Deep CJ-6: Day One on Body Work
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 4/2003

The badk of the Jeep. Both rear quarters were smashed up pretty bad and rusted, so I cut out the old material and welded in some 3/16" diamond plate corners.
From the side, you can see I've been busy with the wire wheel.. All day busy. I was going to get it sand blasted, but I have a lot of time and little money right now.

Yet again, I've been working for a start up company that ran out of money. This puts me on unemployment and with lots of spare time when I'm not looking for work. It seemed like a good idea to do some work on the old CJ-6.

I spent all day wire wheeling the outside of the tub. My wife was helping me the other day and wire wheeled a good portion of the cowl. I've taken it down to bare metal pretty much everywhere on the outside. It needs some Bondo over the several patches I welded in and it needs to be hit with some 220 before I prime it.

I also wire wheeled the rear fender wells on the inside of the tub. One of the previous owners decided to glue down some fabric with lots and lots of some sort of paste type glue. What a mess.

The tub was moved forward on the frame a little to allow for larger tires and the big wheel wheel. Under the dash is painted silver for visibility. It is sporting some 38" swampers now, but I'd like to get a set of radials on there for driving around town.

Anyway, after twelve hours of wire wheeling, my arms are pretty tired, but there is a lot more wire wheeling to do yet!