Reader's Jeeps :
Troy and Kelly Gregory's 1995 Grand Cherokee
Troy and Kelly Gregory's 1995 Grand Cherokee Short Cuts
Potato Salad Hill

Cruising up Potato Salad Hill in Moab, Utah

Owner : Troy & Kelly Gregory Equipment and Modifications:

Vehicle: 1995 ZJ
Vehicle name: Jungle Gym
Location: Lindon, Utah
Most recent outings: Hell's Revenge, Dump Bump, Potato Salad Hill, Hole in the Rock

Hanging in Moab
by Lion's Back
Moab, Utah
Photo by Troy
Kelly taking her turn
at the wheel
Moab, Utah
Photo by Troy
Jake and Troy
airing up
Moab, Utah
Flexin it up
by the house
Photo by Kelly
  • Motor--Jeep 5.2 V8
  • Tranny--Automatic
  • T-case--NP231 (yes a 231)
  • Front Axle--RMH4x4 built Dana 44, 4.56 gears with ARB locker
  • Rear Axle--RMH4x4 built Dana 44, 4.56 gears with ARB locker
  • Axle Shafts--Currie built
  • Steering--Custom RMH4x4 high clearance steering
  • Brakes--4 corner disc brakes with vented rotors
  • Drive Shafts--Custom built with xtralong splines
  • Tires--33x12.50x15 Super Swamper SSRs
  • Wheels--15" Hellcat rims beadlocked by Champion
  • Suspension--Custom 6" coils with 1.5" pucks
  • Front Control Arms--2 custom RMH4x4 adjustable arms, each with 3 heim joints at connecting points
  • Rear Control Arms-- 4 custom RMH4x4 adjustable arms, lengthened to 32"
  • Shocks--Rancho 9000s
  • Winch--Warn HS9000i
  • Bumpers--Custom Road Armor high clearance
  • On Board Air--ARB compressor with air hose kit
  • Gas tank skid--Factory now, but Road Armor is in the mail
  • Exhaust--Dual 2.5" high flow
  • Batteries--Dual Optima red tops

  • Other Accessories

    Custom sub frame channeling
    Stainless braided brake lines
    Stainless braided ARB lines
    Turbo City air induction with K&N filter
    Confer roof rack
    High Lift
    Magellon GPS
    Premium stereo with CD

    Future plans

    KluneV transfer case swap
    Full interior roll cage
    Rocker and undercarriage skids

Notes from the Gregory family

When Troy and Kelly were first married they owned a nice 1972 CJ5 that accommodated Troy's hunting and fishing needs and allowed for trips into the mountains and to Moab. But, as we all know, young families grow and needs change and the Gregory's were looking to wheel and enjoy the outdoors in a bit more comfort and space for kids. This led to the purchase of a mild mannered 1995 Grand Cherokee. The plan was to use the ZJ for mild wheeling and keep the CJ5 for harder trails.

Troy and Chase at Home
Troy and Chase at home

Like evey true wheeling enthusiast the stock ZJ just wasn't going to cut it, so Troy decided to add a 4.5" TeraFlex kit and some 31" Goodyear MTs on American Racing wheels. This added immensely to the trail worthyness of the ZJ and things were good again..., for a while.

The problem was (is actually, as we all know) that because the ZJ was more trail worthy, harder trails had to be done. The CJ was getting left behind more often in opting for the creature comforts of the big rig. Well, with harder trails come more broken parts and after a couple of broken u-joints and some drive shaft problems the Gregory's came to a decision. They were going to sell the CJ and build the ZJ to handle the tough trails.

Hunter Gregory along
for a ride in Moab

Troy decided he wanted to build the ZJ so it could accommodate 33" tires but didn't want to hack the sheet metal to run them. Troy and his brother Jake started planning and figured they'd need about seven inches of lift to clear the tires, and that beefier axles and lockers would be needed to do the trails they wanted to do and would fill the void of the CJ. They took their ideas and plans to Rocky Mountain High 4x4 and the results is what you see now.

The first trip to Moab proved the buildup to be a success and Dump Bump and Potato Salad Hill were easily conquered. The Jungle Gym (ZJ now christened) is very capable and equipt to do some of the toughest trails around, while toting Troy and Kelly and their two boys, Hunter and Chase, along. What's really nice is the ZJ still maintains its smooth road manners, although now it's accompanied by the hum of Swampers.

Dump Bump

Dump Bump

Dump Bump


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