Reader's Jeeps : Tracy Michaels' 1990 XJ
Tracy Michaels' 1990 Jeep Cherokee 2-Door Sport Short Cuts
Tracy at Independence

Tracy Michaels flexing up the XJ on Independence

Owner : Tracy Michaels Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1990 Cherokee Sport
Vehicle name: Rocxtreme
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Favorite Places: Penrose, Moab, Las Cruces, Road 21
Favorite Trail: Independence - Penrose Colorado (broke 6 front axle shafts in 4 trips

Tracy at Independence
Independence, Colorado
Independence, Colorado
Independence, Colorado
Photo courtesy of Bughouse
Independence, Colorado
Photo courtesy of Bughouse
Rocxtreme sporting
<br />new 35x12.50x15<br />Baja Claws
Rocxtreme sporting
new 35x12.50x15
Baja Claws


  • Motor--Stock 4.0L
  • Tranny--AX15
  • T-case--NV231 w/Tera Low 4to1 & Rubicon Express SYE
  • Front Axle--Dana 30 w/4:56 R&P & ARB
  • Rear Axle--Dana 44 w/4:56 R&P & ARB
  • Crawl Ratio--75 to 1
  • DriveShafts--CV's Front & Rear
  • Tires--35 12.50 15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw
  • Lights--IPF(all), 900's, JO-1's, 80/100 Headlights w/ High Current Harness
  • Front Suspension--R.E. ZJ coils(6"), Daystar 2" spacer, Rusty's upper and lower Control Arms
  • Rear Suspension--3.5" Tomken Leaf's, Daystar 3" Ext. Shackle, 3" Superlift
  • Blocks, 5/8" u-bolts
  • Shocks--Warn Black Diamond XT's 12" travel front & rear, JKS Bar Pin Eliminators
  • Steering & Trackbar--RockWare Custom 1-1/4" DOM w/ Heims, Rusty's S. Box Brace
  • Front Bumper--RockWare Custom Prerunner
  • Winch--Ramsey Rep9000
  • Rear Bumper-- 2x6 1/4 wall w/ 2" receiver
  • Engine Mods--Hesco Enhancement, M.O.R.E. motor mts., Flowkooler Water Pump, Open K&N Air Filter
  • AC converted to On board air
  • Panasonic CD w/Infinity Speakers

Future Modifications:
4 spd Automatic, Frt.44 axle, RR. Ford 9" axle, Cage, Welder, Custom Skids

Personal Notes from Tracy:
Rocxtreme History
I bought the jeep the day after Christmas in 97' with 109,000 miles on the odometer. The vehicle was bone stock. The buildup started 1 month after driving the jeep home. In the just over 2 years that I've parented this vehicle, I have put almost 50,000 miles on her. I had a new motor put in at 120,000 miles because of bad bearings. I use the jeep as a daily driver for my commute to work 80 miles a day.

Worst Stuck
My worst stuck in this vehicle had to be when I fell into the air hole obstacle on the Independence Trail in Penrose, Co. I had been through the obstacle twice before without problem, but this time the wrong line proved to be very costly. I had no winch, which the trail sign clearly states, that winch is required. I figured that I've done it before, I can do it again. The hole took a big toll on the driverside body, but no glass was broken. Rocxtreme was finally pulled/driven from the hole after a good deal of hi-lifting and hand winching. Note: never run this trail without winch. I still have the body damage to remind me to follow the posted signs.

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