Reader's Jeeps : Dallas Stumph's 1952 Willys Pickup Truck
Dallas Stumph's 1952 Willys Pickup Truck Short Cuts

Great articulation, Helldorado - Moab, Utah

Owner : Dallas Stumph Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle:1952 Willys Pickup Truck
Vehicle name:Willy
Location: Provo, Utah
Trails: Utah, Moab - Helldorado (upper and lower), Hell's Revenge, Behind the Rocks, Golden Spike, Prichett Canyon, Steel Bender, Metal Masher, Moab Rim
Cedar City - Three Peaks, Delta Utah - Cat Canyon (summer and winter), Chainsaw, Wild Horse
California - The Rubicon

On Escalator, Hell's Revenge
Moab, Utah
On the Rubicon (old paint)
Taking a break
Cat Canyon, Delta Utah
Pritchett Canyon
Moab, Utah
  • Motor--350 Bowtie
  • Fuel Injection--No FI here, Quadrajet carb
  • Cooling--Custom Griffin alum radiator w/ 14" elec fan
  • Tranny--SM465
  • T-case--NP205
  • Front Axle--Dana 44, 3/4 ton, 4.10 gears, ARB locker
  • Rear Axle--Dana 60, 3/4 ton, 4.10 gears, ARB locker
  • Tires--35x12.50x15 BFG M/T's
  • Wheels--8 lub modular alloys
  • Suspension--Custom spring over, front - 1972 Ford Hiboy, rear-Chev Suburban minus the overload leaf
  • Steering--Home made with Chev steering box
  • Shocks--Rancho 9000s
  • Bumpers--Home made 1/4" rectangular steel tube (indestructable)
  • Rocker Skids--Home built armor under doors and tube outlining the front fenders

  • Other Accessories

    Interior roll cage, home built
    Front fenders trimmed and TJ flares added
    Bobbed bed
    Boxed and shortened 76 Suburban frame
    Chevy tilt steering column
    Home built traction bar

    Future plans

    custom tubular flatbed tied into roll cage and frame
    bigger gas tank
    removable top with roof rack

Notes from Dallas

I started building this truck when I was 14 and got a stock willys pickup truck for my birthday. From then to now it has become an ongoing project to make a better rockcrawler and still be street legal. All modifications were performed by me and/or my father, but all ideas and theories were mine

I have an interior roll cage, 35 inch Bfgs, suspension is custom spring over in front and back. Front using 1972 stock ford highboy springs: rear using stock chevy suburban springs minus the overload spring.

The 1952 willys body is mounted on a 1976 suburban frame that has been shortened, boxed, and bobbed behind the leaf springs. The body has been equipped with rock slide armor underneath the doors and tube outlining the front fenders to protect against impact. The front fenders have been enlarged so the tires wont rub and equipped with TJ fender flares. It is steered by a Chevy tilt column.

The bed has been bobbed. The bumpers are made of inch square tube that is indestructible. The engine is cooled by a custom aluminum radiator from griffin radiators and a 14" electric fan. Steering consists of Chevy truck power steering. The box had to be moved 4 inches forward on the frame to accommodate the pittman arm and leaf springs. With its leaf spring suspension it will ramp 786 on a 30 Degree ramp. Wheel hop is controlled by a custom traction bar on the rear.


Cedar City
Cedar City roll Cedar City rollside Cedar City back over


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