Reader's Jeeps : Paul and Jenifer Stelzig's 1985 Grand Wagoner
Paul and Jenifer Stelzig's 1985 Grand Wagoneer Short Cuts
Paul on the Rusty Nail at the 2000 EJS

Paul on the Rusty Nail at the 2000 EJS

Owners: Paul and Jenifer Stelzig Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1985 Grand Wagoneer
Vehicle name: Does it really need one?
Location: Coon Rapids Mn
Favorite Places: Moab, Mn Minefield, Chucks
Paul on his side at Chuck's
Paul on his side at Chuck's
Photo: John Nutter
The Rusty Nail in Moab
On the Rusty Nail in Moab Utah.
Photo: Janet Nutter
21 Road in Colorado
Paul spots as Jenifer tries driving on some larger rocks on the 21 Road in Colorado.
Photo: Janet Nutter
21 Road
On the 21 Road
Photo: Janet Nutter
Broken ball joint
Paul Broke a ball joint shortly after he rolled at Chuck's
Photo: John Nutter


  • Motor - AMC 360 V-8
  • Tranny - stock auto
  • T-case - NP229, no tail shaft kit needed
  • Front Axle - Stock Dana 44
  • Rear Axle - Heavy Duty AMC 20
  • Crawl Ratio - About 25:1
  • DriveShafts - Custom long travel CV front built by the owner, stock rear
  • Tires - 33x12.50 radial Super Swampers
  • Front Suspension - Spring Over conversion with an added leaf
  • Rear Suspension - Blocks and adda leafs
  • Shocks - Fleet Farm specials chosen for length
  • Steering - Custom HD dropped drag link made with 7/8" thick steel plate
  • Front Bumper - Bent
  • Winch - None yet
  • Rear Bumper - Frequently dragged over large boulders
  • Engine Mods - Amsoil air filter
  • Power Steering, Power brakes, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Power Tail Gate Window, Auto Trans, Power leather Seats
  • Kenwood Stereo?

A quick interview with Paul:

Why a Wagoneer? "It was cheap and it goes anywhere. It's also fun to see the look on peoples faces when Wagoneer appears on a trail where they don't expect it."

How much money do you have into the truck? "$2500 including the vehicle purchase price, the lift, lockers, tires and everything else that's been done or aded in. I purchased the truck for $200 intially and did almost all the work myself.

Does your Wife help with the truck? "My wife Jenifer installed one of the lockers. She likes to drive it and she likes to help work on it."

Does is still see street use? "Yes, I drive it to work, especially during bad weather. I also drive it to and from the trail. It was driven from Minnesota to Moab and back for the 2000 EJS."

What future mods and additions are planned? "A full cage, new bumpers, bob the back, move the rear springs under the frame rails and install a winch... or maybe buy a CJ instead."

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