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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, June 16, 2001. Avenger Superchargers, LLC introduced their supercharger which increases a Jeep engine power output without the time and expense of an engine swap. Unveiling of the superchargers took place at Easter Jeep Safari 2001 where their team was inundated with questions and deposits from avid wheelers who were willing to wait several weeks for the premier shipment. The international orders we have received so far are a very welcome and unexpected opportunity. We are working closely with our local Chamber of Commerce to venture more into international trade, commented Brenda Flowers of marketing.

The 4 liter Avenger system uses a 1.33 liter Autorotor compressor which is mounted to a patented water to air intercooler. The intercooler water circulation system is independent of engine coolant and an electrical pump constantly circulates water to ensure maximum temperature reduction. The Avenger system bolts onto the stock manifold using the stock throttle body. The pressure feed oiling system makes for long-term reliability. The compressor bypass is integral to the system, which reduces power loss at cruise and idle conditions, therefore, no lag time. It also increases the performance of vehicles that have been modified to utilize larger tires. The factory airbox is retained to ensure a smooth and quiet operation.

Features for the Avenger Supercharger 4.0 liter TJ System is increased engine power to 270 hp and approximate weight including hoses, clamps, accessories, etc. is 50 lbs. Additional fueling is controlled by an MF2 microfueler and 600cc/min injector. The Avenger Supercharger 4.0 liter YJ System, 1991 through 1995 is increased engine power to 260 hp.

Jeep enthusiasts, who vehicle lagged to the rear when on trail rides, or gasped to go up hills, or chugged along when carrying extra gear, will appreciate the increase in power.

Ed Flowers and Jack Schuler, of Avenger Superchargers, LLC, are putting in extra long hours at the shop to meet demands the domestic and international orders have placed upon them yet they still look forward to presenting additional systems in the near future. They currently are accepting requests from 4WD shops who want to be dealer installers of this product. 4 cylinder TJ and YJ Avenger systems soon will be available.

For information contact fast Eddie or super Jack (now supercharged) at 1(719) 594-4766, AvengerSuperchargers@earthlink.net or www.AvengerSuperchargers.com

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