Deep CJ-6: Day Two on Body Work
Short Cuts

By: Terry L. Howe - 4/2003

The botton of the tub with the tub on the side. I had to replace the driver and passenger floor as well as the bottom of the tool box. While I was at it, I rebuilt a larger tunnel cover.
The battery tray on my paint rack.

Since the outside and most of the inside of the tub was cleaned up, I had the underside of the tub left to do. I hadn't been looking forward to this because of all the dirt under the tub and the general ugliness. I managed to get my neighbor and his friend over at lunch time to help me drop the tub to the floor. They were home having a liquid lunch.

Once the tub was on the floor, I hit it hard with the wire wheel. Dirt and filth were flying everywhere. After hitting everything underneath with the wire wheel, I welded up some small holes in the tub. After things were welded up, I sprayed the rusty parts with Extend rust converter.

I also ran out to Rock Mountain Memorial and dropped my hood off for sand blasting. They promised a one day turn around on it which is great.

I also wire wheeled the battery tray. I wasn't planning on using it originally, but for some reason, I sold my dual battery tray on Ebay a couple weeks back. I sprayed it with the rust converter as well.