Reader's Jeeps : Steve Smith's 1983 CJ-7
Steve Smith's 1983 CJ-7 Short Cuts
Steve Smith

Steve Smith's '83 CJ-7 takes Jaws 2 on Blanca

Owner: Steve Smith
Vehicle: CJ-7
Year: 1983
Location: Colorado
Club: Mile High Jeep Club
Favorite Trails: Independence, Die Trying, Golden Spike, Holy Cross
Worst Stuck: On the road: Bent AMC 20 rear with an appetite for bearings. Off road: Independence with one roll, 2 cut tires, 1 bent tie rod, bent rear 44 housing, and ruined front drive shaft.

Steve Smith
21 Road in the snow.
Steve Smith
Rocks and more rocks on Die Trying.
Steve Smith
Steve lays it over on Rusty Nail in Moab Utah.
Steve Smith
Steve throws cable on Die Trying.


Equipment & Modifications:

  • Spring over on Wrangler/CJ hybrid springs with custom anti wrap ladder bar
  • 35x12.5x15 Super Swamper SSR's
  • Ford 5.0L V8 with fuel injection.
  • Ford T-18 4 speed.
  • TeraLowed Dana 300.
  • Rear Axle: Scout Dana 44 with Detroit and 4:27 gears
    Front Axle: DIY cut Scout Dana 44 with LockRite Locker and 4:27 gears
  • Warn HS9500 Winch
  • Custom built six point roll cage
  • Off-Your Rockers rocker guards
  • Homemade onboard welder
  • Homemade onboard air
  • In cab winch controller
  • High clearance steering
  • Custom Ford/Wagoneer front axle outers with Chevy brakes.


Steve wheels all over Colorado and Utah and managed to lay it over in both states. Steve felt the pain of fuel injection when he layed it over on Independence and the engine did not stall dragging him for another foot or so on the side. Later it layed it over on Rusty Nail to entertain the crowd.

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