optima red tops
  • Steering--Stock box with brace and Hayden cooler, 4XDoctor draglink and tie rod

Other Accessories

4XDoctor diff gaurds
Tuffy center console and glove box
TJ hood latches
TJ hard half doors
TJ flares
YJ stainless steel mirrors
LaCarra steering wheel
Clifford aluminum valve cover
Aluminum rear corner gaurds
Mazda Miata seats
High Lift
Pioneer stereo with Polk speakers
Garmin GPS III
Cobra CB
Hurculiner in tub
All urethane bushings
Deist 5 point harnesses
Dual Holley electric fuel pumps
Steve Friend approved feather duster

Pokey at Home
Pokey at home

Personal Notes from Bud:

Bud and Pokey Trivia

Pokey started out as a perfectly and totally stock 1984 CJ-7 about five years ago. Since then he's been worked over to the point that the previous owner wouldn't recognize it if he saw it. Well, the frame and body and 258 block are all that's left. I've been on quite a few trails with it including Moab, Surprise Canyon, the Hammers, Rubicon, The Dusy trail, Baja Mexico numerous times, just to name a few. Most exciting was probably Suprise Canyon although it was just a lesson in winching for many hours, it left you hanging by your winch for long periods and disaster could strike at just about any time. With only two hands and two feet it can get a bit hairy at times working the winch/brake/throttle/clutch/steering wheel and listening to six spotters all at once.

Pokey's Roll<br>Moab Rim
Pokey's Roll
Moab Rim
Pokey's Roll<br>Moab Rim
Pokey's Roll
Moab Rim

Moab is very beautiful, we loved it there, course I rolled the Pokester on top of Moab Rim and almost took a long ride down the hard way. Hahaha!! We still loved the experience though. Of all the places I've wheeled that has to be the most dangerous because if indeed you do make an error it could be your last. It adds some excitement to the trails to say the least. I'd say that it ain't no place to be if you have an inflated ego. The Dusy is one of my favorites for wheeling and of course it's down right pretty up there also. The Ruby has the biggest reputation and is a lot of fun but nowhere near as challenging as some of the others, although it's more fun as a party trail and for camping than many of the others.

Bud on upgrades
I've rolled Pokey and as they say, it was an opportunity upgrade each time for me. Ha! Not that I blamed any of the mishaps on the Jeep. They were all my fault in one way or another and just plain part of the game I suppose. Must be! I'm getting real good at it. Sort of like getting your nose broke if you're a prize fighter. If you're gonna keep pushing your personal envelope, you're going to run into someone or something that will push back. Also it's part of the wheeling game, and one of the things that make it so much fun IMO. Anyway, I've managed to restore the beasty thing whenever I happen to get my head to close to the ground with it, so what the hell!

Shredder Canyon
Shredder Canyon at
Santiago's Revenge
Photo by Matt Osburn

Bud's philosophy on wheeling
One of the reasons (if not the main reason) I love to wheel is the people I've met when either out wheeling, or on the net. It's amazing the friends that I have met from all walks of life through the Jeep and computer that I might never have known if not for these two mind boggling machines. I was born before TV so well, you figure it out!

I've been offroading in one type of truck or another for many years and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of it. I'm just now starting to get into the photo and movie end of the sport. Pretty excited about that. Must be, I've got almost as much cash in the equipment for it as I do in the Jeep. heh heh! Not! But close!

I've seen many changes in the rigs on the trails in the last few years. Some very awesome rig's and some very dangerous rigs. Pretty ones that wheel and ugly ones that can't. As always, the driver seems to make a pretty tame rig do some miraculous things where as a guy with to much cash can put an awsome rig together and still manage to get it stuck and look stupid doing it. This doesn't reflect on anybody I know personally so I better not get any nasty e-mails about it. heh heh! Or it could! If the shoe fit's ya know!!

Coming through Buttcrack
Coming through Buttcrack

Anyway, the way I figure it is that the rig don't necessarily make the trail easy. Everything has it's limits and some know how to drive and some don't. Personally I like the ones that don't because they're much more fun to watch and film. And when some newbie makes it up some obstacle that looks impossible the look on their face is priceless. Or when some guy/gal attacks something that they think is nothing and blows it, they too have some funny faces to show. Hahahaha! I love to see the best of the best screw it up! It builds character ya know, I mean so I've heard. I just do whatever comes next and hope I don't roll the frieken Jeep most of the time. But then I got no ego over the whole thing and never consider myself better or worse than anyone else so most of the time I'm driving with my eyes shut. Which is good cuzz I can't see that far anymore anyway.

As I see it the guys having the most fun are the ones that got no ax to grind. If there's a personality defect in them, it's sure to surface when the going gets rather nasty. So, as I said, I think the people are much more fun than either the trail or the truck most of the time. And of course there's always the fire pit after the run. Ha! That's always a blast and where you are sure to bring down the wrath of God on yourself if you managed to screw up during the trail ride that day. Me, I try to re-direct the stupidity off of myself right off the bat. Hahaha! hey! Why should I take all that abuse right!!

Pokey's Roll<br>Moab Rim
Bud on the Rubicon
by Spider Lake

I don't know what all this has to do with anything but thanks for listening anyway. Maybe I'll be fortunate enough to run into you all on the trail someday. If ya see Pokey running down the trail with some old guy with no hair, no teeth and his eyes shut, it's a good bet it's me so stop me and say hi. It will only take a couple hours. heh heh!!

Bud Boren

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